Susan Marlow Pays Us a Visit

Marlow TWTHello Darlings,

We have another first-timer with us on Saturday….Miss Susan Marlow.

Miss Susan is going to explore the whys and wherefores of dime novels. She has a whole passel of interesting tidbits about the subject that ah’m sure you’ll want to know.

Miss Susan writes children’s books and she has a winner with her new one called TROUBLE WITH TREASURE. She’ll talk about that while she’s here and give you a chance to win an autographed copy. Ah love it when our guests come toting books!

We need your help in rolling out the red carpet for Miss Susan and making her feel right at home here at the Junction.

So saddle up your pony and get crackin’.

Don’t forget now!

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2 thoughts on “Susan Marlow Pays Us a Visit”

  1. Susan welcome I am really excited I am always looking to book for my nieces. They need good wholesome books and those are hard to find anymore. Can’t wait to meet her tomorrow.

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