TurkeyCartoonHow many of us, at the end of a holiday dinner, go back in that kitchen and stare at that carcass and just want to throw it straight into the trash.
Yes, there’s still a LOT of food on that thing. But come on, we’re STUFFED. (Insert your own turkey stuffing joke here)

Saving large amounts of food at this point seems like a ridiculous waste of time. A person can convince themselves that it’s the RIGHT thing to do to pitch the whole bird.
Unless you’ve got this recipe. Then you WANT that turkey meat. You’re looking forward to having it on hand.
Maybe not right away, but a week from now you’ll be coming out of your L-Tryptophan induced haze and really be wanting to eat again.
Although, this recipe is so good you might decide not to wait. And you might decide you need to eat it even when you’re not recovering from some major holiday.


Turkey Almond Casserole

6 Cups Cooked Turkey
2 Cups raw Rice
2 Cans Mushroom Soup
1 Cup Mayo
½ Cups sliced Water Chestnuts
1/2 cup slivered Almonds
2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
1 ½ Cup raw Celery
1 small Onion

Mix ingredients together, top with crushed cornflakes and sprinkle with cheddar cheese
Bake in 9 x 13 pan for 1 hour.

Anyone with a great recipe for turkey….here’s your chance. Post it today. And if you’re awake and your head is clear from the feasting….Merry Christmas Everyone! http://maryconnealy.com

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  1. Hi Mary, hope you had a great day yesterday! I did. Here’s my favorite left-over turkey recipe:

    Boxing Day Pie

    Ingredients: Shredded cooked turkey, your favorite gravy, mashed potatoes, cooked sliced carrots and peas, cranberry sauce and bread dressing. Amounts depend on the size of your pie plate.

    Press stuffing into bottom and up the sides of the pie plate to make a crust. Mix turkey, gravy and vegetables and fill the pie plate. Spread a layer of cranberry sauce over the top, then cover with mashed potatoes. Bake at 350 degrees until filling is heated through and potatoes are brown.

    This is obviously a very free-form recipe. You can use whatever veggies you have on hand. It’s quick, easy to make and serve, and very tasty.

  2. With my left over turkey I make a box of stuffing according to directions on package add cut up turkey and a can of cream of celery soup bake til hot and serve with gravy. Everybody loves it.

  3. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. My favorite recipe for leftover turkey is turkey soup. I usually freeze the carcass and some leftover turkey meat and make the soup when it is cold outside.

  4. The only thing my husband let’s me make with left over turkey is sandwiches and just reheated – BORING. He refuses to eat stews or casseroles which I love (sigh).

  5. Hey, ladies. I’m buried in snow…unbelieveably deep drifts. I had no phone or internet, though mercifully I had electricity which many around me don’t. So I’ve been frozen out (joke) of the cyber world for 24 hours.

    Turns out I’m addicted to being online. I’m planning to start a 12 step program to deal with it soon. I think I’ll start a yahoo group and have it be an online community. What do you think?

    We didn’t have turkey on Christmas. half my family didn’t get home and besides I was afraid my electricty would go out with a half baked turkey. ICK. So we had turkey and the trimmings for dinner today. My reward for all that hard work is that my phone started working again. YAY!

  6. I take a box of Stove Top dressing and mix to directions and place in a baking dish Then pour a can of Campbells Cream or chicken soup over dressing, then I take the left over turkey or chicken and place over top of soup and then pour another can of cream of chicken soup on top and bake for 30 mins. I sometimes just cook a whole chicken in crock pot and do this to it. It is very good.

  7. I bought a small turkey this year so we wouldn’t have too many left overs. It was so good, I wish it were bigger. I just like left over turkey, dressing, and gravy. I also really look forward to those turkey sandwiches – whole wheat bread, lettuce, lots of mayo, turkey and salt & pepper. That will be lunch tomorrow.

    Your casserole sounds good, but certainly isn’t low calorie. We sometimes make turkey tetrazzini, but that isn’t low cal either. It takes a flour/butter with stock base, diced turkey, cream, cooking sherry, canned mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup, cooked spaghetti, parmesan cheese. Mix, placed in a casserole, top with more parmesan and bake. Sometimes I may throw in extras like sauteed onions, black olives, or whatever is in the fridge. Sorry, I’m a throw it together cook. I know I found this recipe somewhere, but just do it my own way now.

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