Kate Bridges Rides Back to the Junction

katebridges-alaskanrenegadeHello Darlings,

Draw a red circle around Tuesday because that’s when Kate Bridges will spend the day with us. Woo-H00!

The Fillies have sorely missed Kate being in the corral. We’re all very fond of the dear lady.

Miss Kate has a new book out, ALASKAN RENEGADE. Get a gander of that cover! Durn it, my glasses are fogging up. That’s some sexy man. Hold on a second, ah’ve got to get my rope untangled. 

While Miss Kate is here she’ll lead a discussion on what we’d have been if we’d lived in 1850. So mosey on over here and put in your two cents worth. And ah’m sharing a little secret–Miss Kate is giving away an autographed copy of the book.

Don’t be late, now!

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  1. Oh I hope I can remember, I keep forgetting the times. I love to read about the old west,


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