The Husband Tree Giveaway

The Husband TreeMy new book

The Husband Tree

releases January 1st.

I’ve already talked to someone who’s found it in a store and it’s no longer listed as a ‘pre-order’ on Amazon.

So it’s out there.

A cynical cowboy has to convince the toughest cowgirl you’ll ever meet he should join her family. . .and then convince himself.

 Here’s the beginning 

The Husband Tree

Belle Tanner pitched dirt right on Anthony’s handsome, worthless face.

 It was spitefulness that made her enjoy doing that. But she was sorely afraid Anthony Santoni’s square jaw and curly dark hair had tricked her into agreeing to marry him.

Which made her as big an idiot as Anthony.

Now he was dead and she was left to dig the grave. Why, oh why didn’t she just skip marrying him and save herself all this shoveling?

She probably should have wrapped him in a blanket, but blankets were hard to come by in Montana. . .unlike husbands.

She labored on with her filling, not bothering to look down again at the man who had shared her cabin and her bed for the last two years. She only hoped when she finished she didn’t forget where she’d buried Anthony’s no-account hide. She regretted not marking William’s and Gerald’s graves now for fear she’d dig in the same spot and uncover their bones. As she recalled, she’d planted William on the side nearest the house, thinking it had a nice view down the hill over their property. She wasn’t so sure about Gerald, but she’d most likely picked right, because she’d dug the hole and hadn’t hit bones. Unless critters had dug Gerald up and dragged him away.

Belle had to admit she didn’t dig one inch deeper than was absolutely necessary.


The Husband Tree is available now on Amazon. And I’ve had my first reported sighting in a bookstore, so it’s HERE!. I have my author’s copies now. So I can give one away! YAY!

I’ve been playing my Mannheim Steamroller CD constantly on my computer. I just love their version of Deck the Halls. It says Christmas to me. And, I just heard Amy Grant singing Breath of Heaven. So, so beautiful, sort of downbeat and haunting but I keep thinking about it after it stops playing. I just love it.


Breath of Heaven


For a chance to win a signed copy of The Husband Tree and, in the spirit of the season, tell me:

Your Favorite Christmas Song

And to buy The Husband Tree on Amazon



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60 thoughts on “The Husband Tree Giveaway”

  1. Merry Christmas, Mary to you and your family. Congrats on the new book.

    I think Breath of Heaven is an exquisite song, and I too am playing Manheim almost constantly in the car. The Christmas Lullaby always brings me to tears.

    Old school favorite: O Come O Come Emmanuel.
    New-style: Grown up Christmas List.


  2. Merry Christmas, Mary! The book sounds intriguing. I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favorite Christmas song, but I’d have to say ‘The Huron Carol’, an old Canadian carol written by a Jesuite missionary three hundred odd years ago. O Holy Night is also a favoirte of mine, as is John Denver’s ‘Christmas for Cowboys’.

  3. I love Christmas carols, it’s hard to pick just one…

    O Holy Night is my very favorite, but I also love O Come O Come Emmanuel. Like you and Tanya, I’m also a huge fan of the Manheim Steamrollers…it’s just not Christmas without their music. My husband and I will be listening to that CD as we drive to southern California on Christmas day to spend time with his mom and dad…his mom recently had a heart attack, so we’re thankful she’s doing very well and I want him to be able to see her for Christmas this year.

  4. Oh, I love Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas CDs too. It is so awesome. Lorie Line is wonderful too.
    My favorite is Oh Holy Night and Birthday of the King. (opps that’s two). I love music


  5. This didn’t post my first reply so I’ll try again. I love Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas CDs. I have several of them. I love Lorie Line too.

    My favorite Christmas song is Oh Holy Night and Birthday of the King (opps that’s two, I can’t count). I love music.

    Merry Christmas to you all @ PP

  6. Ok I don’t know why this isn’t posting my reply. This is the third time for me to try.

    I love Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas CDs. I have several of them. I also love Lorie Line

    My favorite Christmas song is Oh Holy Night and Birthday of the King (opps that’s two, I can’t count). I love music.

    Merry Christmas to you all at PP

  7. Finally, I got it to post.

    Merry Christmas

    I took off the website address and it posted. Bingo. Guess it didn’t like my address.

  8. Mary,

    I love the cover on your book. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    My favorite Christmas is “Little Drummer Boy”

    I hope to win your book, so I will keep my fingers crossed

    Walk in harmony,

  9. Ohhhh yeaaaahhhh! I want this book real bad! LOL! Love Mary’s work!

    Well my favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night as sung by Josh Groban…it gives me chills EVERYTIME I hear him sing it! If I can’t hear that song then any other of Josh’s Christmas songs will do fine! I suggest his Christmas CD, Noel, if you don’t already have it. It’s awesome! Merry Christmas all!

    xoxo~ Renee

  10. Oh wow this book sounds awesome! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    Oh Holly Night has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs! This year I have also got hooked on one by Toby Keith, Santa I’m Right Here! Its a very pretty song when you listen to the words.

