Deborah Schneider: A Hero with a Secret

My new release, Promise Me features a hero with an interesting secret life. Everyone in Willow Creek Montana believes he’s a prosperous businessman, the owner of a successful sawmill.

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 But one other man, his partner – knows the truth. They’re in town to investigate a consortium of mine owners who are plotting to control the supply of silver and undermine the fragile post-Civil War economy.

Sam is a Secret Service agent, and that raises some questions from folks who have heard me talk about the book or read the excerpt on my website. Because most people know the Secret Service as the agency entrusted with one of the most important jobs in government, to keep the President,  his family and other government leaders safe.

But on July 5, 1865, the first head of the agency, William P. Wood, was sworn in by the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. The agency was given one main objective, to track down counterfeiters in order to help restore faith in the currency of the newly reunited United States of America.

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That’s right, as much as we value our political leaders, everyone in the country also values money. And protecting it has been the key mission of the Secret Service. Much like our financial problems today, the country faced a banking crisis. This one was due to the tremendous amount of counterfeit money circulating. Unlike today, with the Treasury responsible for printing all the money, at the time of the Civil War, state banks designed and printed their own currency. Imagine several thousands of currency printed and the opportunities for criminals to step in and print their own.

In 1862, Congress passed the Legal Tender Act, setting up a national currency system. The “coney” men, or counterfeiters still found many ways to create and circulate fakes.

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Wood recruited ex-soldiers, police officers, or detectives to serve as agents who were expected to on duty 24 hours a day, with no days off. They were required to maintain peak physical fitness and swear utter, unquestioning obedience to the agencies directives. In other words, if you were a Secret Service agent, your job was your life.

I loved the idea of putting a man devoted to his job and mission in circumstances that made him question those ideals when faced with a woman who melted his heart and made him wish for the comforts of a home and family.

Have you ever encountered a counterfeit bill? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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36 thoughts on “Deborah Schneider: A Hero with a Secret”

  1. Welcome to Wildflower Junction, Deb. It’s always so good to have you here.

    I have not encountered any counterfeit money although I took a printmaking class in college once that used the money-making ink…and it was always under lock and key.

    Greata blog. Here’s to tons of sales and many more books. Promise Me is a definite winner! oxoxoxoxox

  2. Hi,no ive not been in contact with any fake bills,an I hope I dont either,times are so hard without being given fake money,love the badge you posted,my Uncle was a Sheriff for several years an he/we were so proud of him

  3. Hi Deborah! Welcome to P&P. It’s a pleasure to read about your book.

    I’ve never come across counterfeit currency, but I had a boss who used to check every $20 bill that came into the office. Isn’t the new printing style amazing? With the colors and watermarks on the newer bills, they’ve got to be much harder to fake, even with new technology.

  4. Deborah! Congratulations on the release of your new story–I’m so happy for you. And I love the premise because you know my fondness for sexy lawmen of the Old West.

    Take care,


  5. Congrats on your new release. It sounds like a great book. I have never encounter a fake bill. Thanks for the interesting post.

  6. Congratulations on your new release. Love the story and best wishes. I have never encountered a fake bill. Thanks for this lovely post.

  7. Thanks for stopping by today and commenting. I found all the research about the Secret Service very interesting. They were really detectives, and were sent out on missions. I admit, I was inspired to learn more by “The Wild, Wild, West” TV show.

  8. Good morning, Deb, and welcome back! I’ve never handled a counterfeit – I wonder if I’d be able to feel the difference.

    I love your cover! It’s beautiful. Congrats!

  9. Your new book sounds compelling and unique. I have never seen a fake bill. The West captivates me like no other type of story and locale.

  10. Hi, Deborah! Love the premise of your book. Sounds fascinating.

    I’ve had numerous encounters with fake bills. My mother owned a convenience store when I was growing up, and in college, I worked as a bookkeeper, which required the counting of 100+ tills a day. The worst case of counterfeiting I’ve ever seen was the use of a photocopier. I guess they didn’t realize our money is green not black.

