Saturday’s Guest: Renee Ryan

Cvr - R.RyanHello Darlings,

Need something to do Saturday? The Fillies have the perfect thing lined up.

Miss Renee Ryan is returning for a visit. She’ll discuss an interesting topic–immigration. It’s something that touches all our lives. Since only the American Indians were in the U.S. originally, we each arrived on these shores by boat back in the early days. And from so many different countries it’d boggle your mind!

Miss Renee has a new book out too that she’ll be sure to tell us about.  In fact, she’s toting three copies to give away. Yippee! Ah’m absolutely thrilled.

So, follow the trail to the Junction come Saturday. It’ll be more fun than taking your dirty clothes to the creek and pounding them with a rock. And it’s definitely more entertaining than raking the dirt out of your house. The Fillies say give yourself a break. Everything will be exactly where you left it when you get back. Ah promise.

Don’t forget now, you hear? Time’s a wastin’.

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  1. I love LIH novels, and stories about immigrants, so I am very excited about this book Renee! Also it speaks to me, being that my great-grandparents came over from Russia to the US. One of their children was even born on the boat trip over! That daughter had to become a US citizen when she was of age, due to the fact that she was born before they got into US waters.

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