  11. Hi, Mary! Congratulations! Belle is an awesome woman, and so are you! I am looking forward to reading the continuation of Belle’s story. Happy Holidays to all : )

  12. “Mary, Did You Know?” is my favorite contemporary holiday song, and “O Holy Night” is my favorite traditional Christmas carol.

  13. My fav Christmas song is one my grandfather always played for us as kids and we would dance to it… Snoopy’s Christmas (Snoopy and the Red Baron). Such memories! 😀

  14. Classic/traditional favorite: a toss-up between O Holy Night and O Come O Come Emmanuel.

    Contemporary favorite: toss-up between How Many Kings and Mary Did You Know.

    Can’t wait to read the book!!

  15. My daughter played the Who’s singing … what was that, it sounded like Yahoo Dor-es or something. I googled but can’t find lyrics.

    Okay, I’ve spent to much time on that. But when the Grinch couldn’t stop Christmas from coming the Who’s came out and sang…and his heart grew three sizes that day. Sweet moment.

  16. I am so excited about the release of “The Husband Tree”! I just finished “Cowboy Christmas” in time for the holiday. My favorite Christmas song is “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  17. I love the traditional Christmas hymns. Some of my favorites are What Child is This? and Do You See What I See? and Little Drummer Boy. The video and song above, Breath of Heaven was beautiful – a new favorite for me.

  18. I wrote the Christmas Sunday School program at my church for YEARS. My first published work was a play, I had five published before the book finally came through.

    I used O Come All Ye Faithful for the kids to march in almost every year. It was just so perfect as a beginning.

    I had to quit directing the plays on my cardiologists orders. Those kids were KILLING ME. (joke-I need to remember to label my jokes or no one gets them. A bad sign don’t you think?)

  19. Congrats on this new book! It looks fantastic!!!

    Mary Did You Know if my favorite Christmas song…my youngest son played baby Jesus in a Christmas drama and this was the song that was played during his part. It quickly became my new favorite Christmas song!!!

    Thanks for entering me!

  20. Mary, The book sounds delightful!

    It is hard to select a favorite Christmas song – certainly “Mary, Did You Know?” is one. I also love “Joseph’s Lullaby.”

    Thanks for entering me in the contest!!

  21. Love all the traditional hymns. Silent Night is my favorite. It always brings tears to my eyes for some reason.

    I have several favoite non hymns. One goes waaaaaay back. I Yust go Nuts at Christmas by Yorgi Yorgeson – sung with a Swedish accent.
    Ray Stevens – Santa Claus is Watching You.
    Brenda Lee – Rockin Around The Christmas Tree.

    BTW Did you know your cafe owner in Cowboy Christmas has the same name as my husband’s grandmother.

    Looking forward to catching up with Belle.

    Merry Christmas to both you and your huge families.

  22. My favorite Christmas song is Away in a Manager. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I can’t wait to read this book.

  23. Merry Christmas, ladies!

    For sentimental reasons, all of the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas songs are favorites…my Dad loves them. My personal favorite is: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Peggy Lee. IMO, it’s just not Christmas ’til I hear that song. 😀

    The Husband Tree is on my Christmas Wish List, but I’m not sure if I’m gonna get it or not…so, maybe I can win it here! LOL

    Good Luck to everyone.

    ~ Lori

  24. Hi!
    There have been tons of serious songs/carols already given. I thought I would submit the song that makes me smile and puts a swagger in my walk: Alvin and the Chipmunks’ NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. The beat of that song gets me “hoofin’ it” every time!
    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family, and thanks for sharing the above with us. That was quite an effective teaser you left with us; thanks again!

  25. Merry Christmas Mary… My favourite Christmas song, these days, is also “breath of heaven” by Amy Grant…Thanks for the opportunity to read your latest masterpiece 🙂

  26. There are so many wonderful ones but if I had to pick just one it would be The Gift. I have a Christmas cd sung by Garth Brooks with this song – makes me cry every year – starts out – A poor orphan girl named Maria – and ends with: the very first nightingale song. Thanks for the excerpt!

  27. My favorite Christmas song is Silver Bells.

    Please don’t enter me in the contest. I won the book in your newsletter draw.

  28. HI ESTELLA! I got the book in the mail. If it isn’t swallowed alive by the Christmas postal chaos, it should get there soon.
    Every time I send out a newsletter I draw one winner from the subscriber list.

    To get your name in THAT drawing, go subscribe.

