Those Incredible American Indian Boys

horseheader11.jpgOften my blogs are centered on the past as I try to bring to life the American Indian from the past.  Hoping to not make the American Indian of the pst seem like some ulta-human being, I yet strive to show his strengths, and usually center in upon  many of the things that have its roots in Native American, things that we perhaps take for granted.  For instance, we’ve discussed in the past how two men, the real Hiawatha and the Peacemaker brought to Turtle Island (what we know of as America) their hope that this land would be free forever — it was their intention that this land be free from grief, free from war and free for individuals in it to live their own lives according to their own decisions of what they choose for their own lives.  That wish (postulate if you will) — set into motion by Hiawatha and the Peacemaker — was here and was widespread when the Europeans (who were escaping oppression on a far off shore) landed  here in America.  These Europeans, who had no real tradition of freedom, were met by an entirely free people.  True, there was the Magna Carta, which freed many, many people.  But it was written in part for the Nobility who were in protest against an unjust King.

All right, so we’ve discussed other topics in the past, like the names of our towns and rivers and mountains, we’ve included some of ourGrandTetons own American celebrations (including but not limited to Thanksgiving); we’ve mentioned and discussed foods that the first Americans gave us, we’ve also talked about the respect the American Indian showed for the land upon which we all walk.  But for today, I thought we might have a look at some of our more contemporary, modern day Indians.  Before I go too much further, let me say that most Indians that I know consider it a compliment to be called Indian —  they themselves say they are Indian and are proud of it.  The politically “correct” label of Native American sits well for some, but not for all, so if I offend, that is not my intention. 

adam-beach.jpgAs probably many of you are aware, this is Adam Beach, whom I think is probably one of the most handsome men alive.  And I am particularly fond of this photograph of him.  Does anyone remember him in Squanto, the Disney movie?  It was the first time I saw him on the screen and I thought then, as I still do today, that he is again one of images27the most handsome men alive.

But the other day I was watching an older movie (1981 movie) of  The Lone Ranger and I was struck by what a cast-horse1handsome man Michael Horse is.  Off to my left is Michael Horse as a young man and off to the right is Michael more recently.  He is still a handsome, handsome man.michael21

This particular movie was the 1981 version of the famous The Lone Ranger so if you’ve never seen it, and you have an opportunity to look at it, I would recommend it, if only from the standpoint of seeing a young and very handsome Michael Horse.

361Then today I was watching country videos and I saw a video of Michelle Branch, which had a Native American theme and made her look very Native American.  Upon reading  her biography on Wikipedia, I realize now that she isn’t American Indian, but I’m including her picture here simply because in this video she did look very Native American.

mg21Then there’s Michael Grayeyes.  I saw him in the made for TV movie, Stolen Women/Captured Hearts.  I remember thinking at the time that he was also one of the most handsome men of our times.  He is Cree Indian and is a dancer by trade, as well as an actor.  mg_abvoices1_jpg1To our right is Michael dressed to pow-wow.  It looks to me as if he is dressed (in the picture to the right) to grass dance, which is one of the most beautiful of the pow-wow dances I think — at least for the men.  It is quite an atheletic dancel, but I think it also takes quite a bit of agility to perform.mg31

The picture to the right and a little below the others is another picture of Michael.  Handsome…handsome.

Michael also played the lead role in another made for TV movie called Crazy Horse.

This is another wonderful movie to rent or to see if you have the chance.  I believe it is a more accurate accounting of Crazy Horse’s life than some of the earlier movies done on the same subject.  That’s simply my opinion, of course, but from what I’ve read, I think the facts are better detailed in this made for TV movie than others that I have seen on the life of this very brave man.

michael_archery_bow_skill_montana21Do you remember one of those young boys from Dances With Wolves?  His name was/is Michael Spears.  Well, he’s grown up and is as handsome as ever.  This is Michael Spears with bow in hand off to the left.  His brother, Eddie, is also an actor and they are both Lakota.  Here’s another picture of Michael.  mv5bmtk4odu2ote5nv5bml5banbnxkftztcwnju5ntizmq_v1_sx98_sy140_1Another handsome young actor.  His brother, Eddie, is also an actor.mv5bmja2mzu0otc1n15bml5banbnxkftztcwodg2oteymq_v1_sx100_sy140_1  Eddie’s picture is the black and white next to his brother, Michael.  Interestingly once when I was at a pow-wow, there were Native actors there signing their pictures on a calendar — I bought the calendar and had several sign their pictures and among those were both Eddie and Michael Spears.  They were very young at the time (both of them), but already very handsome.

