Mona Hodgson Heads This Way

Two Brides Two ManyHello Darlings,

Miss Mona Hodgson is the final guest for 2009.

The dear lady will arrive here Saturday to tell us about mail order brides. It’s a fascinating subject. Ah just wonder why there’s no mail order husbands? Hee-hee. If there were such a thing ah’d sure send off for one! Me and my feisty mule get awfully lonely.

But back to our guest….Miss Mona will give us a sneak peek inside her new book TWO BRIDES TOO MANY. It sounds like something to curl up with on a cold wintery day.

So shake your bustles and head over to the Junction on Saturday. Help us make Miss Mona welcome.

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  1. The western mail order bride phenomenon has always interested me. I can’t imagine cutting ties to my life and traveling across the country to marry a complete stranger you know little about. I know it is still done today. Some of these ladies must have wanted or needed a new beginning.
    Look forward to reading your story about them.

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