The Winner of a signed copy of

Black Hills Blessing



If you don’t hear from me soon, Tabitha, email me at mary at maryconnealy . com

I wouldn’t rip you off of your honorably won book. But I might be an air head and forget…so don’t be afraid to get tough with me.

And thank you EVERYONE who stops by Petticoats & Pistols.

There’ll be more chances to win this book in the flurry of promo days ahead so check for up to date info at my blog .

AND, I’m going to be in OHIO on a book signing tour in March, if you’re from Ohio, well, I’m going to be a lonely wandering author. I’d love to find some Petticoats & Pistols friends.

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4 thoughts on “WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!”

  1. thanks mary!
    i feel SO lucky!!
    if your books are half as entertaining as your blog post i’ll be thrilled 🙂
    i started following your blog now too so if i don’t hear from ya in the next while i have the means to track you down 🙂

    thank you so much–i have just started to read western romance and discover new authors. this petticoats and pistols has been such a blessing in that search!

  2. I love the picture of the mill! Your checking out medical info made me think of the romance book I just finished. It contained an extremely graphic depiction of a breech birth…step by step by step. I am afraid I wssn’t expecting such, but the book was a good one.

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