    You’ll have to put your email address in but HERE IS MY PROMISE TO YOU!!!!!! I will NEVER sell your email address….in all honesty that’s cuz I don’t know how. I’m not sure I could be trusted if I figured it out. But I rarely learn anything new so you’re probably safe.

    AND, not ONLY won’t I sell your info, I probably won’t ever send you a newsletter. I avoid it as much as possible. So I won’t be clogging up your inbox.

    But, in the unlikely event I DO ever send one…you’ve got a shot at winning a book.


  29. Wonderful Mary! Wow! How did you manage to get that video on there? I struggled with my post — I was trying to download something similar. Oh, well. Life is a little tough right now — a good friend had a massive heart attack yesterday– time is not on my side right now, so will sign off for now.

    Great post Mary!

  30. Karen I fought with that video for EVER. I ended up putting it up on my blog, then copying it from there and pasting it in here. It took way too long to figure it out. YouTube is all ….hey, wanna SHARE THIS? Wanna EMBED this? WANT A URL? Like it’s easy. Then you do it and YouTube acts like you wanted to amend the Constitution or something, all the struggle.
    Possibly, for some, it is easy.
    You can go look at my blog but here’s the irony…Today’s post?????? Just sends you back here. If you’re not careful you go there, come here, go there, come here, go there, come here, go there, come here, go there, come here. You could start a whirlpool that could possibly suck you AND the whole universe into the depths.

    Just fyi.

  31. Hi Mary,
    WooHoo! Glad “The Husband Tree” is finally here. I enjoyed the opening preview. One of my favorite Christmas songs is one that dates back to the late 70’s called “One Small Child” by David Meece. It’s a beautiful song. Old school would be “Silent Night”. And I, too, am a Manheim Steamroller fan. Have a Merry CHRISTmas!

  32. Mary,
    I had never heard “Breath of Heaven” before. What a lovely song.
    My favorite is “Carol Of The Bells”, the Mannheim Steamroller version being my favorite. I’ve had their tape going all week, also.
    I just put in one of my Celtic Women Christmas DVD’s. They do a nice version of “Carol Of The Bells” too.

    Quite an opening for THE HUSBAND TREE. Do we have a mass murderer on our hands? I look forward to reading it.

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season.

  33. No mass murderer, Patricia.

    Belle tends to marry stupid and stupid’ll get you killed in the west. The first one got gored when he climbed in the pen with their long horn bull. The second got drunk and fell off his horse and was dragged to death. The third fell off the roof. He tended to hang around up there pretending to be patching it, so he didn’t have to do any real work.

    So Belle’s done with stupid husband #3 and she’s sworn off ever marrying again.

    What better beginning can you ask for a romance novel. 🙂

  34. The Husband Tree was great! Definitely worth the purchase if you dont’ win the prize 🙂

    How do you pick a favorite Christmas song?
    From hymns, I like “O Come O Come Emmanuel”
    and “Joy to the World”
    For fun, Santa Baby, Jingle Bells, Walking in a Winter Wonderland

    Merry Christmas, Mary. God bless

  35. I am so excited about the new book! I work in a bookstore, and love introducing customers to your books. They are always a delight to read, and my family always knows when I am reading one of yours because I will randomly laugh out loud while reading. You can get some really strange looks from your family if you do that-it’s pretty fun , I recommend it!
    Right now, I’m lovin’ It’s Called Christmas With A Capital C by GoFish, and Baby It’s Cold Outside. My traditional favorite is probably O Holy Night.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your new book! Merry Christmas!!

  36. My favorite Christmas song… right now I think it is “Once in Royal David’s City” although the “Coventry Carol” is also up there on my list. I like songs with really pretty vocal arrangements I think.

  37. I don’t know why exactly but Breath of Heaven is just haunting me this year. It’s in my head all the time and I try not to replay it because I need to get it OUT of my head, but I usually crack once a day at least and play it. I’ve got it here…that video is devastatingly perfect with it.
    Did Amy Grant write the song for that movie? Does anyone know the history of the song?

    Ack…got to get on with my life. 🙂 Get back to Mannheim….Trans-Siberian Orchestra is that same fabulous switched on new age classic music.

  38. I thought I had already posted on here but didn’t see myself, LOL
    My favorite Christms song is Silent Night
    my second favoite is The Little Drummer Boy, I used to have a little drummer boy of my own but he grew up and married now he no longer comes or calls me, but I love and miss him so much. I love you Scott


  39. It’s hard to pick a favourite Christmas song, but I would have to say “God With Us” by Casting Crowns! “While You Were Sleeping” by Casting Crowns is just a smidgen behind “God With Us” though!! 🙂

    SO enjoy your books Mary! Got a few for Christmas so I’m looking forward to curling up by the fireplace and reading them! 🙂

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