Debra Cowan Visits the Junction

Cvr-WSecretsHello Darlings,

Tuesday will find Miss Debra Cowan here in Wildflower Junction.

Miss Debra has a brand spanking new book to tell us about.  It’s about trying to keep deep dark secrets under lock and key.

And who among us don’t have secrets we’re guarding with our lives?

One of mine happens to be the recipe for my homemade cider that my dear old grandpappy passed down. Hee-hee! You can’t pry that out of me with a  crowbar. No siree.

Bet you have some doozy secrets too. But that’s between you, them and the fence post.

So, mark your calendars and follow the trail to the Junction. Help us show Miss Debra the kind of welcome we’re famous for. 

You might even win a book. Yippee!

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