Cowboy “Valentine’s” Poetry


I love cowboy poetry. Just like my favorite western reads, cowboy poetry is often full of humor and vivid western imagery.  In honor of the approaching Valentine’s Day, I’m going to share a few of my favorites.

A love Poem

My horse is brown,
my dog’s name is Blue.
I feel so lucky to
have someone like yo

Your hair is like cornsilk
blowing in the breeze.
It’s softer than Blue’s
without all the fleas.

Cut from good cloth
like my best longjohns,
You pluck chickens all day
and still sing sweet songs.

I think I’m in love,

and I’m tickled pink.

We go together like, a skunk goes with stink

Gunnin’ for Cupid

By Charlie Sierra

I got my twelve-gauge primed up
With a double-ought buck load;
If Cupid wants to keep his hair,
He won’t come up MY road.

If that varmint comes around this year,
I’m gonna lay him low;
He won’t get no chance to nock
An arrow in his bow.

Ya guessed it- love has wounded me;
My heart’s shot fulla holes,
‘N’ one dang woman slapped
A runnin’ iron on my SOUL!

Them ladies throw a big wide loop
‘N’ rope me ever’ year;
But I’m gonna shoot their scout,
Afore they make this bull a STEER!

I think I’ll mount his cherub head
Right up above the door;
Or should I let him live,
‘N’ keep him ’round to do the chores?

Either way, I reckon
I’ll be doin’ men a favor;
They’ll break them chains of love at last,
‘N’ consider me their savior!

He’s comin’ now, ’cause I can hear
The sound of flappin’ feathers;
All right, Cupid, fill yer hand!
Time to slap some leather!

Aw dang, there’s someone with him!
That Cupid shore is shady;
How’d he know that I ain’t got
The heart to SHOOT A LADY?

For My Valentine

by Bruce Satta

When I’m countin’ blessin’s
You are always first.
You’re there with me in good times,
And right there for the worst.
You’ve stuck with me through thick and thin
Along life’s windin’ trail.
When I describe my love for you –
Well, words can only fail

For at that fateful moment
I first gazed into your eyes,
I felt my soul aflutter,
Like a thousand butterflies.
I felt my spirit soarin’
As high as any cloud,
And since we’ve been together,
I couldn’t be more proud.

We have our disagreements
As every couple will,
Yet, even when our nostrils flare
We love each other, still,
And when we fight and squabble,
You know I can’t stay mad:
Why, you’re the best darned saddle horse
A fella ever had.

Do you have any favorite poems?

If you liked these, here’s a few cowboy poetry sites:

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24 thoughts on “Cowboy “Valentine’s” Poetry”

  1. What a wonderful way to start the day! Those were pure enjoyment. I especially love the last line of the first poem. I think I’ll have to send a copy to my hubby. Thanks for sharing the smiles, Stacey!

  2. I love these poems, especially the last one.. I knew when I started to read it, it was about his horse…
    Thanks for these.. They gave me a good chuckle on a day when it is needed..

  3. I’ve always loved cowboy poems! I remember that
    one of the late night shows (I think it was the
    Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson) would occasionally
    have a cowboy poet on to share his poetry. It was
    always so enjoyable!

    Pat Cochran

  4. Thank you, Elizabeth! I’m glad you enjoyed the poems 🙂

    And thank you for the cheers for the Best Western Honorable Mention MOUNTAIN WILD received at Love Western Romances!!

  5. Hi Vickie! Glad I could introduce you to something new 🙂

    How wonderful, Melinda! Have you published any? I was really into poetry when I was a teen, always had my head in some poets book or another.

  6. Glad you enjoyed them Victoira 🙂

    LOL, Kathleen. The nostril flaring made me ponder, but I have to admit I was still fooled until that last line 😉 Glad I could share the smiles 😀

  7. Hi Pat! How cool about the late-night show. I started looking into cowboy poetry while writing a contemp manuscript about a dude ranch–during my research so many dude ranches advertised cowboy poetry by campfire as entertainment, and then I found they had National Cowboy Poetry venues across the states. Fun stuff 🙂

  8. Stacey,
    How much fun! I loved the poems. Was thinking of copying the last one to make a card for my husband, until I got to the last 2 lines 🙂 I may use it anyway ;o)
    Hope you have a good weekend and great Valentines’ Day.

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