Okay, and now here’s another one of my favorite Native American actors — and for any of you who have seen the movie, Cheyenne Warrior,  you will immediately recognize Pato Hoffman.

david111I think I fell in love with that movie Cheyenne Warrior.  Made in the late 90’s I believe, it remains one of my favorite movies to date.  It also stars a very young and beautiful blond bombshell, Kelly Preston, who is none other than John Travolta’s wife.tim51  In this movie, Pato plays Soars-like-a-hawk, or simply, Hawk, who is a kinda smart-talking Cheyenne warrior, who is nursed back to health by Kelly, who husband has died (not at the hands of Indians, but rather at the hands of a dishonest buffalo hunter).  It is not only an action movie, but a romance, although not a strict romance, as it doesn’t end as I would have liked it to end.  You can still order this movie from Amazon, I believe, so if you haven’t seen it, I would het ahold of it and watch this wonderful movie.

steve_20reevisone1Nowbefore I end this blog, I think it wouldn’t be complete without taking a look at a friend of mine, Steve Reevis.  Steve is Blackfeet and has helped me phot0031-1considerably in the past when I and a few others were setting up a literacy project on the Blackfeet reservation.  He donated his time and energy and will always be remembered by me with great fondness.11  In the picture below, Steve is dressed to dance the grass dance and he is sixth from the right — I’m standing on the end on the right.  Steve’s wife, Macile stands to his right.

Okay, I left out one very wonderful man.  So here is a picture of the very incredible man in my life.galler121  Yes, this was taken several years ago when my husband and I were first married.  But it remains one of my favorite photos of him — taken of course by me.phot0043-2  Off to the right are Paul and I in Montana, on the Blackfeet reservation, with Chief Mountain in the background. 

So, my question is, what are your thoughts on this?  Have you seen these men on the screen, and if so, do you have a favorite?  For me, it would be hard to pick just one of them.  They are all of them outstanding.  But come on in and let’s talk.  Let me know what you think of these very handsome American Indian boys.

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KAREN KAY aka GEN BAILEY is the multi-published author of American Indian Historical Romances. She has written for such prestigious publishers as AVON/HarperCollins, Berkley/Penguin/Putnam and Samhain Publishing. KAREN KAY’S great grandmother was Choctaw Indian and Kay is honored to be able to write about the American Indian Culture.
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40 thoughts on “Those Incredible American Indian Boys”

  1. Kay, by the time I reached the end of this blog I was just a melted puddle of hormones. What gorgeous men! No wonder readers never seem to tire of Native American/Indian heroes.
    You and your hubby are a beautiful pair.
    And thanks for clearing up the Native American vs. Indian question. Those of us who write historicals can’t use N.A., so I’ve always tried to refer to my characters by their tribe names. Good to know “Indian” isn’t considered offensive.

  2. Hi Elizabeth!

    Thanks so much for coming by the blog today — aren’t they handsome? Often I keep posting the same pictures one right after the other and so I wanted to show a few more this time.

    Yes, many of the Indians I know are Indian and proud of it. : )

  3. Interesting post. I to think it hard to put just one. I have American Indian in my blood. I have nephrews who are Cherokee. These guys are goregeous. Thanks for the info.

  4. Hi Kay! Well, I always love to start my day with one of your pictures of Adam Beach. Yet…he sure has some competition today from all the other from all the other guys you’re featuring. Thank you for them all!

    I think Chief Joseph is the handsomest of the great chiefs.

    One question: is it an urban legend or true that Native American males do not grow facial hair, or not much? Or is this a weird question to ask?

    Thanks for another very interesting post.oxoxox

  5. karen,
    All of the pictures of the men are georgous. ADAM bEACH IS VERY HANDSOME. The Indian should be proud of the title Native American as in fact They are the only true Americans. Everyone else are immigrants. I was told once from an Indian friend I worked with that the Cheyenne were the most beautiful of Indians. Did you see the film Into the West. Told the story of whites taking over indian territory. i SAY AGAIN THEY SHOULD BE PROUD OF THE TITLE na.

  6. Hi Karen! Wonderful post! Not only are these men easy on the eyes, they’ve got command presence. There’s a strength that shows in the photographs that goes beyond Hollywood.

    I’ll have to check out some of the movies you mentioned. I’ve seen “Dances with Wolves,” of course, but not the others. “Cheyenne Warrior” is definitely up my alley.

  7. Hi darlin’,

    It’s not simply a legend. If the blood is full blood, they tend to not have much hair and in the past, what hair they did have, they pulled out. But it’s not simply facial hair — it’s hair on the arms, legs, etc.

    Thanks for the question.

  8. Hi Emma!

    Names are simply names — Native American, American Indian — what’s important is who a person is — not simply his title or such. My opinion.

    In this day of “political correctness” it’s kinda nice now and again to say something different.

    Thanks so much for your post.

  9. Hi Vickie!

    Yes, I think you’ll really enjoy Cheyenne Warrior and if you ever get a chance to see Stolen Women/Captured Hearts it’s a true romance. I really think you’d enjoy that one, also. : )

  10. Hi, Karen —

    I, too, thank you for the clarification on the use of “Native American” and “Indian.”

    Emma might be interested to know that Red Cloud’s clan (Sioux, many of whom were married to Cheyenne) were often referred to as “The Beautiful People”, too.

    I agree that Indian men are not just handsome, but compelling, especially Rodney Grant who played Wind In His Hair in Dancing With Wolves, and actor Eric Schweig who played Uncas in The Last Of The Mohicans. Russell Means is no slouch, either!

