Happy New Year From The Fillies

new-year clockAccording to Wikipedia, the most popular New Year’s Resolutions are to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more and cut back on alcohol. The Fillies have some other ideas for life in Wildflower Junction. Here they are . . .


Pat Potter
I have two. My resolution is to do an act of kindness every day, and to live each day as if it’s my last.

Elizabeth Lane
My resolution for 2010 is to work on living in the moment–it’s called mindfulness.New Year's Resolution 1 

Cheryl St. John
I don’t make resolutions, but I do set goals in three categories: Personal, career and craft. One of my goals is to use my date book consistently, plotting deadlines and page counts. Another is to build conflict into my characters, so it’s inherent. One of my personal goals is to plan in more time to read for enjoyment.

Karen Kay
I resolve to lose the weight I put on over the holidays. 🙂

I resolve to give as much assistance as I’m able to those who ask. And like Pat to give kindness to others, even in situations where one is tempted to be unkind. It’s said that one only errs in not giving as much kindness as one ought. There are those who would like to make one think that giving kindness is a weakness. I disagree. It takes moral fiber and greatness to be able to give kindness. Native Americans at one time understood this and recorded it.

Only the strong can afford to be kind, and only the weak would punish and harm when one could use other means to resolve differences. To the liars, the betrayers, the murderers and the thieves, I say all this is weakness. And since we live in a universe where one gets what he/she gives to others…guess what?

I resolve to get my everyday schedule working so that I get more work done — and hopefully faster. 🙂

Linda Broday
I want to laugh more and whine less. This will be a year for clinging fast to all the things that add joy to my life. I want to make each day really count for something. It’s a time for looking forward with hope and finding peace.

Margaret Brownley
My resolution is to organize my office and knock off at least a foot or two from the 7 foot vertical paper file.

Mary Connealy
My resolution is NO MORE RESOLUTIONS. I resolve to accept and like myself just like I am.  I  might as well….I’ve never had much luck changing.

Stacey Kayne
I have only one resolution: my continued efforts to find balance in my chaotic single-track-mind life; finding a happy, healthy balance of family, work, friends, and “me time” that’s productive and guilt free.  Sounds so simple  🙂

Tanya Hanson
Get an inspirational proposal off. Exercise more and eat less.

Tracy Garrett
I resolve to better balance work time and play time. 

Victoria Bylin
To eat more and sleep less.  Oops!  That’s not right . . . To sleep more and eat less . . . I don’t like that one, either.  How about this? My New Year’s Resolution for 2010 is to eat right, sleep well, write diligently, pray faithfully, walk daily and read books just for the fun of it. Put more succinctly, my resolution is to live each day to the fullest.

Winnie Griggs
I resolve to work on getting better discipline in my life–most notably to begin chipping away at my tendency to procrastinate.

Shoot, my vow is pretty simple! I’m gonna make the best durn cider you ever tasted and rope me a handsome cowboy who can put some zip in my doo-dah. Ain’t life grand? 


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10 thoughts on “Happy New Year From The Fillies”

  1. Happy New Years ladies! I won’t to loose weight, quit smoking and exercise more! Oh well they sound good anyway!

  2. Happy New Year All!!! Weight loss… we will see, read as many books as I can my hands on… you bet!!! 😀

  3. All wonderful resolutions, Ladies. We should all remember to live each day as if it were our last and the one we will be judged by. We should be happy with ourselves and our life.

    Hope you all have a Wonderful 2010!

  4. Resolutions for 2010 is very simple. Be kind to others no matter what the situation for you must walk the red road no matter how hard it may get.

    I have been blessed with 2 wonderful children and a wonderful husband. They stand beside me no matter the siutation.

    So, remember your love ones and do the right thing even if it seems you cannot.

    Remember the Native American people and their struggles then you will see your problems may not be so bad.

    Think positive, always and take the extra mile to help another person.

    Walk with the Creator in your life and everything will fall into place.

    Walk in harmony,


  5. I usually don’t keep resolutions, so I’m giving up making them! My chief goal: to love and enjoy my
    family even more than ever before! Happy New Year
    to all the Fillies and Friends!

    Pat Cochran

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