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Building snowmen is still one of my favorite winter activities. While I live in a desert, we’re not more than an hour away from the snow-packed Sierra’s.ย  Each year we take our kids up the mountain to spend a few days at a lodge to play in the snow and see who can build the biggest and bestest snowmen.ย  While bumping around the web I found some pics of some interesting and creative snowmen–a little winter yard art inspiration for those snowbound folks.


This one just cracks me up ๐Ÿ™‚




Body Building Snowman


This one makes me think of Jack-o-lanterns — snowmen are kind of the jack-o-lanterns of winter ๐Ÿ˜‰


Winter sports!


Poor Frosty doesn’t stand a chance in my neck of the woods—’round here the only snowmen gracing the yards resemble ‘Dusty’ The Snowman, where an ample supply of tumble weeds makes up for the shortage of snow.ย  I’ve seen some impressive Dusty snowmen in our area!


How about you?ย  Enjoying the winter yard art?ย  Do you live in the Frosty or Dusty zone?

Luckily, no matter the building material, we can still enjoy my favorite winter treat–HOT CHOCOLATE!

Hot Chocolate


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29 thoughts on “Winter Yard Art”

  1. Wonderful post, Stacey! And perfect timing . . . it’s about 30 degrees outside and I’m thinking about winter and snow and ice storms. We live in Lexington, KY now, but I’m a southern California native. Loved the tumbleweed “snow” man!

  2. This one gave me a big smile, Stacey. Loved the tumbleweed guy. Some of the snowmen reminded me of the ones in the “Calvin and Hobbs” comic strip. My very creative aunt (who just passed away at 86) used to sculpt snow into wonderful things. I still have photos of this beautiful, very buxom snow lady she made. Long time ago. Thanks for the memory.
    P.S. Here in Utah it’s icy cold, but no snow in except in the mountains.

  3. I lived up North in Vermont for a while,an they dont build snowmen,they build snow armies!I never saw so much snow,not in inches ,but FEETS!OMG,I was from Tennesse where we seldom get snow for the holidays an maybe some in later winter,so I had my fill of the white stuff an moved back SOUTH!

  4. I live in Houston, TX and that tells the story
    right away. Except that the rest of the tale is about the flying flakes of snow in my front yard this morning. My 69 y/o “little sister” awoke me
    at 8:30 am, before the alarm!,to tell me it was
    snowing. I stumbled from bed, looked out the door,
    no snow. A half-hour later, I called my “having too much fun” sister to let her know the snow had just arrived! Of course, it’s too soon for her to think of snowmen, but she will! Can you tell I’m a grouch when awakened too early!!!

    Pat Cochran

  5. Thank you, Vickie! We’re finally expecting RAIN this week –just as exciting as snow–well, not really *lol*. I’ve lived in central CA my whole life and it has actually snowed four times–once about eight years back it even stayed on the ground for a full day ๐Ÿ˜‰ Stay warm!

  6. Glad I could share smiles, Elizabeth ๐Ÿ™‚ What special memories about your aunt–((warm hugs)) on your recent loss. I see you share our weather–teeth-chattering cold and a gorgeous view of snow-capped mountains. I Love the โ€œCalvin and Hobbsโ€ comic strip–almost included the one about Snowman Evolution ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Stacey, what fantastic pictures! I don’t live in snow…the first time I saw it coming down was right after I enrolled at a Nebraka college in January. The first thing I did was make a snowman.

    A couple yeears later, a prof (I majored in Art) took the sculpture class out in a snowy day and told us our assignment was to sculpt in snow and not make snowpeople. I made toadstool.

    Thanks for the terrific memories. May everybody out there have a Christmas that’s merry and bright…and those of you getting white Christmases, you are sooo lucky.

  8. LOL, Pat!! I love watching snow transform the landscape–a few times we’ve been lucky enough to go up the mountain before the first snow and wake to that first white blanket–so pretty and peaceful ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’m with you, Linda! I couldn’t wait for the cold weather so I could pull out my green fleece cozy (fleece blanket sewn into a robe with dragonfly decals sewn on the sleeves!) a friend made for me last year and curl up with some hot chocolate–ahhh, winter ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Update:

    Looks like this snow is going to last for a while!
    In fact, it is still snowing! Cars, roofs, plants
    are all retaining the amounts of snow which have
    fallen so far. Usually in the couple of “recent”
    snowfalls, it falls, it immediately melts. I have
    family photos showing the only significant snow
    of my lifetime which was around 1950! At that time, we had about six or eight inches on the
    ground for several days.

    Pat Cochran

  11. Those were great and also reminded me of Calvin and Hobbs. I’m in Pa and so far we’ve only got a smattering of snow and I’m not complaining lol. I was born in the great 1950 snowstorm. My mother had to be brought to the hospital in a herse because it was the only vehicle that could get through. Thank goodness she made it in time!!!

  12. I grew up in Montreal, where we got feet and feet of snow. we used to flood our back yard and make a skating rink, and we always had a snow fort, but we were never really into snowmen. Here in Nova Scotia it’s more like a slush zone. Our storms often consist of snow, rain and everything in between. Ugh! I much prefer a frosty, fluffy, glittering snowfall, especially at holiday time. Maybe we’ll be lucky this year.

  13. LOVED this blog Stacey-very funny and cute! We live in SC so, we do not get much snow-maybe once per year (if we are lucky) we will get a few inches and the kids scrape it up and make a small snow man!

  14. I loved this post, Stacey. I love the Breaking News and others. I used to do yard art in the snow when I lived in areas where it snowed. I even colored them, too. : )

  15. Wonderful pictures. We don’t live in the Dusty or real Frosty Zone. Since we moved to NE TN in 1992, there have only been two real snow storms and they shut everything down for 3 to 5 days. You are lucky to get enough snow from your yard to build a one foot tall snowman the rest of the time.
    I grew up in New York, 60 miles south of Montreal, Canada. Hi, Jennie. We would build forts, igloos, snowmen, and have great snow ball fights. When our girls were small, we built a walled rink with a snow slide down into it. We flooded it and iced the walls and slide. It lasted for over a month, even with every kid in the neighborhood there every day.
    We lived in Colorado Springs for 3 years and the snow there is different. You get more powder snow, not the nice fluffy, wet stuff. The winters there were nice. You might get two feet of snow one day and in a week it was 75 and the snow gone. The best part was the lack of the dirty, slushy mess you end up with in late winter in the East. In Colorado we were in an arid area. The snow evaporates more than melts, so you don’t get as much of a mess.
    I really miss the walks in snowy woods. There is nothing like walking through a quiet wood when all you can hear is the snow coming down. I will say, I don’t miss the 20-30-40 below zero temps.

  16. Stacey Och I wish I still had the photo of the snowman Family from my neighbors yard last year
    they were Square.
    I have to agree its the ONLY time I love the SNOW
    Living in Canada ( Ontario) we great A LOT OF SNOW…….
    Have a good one.

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