Christmas Fruit Pizza

elizabethlane.jpgChristmas Fruit Pizza

one pkg yellow cake mix

 (orange, butter pecan & fudge work too)

two eggs

one-fourth cup water

one-fourth cup butter

one-fourth cup packed brown sugar

one-half to one cup chopped nuts


Mix together, it will be thick. 

Spread in a circle on large cookie sheet and bake 10 -12 minutes at 350, or until golden brown. 



Spread top with whipping cream (Cool Whip works, too). 

Use any kind of fruit to top the whipping cream. 

Melt apricot jam and brush on the fruit.


Ideas for Christmas: 

Kiwi slices cut in half for leaves. 

Strawberries cut in half for poinsettia leaves and pineapple tidbits for center of flowers. 

Green grapes work well, too.


See examples below.




Merry Christmas! 


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8 thoughts on “Christmas Fruit Pizza”

  1. I can’t claim any responsibility for the gorgeous photos. The recipe is my sister’s, which I’ve tasted (it’s delicious) but never made.
    I did wonder about getting the crust base off the cookie sheet in one piece. You may want to bake it on wax paper or bake it on a round pizza pan for serving. Enjoy.

  2. Have had this and it is SO good. It is great for kids and adults. Thank you for providing the recipe.

    Hope you have a Great Holiday Break.

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