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Stacey Coverstone photo“Outlaw Trail” is my latest historical western romance, released by Champagne Books on December 1.  This novel takes place in 1882 New Mexico, telling the story of Josie Hart, a 19-year old half-Tewa Indian who lives a hard life on her farm, and Grey Paladin, a man who seeks justice after having had his fortune stolen out from under him.  A cryptic letter guides Josie on a perilous journey toward freedom.  Grey will do whatever it takes to retrieve what’s rightfully his and reunite with the only family he has left.  The two form an uncertain partnership with promises to share in what lies at the end of the trail, but there are others who want what they’re after and will stop at nothing to get it.  The two must battle outlaws, nature, and each other, while riding 200 miles to reach their destination—leading them to rethink what the future might hold for them both.

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m in love with New Mexico.  Why?  Because the skies are bigger and bluer, the sun shines brighter, the light is magical, the people are unique, and the landscapes are diverse and beautiful.  I’ve set many of my stories in The Land of Enchantment. That way I have a good excuse for traveling there often—to do research.  

Stacey Coverstone riverWhen I began writing “Outlaw Trail,” I had to map out all the places Josie and Grey would ride to or through.  Many of these actual settings I’d been to before.  Some, I had not.  One of the places I’d not visited was Nambe Falls, and this was to be, I’d decided, the spot where a climactic scene in my story would take place. If I was going to be accurate in my description of the waterfalls, however, I had to see them for myself, right?  You bet.  So I made plans to take a research trip to Northern New Mexico.  I invited one of my best childhood friends, Linda, to meet me there, because she needed a vacation bad.  I’m from Maryland and Linda flew in from Illinois.  One rental car later and we were off on our adventure!

Nambe Pueblo is one of the Tewa Pueblos of the northern Rio Grande region.  The name is a Spanish interpretation ofStacey Coverstone waterfall the Tewa word “name”, which roughly translates as “earth roundness.” Nambe Pueblo sits at the base of the rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains, 16 miles north of Santa Fe.  It encompasses 19,000 acres of land surrounded by national forest.  Its terrain is scenic and striking.

A 15-minute walk along shaded cottonwood trails next to the river takes you to the base of Nambe Waterfalls.  A longer hike up the side of a steep, rocky canyon affords a magnificent birds-eye view of the stunning triple-decker falls. Can you guess which hike I chose to take?  My dear friend, Linda, is not a hiker. However, she was a real trooper—all for the sake of research.  Despite her fear of death by falling over the cliff to the jagged rocks below, she climbed that canyon with me all the way to the top.

As I gazed at the stunning three-tier falls that dropped through a cleft in the rock face to tumble into a reservoir below, I asked Linda if she’d ever seen anything so gorgeous.  As we stood at the top and gazed out at the mountains and desert for as far as the eye could see, she agreed the tenuous hike up the canyon had well been worth the magnificent view.

I snapped lots of photos, took many notes, and sat for a while on the rocks lost in the sights and sounds of the waterfalls and surrounding area so everything would be firmly etched in my memory. 

Stacey Coverstone coverMonths later, when it came time to write that scene, I traveled right back to Nambe Falls in my mind.  My heart started to pound as Josie and Grey rode their horses up the steep canyon wall.  I could feel the spray of the water when Grey entered the mouth of the falls.  I could hear the loose rocks falling and footsteps thudding as enemies surrounded Josie.  And I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as Grey held the box up and… Hold the horses! 

Sorry, you’ll have to read the story to find out what happens next!   Readers who post today will be entered in a drawing for a free digital copy of “Outlaw Trail.”

Please visit my website to read an excerpt and to view a video for “Outlaw Trail.”

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47 thoughts on “Stacey Coverstone: OUTLAW TRAIL”

  1. hi Stacey, welcome to Wildflower Junction. The photographs are fantastic. New Mexico is on our must-see list…sure looks like we won’t be disappointed.

