The winner of a copy of The Husband Tree is Karyn Gerard

I’m giving away a second copy of my book to Amy Harris-because she was so nice to leave her email address. An orderly soul. In complete contrast to mine. I like knowing there are people out there who are orderly.

And, because I ate food…real solid food…for the first time in three days…and it tasted GOOD, I’m giving away a third copy of The Husband Tree to: Amber Swafford

I think I’ve got all your email addresses. If I don’t contact you VERY SOON to find where to send the book, email me at and demand your book . Maybe THREATEN ME…try with germs, that oughta get my attention.

icon crying1 smAnd thanks to ALL OF YOU, for stopping in to Petticoats & Pistols, offering me encouragement and being the best blog readers in the world.

 Okay, now I’m getting weepy. I’m still quite fragile.

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6 thoughts on “MORE WINNERS!”

  1. That was very nice of you to give away 3 books. My birthday wish was to win. I’ll try again next year. 🙂 Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. So…I thought I gave you mine because it’s in the little box I was writing on?

    If not, I’ll be sure that I write it in the comments first!

    Now…where do I get your book?? I want it…I need it…



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