  11. Hi Deborah. Promise Me sounds great. I have never encountered a counterfeit bill but I do see cashiers using a marker to check if a bill is real.

  12. Hi Deborah, congrats on your new release! I can’t say I have ever run across a fake bill, I am not sure I would know it if I had. I know a lot of places check big bills from time to time so they must be around. Your books sound fabulous and thanks for sharing them with us!

  13. No counterfeit bills have come my way, but my father being a cop for so many years has seen plenty… I really am interested in getting my hands on your book, have to look for it!

  14. Your interesting post today was great. I enjoyed learning about this new release. Any novel set during The Wild West appeals to me and yours looks wonderful.

  15. Hi Deborah,

    Welcome back to P&P. We’re so happy to have you. Your book looks amazing, but your trailer blew me away. It really made me want to buy the book. Great graphics and a powerful message. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever read a story that features a Secret Service hero. Very unusual.

    I loved the Wild Wild West western series that was on TV so many years. Very entertaining. They sure got in some pickles.

  16. The new book sounds great.
    I have never hd a counterfeit bill that I know of but here in Arizona, a lot of people try to slip pesos into the change they try to pay with.

  17. “Money makes the world go around!” (from “Cabaret”)

    There are always some people who try to take
    the easy way! Counterfeiting is one of those
    supposedly easy pathways. To my knowledge, we
    have never had a counterfeit bill. We have
    observed store cashiers checking bills to see
    if they are amongst the phoney ones, especially
    $20 bills.

    Pat Cochran

  18. Deborah,

    I am glad to see you here. Your book sounds very intruging.

    I have worked in numerous positions using money so I have had the experience of conterfeiting.

    Well I hope you have a wonderful day

    Walk in harmony,


  19. I enjoyed your fascinating excerpt and post. Promise Me is enticing and my faves are always books about the West since they are so appealing in everyway. I have never seen a counterfeit bill.

  20. I’ve done just enough research into money to know I don’t know much about it. The bills as opposed to gold and silver coins. It’s all very interesting.

    I like the new bills, I think they’re very pretty. I do wonder how many of my tax dollars goes into the art of them. 🙂

  21. I didn’t know the history of the Secret Service and it’s interesting that it began because of money. I’ve never seen a fake bill but I wouldn’t know what to look for.

  22. I’ve seen them but I can’t tell the difference. My one daughter recently got a job at a casino dealing with the money and the first week they were opened they lost hundreds of dollars to fake money. I guess there’s always someone that can figure out the technology. Your book sounds fascinating!!

  23. I have never had an encounter with a counterfeit bill. I really enjoyed reading your post. Please enter me:) Thanks so much!!

  24. Welcome to Petticoats and Pistols. Fascinating blog. Must admit that I’ve never had an encounter with a counterfeit bill, unless you count Monopoly money. : )

    It has been said that our engraving is sorely lacking in our new bills due to the fact that the best engravers are in prison. Huh…

  25. Thank goodness I have never had counterfeit money, of course you have to have some money for it not to be real (lol). Your new book sounds great and what a unique story line.

  26. Never encountered any fake bills that I know of…..but I’ve had tons with lots of writing on them. Things like phone numbers, names, and even a small grocery list.

  27. I loved that fascinating bit on the Secret Service, I love learning new things about the Old West! Never encountered a fake bill, here in Canada they have made them practically counterfeit proof, but as we know with the criminal type, when there is a will, there is a way!
    Great post!

  28. Liked your book video. Montana and vicinity is such a beautiful part of the country. We visited a few years ago, but didn’t have time to see much of what I wanted to. I didn’t realize Banack was so extensive and so well preserved. It is on the top of my list for our next trip out there.
    As far as we know, we have never dealt with counterfeit money. There has been some circulating in this area lately. A few arrests have been made.
    Best of luck with the release of PROMISE ME. It sounds like a good read. I’ll be looking for it.

  29. Loved the post. Have neverknowingly encountered a conterfiet bill and hope I never do. Loved seeing the badge. Made me wonder where my grandfathers badge is. He was a lawman way back when. Grandma used to tell many great stories about the time when…….

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