    Good luck with the book. It sounds awesome! There’s something about those outlaws LOL, and I love stories set around 1880.

  2. Really beautiful pictures… New Mexico you said ?? Well I guess this is YET another american state I need to visit. I’m french ans have been in love with the US for years. In a little less than 3 months, DH, the boys and I are visiting Texas for the first time (or part of it to be exact). I can’t wait…
    Congrats on your release, this books sounds perfect 😀

  3. Hi Tanya, Emma and Emmanuelle,
    Thank you for your nice comments. If you haven’t visited New Mexico, please do so. It really is the Land of Enchantment. By the way, I AM giving away a free copy of Outlaw Trail, but it will be a digital copy (ebook) because the print copy hasn’t been released yet. It will be another couple of months for it to come out. In the meantime, feel free to visit my website to check out all my books that are available now.

  4. Wonderful pictures and such a beautiful cover! The book sounds great, I love westerns and would love to read this book. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Hi Eva,
    I just loved this cover the moment I saw it. The fantastic artist is Trisha Fitzgerald. The next book in this Wild West Adventures series is being released in April. It’s called Third Time’s A Charm, and I expect to get the cover for it in a few weeks. You can read a blurb on that story on my website. Hope you get a chance to read both books.

  6. Hi Stacey,
    I loved hearing about New Mexico through your eyes and the photos. You certainly intrigued me enough to read your new book, I look forward to it. I am a huge historical western romance fan and always looking for the next book to read.
    Have a great day!

  7. Good morning, Stacey! Welcome to Petticoats & Pistols. My family and I drove through New Mexico on a cross-country trip. It was the prettiest state we saw, hands-down. I’d go back for a visit in a heartbeat! The waterfall is beautiful.

  8. Hi Sharon,
    If you enjoy Outlaw Trail, you might enjoy 2 more of my books that are set in New Mexico, High Lonesome, and the upcoming Lucky in Love. High Lonesome is available now (check my website) and Lucky in Love is coming out in June. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Mornin’ Victoria. I love Petticoats & Pistols and am so happy to be here today. New Mexico’s landscape is so diverse. I can’t travel there enough.

  10. Stacey, I’ll be in the Us from 04/16 to 02/05. We’ll be visiting the san-antonio are around the end of april. Who knows ?? Any book signings ?
    An d congrats for the review 😉

  11. Hi Stacey,

    I have traveled extensively throughout the States (I’m from Canada) but I have never been to the Southwest, and you made New Mexico sound astounding!
    A trip like that must have made your story all the more alive to you, how wonderful!
    All the best for your release!

  12. Emmanuelle, I’ll be in TX from April 29-May 2 at a writer’s retreat (mostly having fun on a ranch with horses and cowboys!) No book signings planned, however.

  13. Hi Rebekah,
    It’s easy to take amazing photos in New Mexico. Every time I travel there, I take so many photos I can fill a scrapbook full.

  14. Hey Stacey! Congrats on the book. I personally can vouch for what a fabulous book it is. I urge everybody to grab a copy quickly. It’s one of her very best! Stacey, I love the pix and enjoy seeing the country thru you–we don’t travel very much and I’d never get to NM except thru your eyes. It’s so beautiful. Good luck today.

  15. Your pictures and descriptions made the place real for me. I can hardly wait to read the book to know more. No longer able to make the hike but your words took me with you.

  16. Stacey,

    A big welcome to P&P! We’re so happy to have you here. Love the cover of your book. It sure says western like nothing else. It’s fair to say I’m hooked. I’ve got to have it.

    I was born and raised in New Mexico, but it didn’t really appreciate its beauty until I moved to Texas. Kinda strange. Now when I travel that way, I can certainly see why it’s the Land of Enchantment. It’s easy to fall in love with.

    Hope you have a great day and come back again sometime.

  17. Beautiful picture of the falls! I’ve never visited the state except for driving through at night on the way to California once upon a time. Interesting
    sounding book, I look forward to reading it!

