Woo-Hoo, We Have Winners!

FireEyes_w2475_300[1] (2)The talking is done, the dust has cleared and we have a whole passel of winners.

Goldie Hale wins an autographed copy of FIRE EYES

Jeanne Sheats wins an autographed copy of TIME PLAINS DRIFTER

and Winners of the PDF version of A NIGHT OF MIRACLES are:

Martha E

Crystal GB


Congratulations, Ladies! Now, don’t lollygag around. Tell Miss Cheryl where to send the prizes. Contact her at cheryl@westwindsmedia.com and she’ll take care of everything.

Miss Cheryl thanks everyone who came by and made her day so special. She wishes she had prizes for every last one of you.

That’s it for now………..

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6 thoughts on “Woo-Hoo, We Have Winners!”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe I’m so lucky! Thanks a bunch, Cheryl.
    And thanks P & P. I cam’t wait to read the blogs each day and I hope you have Cheryl back for another guest blog soon.

  2. Thank you all so much, Martha, Colleen and Judy. I appreciate the wonderful response yesterday and I’m still basking in the warmth today. It’s awesome here, and you all helped make it very special for me!
    Hugs to you all,

  3. Oh how wonderful – thank you all and congrats to the other winners. Going to send my info now 🙂

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