‘Tis the Season! Enjoy it!


I just returned from visiting my writing friends in Dallas. The trip was planned around our annual dinner and ornament exchange, and, regardless of how busy life is right now, I was not missing out this year. After all, this is the season for family and friends, for making memories, and sharing the precious gift of time – our time.

It is so easy to “busy” ourselves right through Christmas and into the new year, never really taking the time to enjoy all that is special about the season. It’s a shame, really. I’ve missed out on lots of memories over the years because I was “too busy.”

I wonder if being too busy getting ready for Christmas to truly enjoy it was a problem for moms and grandmas in the Old West, too. All that extra baking and gift-making and visits from friends and… Yeah, I somehow think this isn’t a new thing.xmas-tree

This year, I promised myself I would make time to participate, make time to remember Christmas instead of rushing through the days only to collapse, exhausted, on January first.

So, as you go about your “busy-ness” this month, please remember to take time for friends and family, for others, and for yourself. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

Merry Christmas!

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21 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season! Enjoy it!”

  1. Howdy, Tracy! Glad you enjoyed your visit with writing friends! What fun!

    I have a theory about Christmas busyness and the past. I don’t think it was as overwhelming as it is now. Gifts were simpler, handmade over the course of the year. No one spent hours in a mall, half of that in a parking lot : ) Baking would take time, but women baked anyway. Instead of regular bread, they’d make something special for Christmas.

    It seems that Christmas used to be doing what you usually do but with sugar and spice added. Just a thought . . . I’ve never researched this, but it’s interesting to me.

  2. What a timely reminder, Tracy. You are so right about needing to be careful that the busyness of the season doesn’t kill the Christmas spirit.

    I love the scene at the beginning of Little Women where the daughters are baking Christmas goodies to share with poorer neighbors, and the fun the had singing “Here we come a wassailing” as they traveled to deliver them. That captures the essence of Christmas to me – finding joy in being with family and reaching out to those less fortunate.

  3. Howdy, Tracy, such good advice here! On top of the holidays, we’ve got two birthdays going on, too. And I am determined to enjoy every second. Our grandson is turning 3…and really able to start understanding everything.

    On top of her holiday busy-ness, my gramma would make all of us granddaughters a new flannel nightie each Christmas. It was so soft and cozy to wear it for the first time on Christmas Eve.

    I’m so glad you had a great trip to Dallas! Hugs and greetings to you and yours. oxoxoxoxox

  4. Vickie, you may be right, but I remember my grandmother talking about all the extras at this time of year: the company which required more cooking; the cookies and candies they only made once a year, some of which took hours of preparation; the special school and church programs, all of which had a meal involved. I know Great-Grandmother Julia was already busy feeding her family and all the hired help, so fitting the extras in probably wasn’t any easier for her than for us.

    Then again…

  5. Karen, that’s a great scene! Thanks for the reminder.

    Tanya, happy birthday to your grandson. My nephew was born on December 26, so we’ve had that added fun for the last 25 years. GGG would make us something special as well – either a specially painted ornament or something crocheted. I know she worked on those for several months ahead of the holidays.

  6. Great post, Karen. I need to take this to heart. I just missed my local writer’s group Christmas party. Couldn’t be helped but I want to do better at being IN the season, not just getting THROUGH the season…alive. 🙂

  7. Yep this is a very busy time of year. We rush around trying to get everything done and ware ourself out to the post we just wish it was over by the time it gets here. We don’t take time for ourself. Yes I am very guilty of this. Merry Christmas everyone!

  8. Celebrating the Lord’s Birth shouldn’t take so many out of the moment but I am just as guilty at forgetting that as others are. My husband was injured in a car accident a couple of day’s ago and I am staying home with him right now so am trying to remember the Reason for the Season and chill while saying Thank you prayers.

  9. Tracy, what a wonderful reminder. I always tend to be stressed out and exhausted as I try to handle all the demands that come with Christmas. This year I’m vowing to buy my bakery things instead of trying to make them. And I’m giving a lot of gift cards instead of rushing around trying to find the perfect gift that the recipient will likely return anyway. This is the year for being good to myself.

  10. Great post, Tracy. I’m one of those who has begun to dread Christmas because of all I have to do — so this is a very good timely reminder.

    Thanks Tracy.

  11. Tracy,

    I am so glad that you mentioned this. This time of year is suppose to be for giving, sharing, and love.

    We need to remember what the season is all about

    Merry Christmas Tracy and thank you for reminding us all

    Walk in harmony,

  12. I’m back. Everytime I sing for a group of senior citizens, I’m reminded of how special they are. 😀

    Linda, good for you! And you’ll be able to enjoy the pies because someone made them for “you”

  13. Jeanne, we had such fun. We play a version of “Rob Your Neighbor” where we drew numbers, then picked gifts in order and “stole” from the others if we liked their gift better. Lots of laughs and some lovely ornaments, too.

  14. So true, Tracy. We have let the “Busy” push out the “Merry” in our Holiday Season. I am as guilty as anyone. I have let so much that has nothing to do with celebrating the Season get in the way these past few years, that we aren’t even celebrating much. We got buried in helping someone move this year and never even had Thanksgiving. I spent the whole weekend sorting their stuff and the rest of the family worked on remodeling our daughter’s house. She went to her in-laws’ for dinner. Christmas is looking much the same.
    We need to just say STOP, push everything aside, and make time to really enjoy our friends and family. It may be for only for a day or two before getting swallowed by everything again, but that time is important.
    I want to do baking and cooking. I enjoy it, and that is usually one of the first things that suffers. We have taken 4 angels from the tree at church and I took my grandson with me to shop for them. It was an enjoyable few hours. Sitting, relaxing, and enjoying everyone’s company will be the best gift of all.

  15. Hi all,
    we played the ‘rob your neighbor game at our RWA chapter Christmas party last weekend. Everyone brought a wrapped book, and we drew numbers as you did, Tracy, then ‘stole’ books from each other. Lots of laughs.

    It’s too easy to get caught up in the rush. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy!

  16. Patricia, I think most of us get caught up in the bustle. And good for you for helping 4 children on your Angle Tree!

    Jennie, I hadn’t thought of doing books. That would be lots of fun, too.

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