    Pat Cochran

  18. Brenda, thanks for checking out my blog. Even if you can’t travel much, I’m glad you can travel to NM in your imagination when you read my stories.

  19. Hi Connie,
    Please email me once you’ve read the book to let me know what you thought. You can remember the picture of these waterfalls when you get to that scene!

  20. Hi Linda,

    Isn’t that how it always is? We never seem to appreciate things until we no longer have them. Hope you enjoy my story. I’ll be back to P&P on 3/27 and 5/22 because I have 2 more western romances coming out in April and June. See ya then!

  21. Hi Pat,
    Let me know how you like the book after you’ve read it. The second in this series comes out in April. It’s called Third Time’s A Charm, and you can read a blurb about it on my website.

  22. HI Colleen,
    Thanks for stopping by today. For you and anyone else who might enjoy my western romances, you can join my Announce Only Newsletter by going to my website and clicking on the Join Newsletter icon. It’s simple. That way, you’ll get an automatic email when my next book releases.

  23. Hi Stacey,

    Apparently we have a few things in common. I am also having a love affair with New Mexico. It began the moment I got off the plane from New York many years ago and stood on the tarmac at Albuquerque Airport. The deep turquoise sky seemed to go on forever, and the Sandia Mountains were covered in pink snow. It was a sight that still takes my breath away.

    I’ve been livng in NM for quite a while now, and my love for the Land of Enchantment grows a litle every day. I can’t think of any place I’d rather be.

    I also love to write about cowboys and New Mexico. I look forward to reading “Outlaw Trail.”

    Best wishes,
    Cat Lovington

  24. Stacey,

    Outlaw Trail looks like a provacative story. With your experience in the area of its setting, I bet your color pieces in the novel are awesome.

    Best of luck with sales and sequels.


  25. Thanks, Fran. If you enjoy this book, you might want to read my High Lonesome, available now from The Wild Rose Press, and Lucky in Love, coming in June from Champagne Books. They’re both set in beautiful New Mexico.

  26. Hi, Stacey! Thank you for the fantastic post and pictures. You are an adventurous author with a love for the land, and that is essential to great Western storytelling! I love the Old West and never tire of cowboys and Historical Western Romances : )

  27. Hi Virginia,
    I certainly do love the land and, I’m told, that love shows itself in my stories. The land becomes one of the main characters in my books. And cowboys? Who doesn’t love cowboys? lol

  28. Hi Stacey, I really enjoyed reading your post. “Outlaw Trail” sounds real good. I loved the photographs. New Mexico is someplace I still want to see and you brought a little bit of it to me through your post today. I will have to remember to take the longer hike at Nambe Waterfalls when I do visit there.

  29. Hi Becky,
    If you can manage it, definitely take the hike up the canyon. It’s fantastic. I’m pretty adventurous when I travel, and I am usually by myself. It was fun making this hike with a friend this time.
    I’ll be blogging in May about southern New Mexico, and I’ll post more pictures about real places that are mentioned in my book, Lucky in Love.

  30. Hey, Stacey
    Gorgeous photos and from reading your other books, I know it’s well wriiten and well researched.
    Nan D Arnold, champagne books author
    Quirky Fiction For Boomer Babes(c)

  31. Hi Vicki,
    I hope you do visit the Taos area as well as southern New Mexico someday. If you like a fast-paced, adventure-packed historical western romance, you’ll like Outlaw Trail.

  32. Hi Stacey,
    The 5-Heart review for Outlaw Trail is great! Congratulations! I am so looking forward to reading Outlaw Trail. I am currently reading Delaney’s Crossing and I can hardly wait to find out how it ends. 🙂 I am reading my third book from you and I enjoy each one even more!

    Thank you for giving us such wonderful historical western romances in the locations that I have enjoyed visiting and with the mystery and intrigue that I enjoy. 🙂


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