    We’re only familiar with these men because they’re in the public eye; their less famous brothers are equally compelling. But the chiefs and leaders who are gone now are the ones I try to bring to life in my books, lest they–and their sacrifices for their people–be forgotten.

  11. Hi Kate!

    Thanks so much for your insightful comments. In truth, according to George Catlin, the Indian rivaled even his idea of the Greek Statues. So many comments, before they had much to do with the incoming civilization, on how strong they were — perfect teeth — straight posture and beautiful with firm cheekbones and beautiful skin.

    Diet played alot to do with this, I think, but also attitude.

    Thanks again for your post.

    I admire Russell Means because of his dedication to his people and to liberty. He is part of the Lacotah Nation that recently declared its independence from the US. They are seeking to set up an entirely free Indian Nation. Very admirable. : )

  12. Long time no write eh Karen? Well i have seen many of these actors on the screen. I have to say tho that Michael Greyeyes is my absolute favorite. I first saw him in Stolen WOmen Captured Hearts as well and that film is close to my heart due to the fact the my anscestor is Sarah White… Now granted they took many liberties with this story line and made her out to be some citified hoity toity lady which she wasn’t. She was 18 with auburn hair when captured. I actually sent Michael a copy of the white family history so he could read the true account of what happened. He was thrilled and thanked me for that. I really think Michael looked best in Dance me Outside which is a fantastic film. He rode a motorcycle and wore black leather pants…oh my!!(fans self) Check out the film SMoke SIgnals too. Adam Beach is in that and Michael has a cameo appearance. Awesome film! Well gotta run!!

  13. Hi Beth,

    I didn’t know that one of your ancestors was Sarah White — I’d like to hear that story — or read that book also, as this is one of my favorite movies, also.

    I’ve not seen Dance Me Outside — I’ll have to get it and have a look at Michael in black leather pants.

    Thanks so much for the comment, Beth. : )

  14. I think I might have seen Stolen Women/Captured Hearts. At least Stolen Women/Captured Hearts COULD have been the title of that tv movie. It was so long time ago since I saw it. But I have definitely seen Dances With Wolves.

    All those movies made me think of another tv movie, but I just can’t remember the title of that one. It is about a woman who is taken away from her parents as a child and she is adopted by a white couple. Years later she is reunited with her family. She also has a brother, but his story wasn’t told in the movie. Made me wonder if there might have been a sequel to the movie.

  15. Adam is still my favorite but I wouldn’t be turning any of them down 🙂 I love long hair on muscular men 🙂

  16. Be still my heart! Adam Beach – ’nuff said!!

    Oh, I agree, the other fellows are nice looking,

    Pat Cochran

  17. One of my very VERY favorite books is MacKenzie’s Mountain with the angry Wolf MacKenzie meeting his match with the new school marm who sees beneath his bristly surface to the loving, passionate man.

  18. Adam Beach is certainly one handsome man. I am more familiar with him in his role of Jim Chee in the Public Television adaptations of Tony Hillerman’s books and his television series roles.
    There are so many talented Indian actors in the business today. Wes Studi is such a good actor. He makes such a wonderful bad guy. Unfortunately, I think the first time I saw him act was in Last of The Mohicans. He will forever be Magua, blinded by hate and the thirst for revenge. Since Dances With Wolves and Into The West, the image of the Indian has come into truer focus. Nice to see something other than the stereotypes that were so pervasive for years.
    Next you need to give the women equal time.

  19. Hi Minna!

    Gosh, I wish I knew the name of that movie, but I don’t. I think I had heard of it, though. Did it have something to do with Mexico. I’ll ask Grandfather George and see if he knows of it. He often knows almost all the Native American movies.

    Thanks for the comment.

  20. Hi Pat!

    Yes, Adam is indeed one of the most handsome men of our century, I think. The others are also very handsome, too. The young Michael Horse as Tonto in that older Lone Ranger movie, was quite handsome, also.

    Thanks for the comment.

  21. Hi Patricia!

    Wes Studi is indeed a great character actor. I met him once long ago at the First Americans in the Arts get together.

    In real life he seemed anything but a bad guy. 🙂 Good actor.

    Okay, yes, the women need equal time.

  22. Kay,

    Great post. I have to say that one of my favorites Native American men is Joe Marshall, he played in “Into the West” and Steve Reevis is also a favorite

    Thanks Kay


  23. Oh how dreamy. I had a hugh crush on all Indian actors when I was young, Of course many roles were played by white actors in heavy make-up, but I loved the whole look of an Indian. The music group Brule’ has several members who are quite handsome but my favorite to watch is Moses Brings Plenty who plays the traditional drums.

  24. You know, I have two albums by Brule and I’ve never seen them actually play. That would be so cool to see them perform. Is there a video or anything on YouTube?

    I’m with you, Connie, on the look of Native men and women for that matter.

    Thanks for your post. 🙂

  25. Hi, Karen,

    “Stolen Women, Captured Hearts” is a favorite of mine, and I remember thinking Michael Greyeyes was one of the most gorgeous men I’ve seen. There were also a lot of handsome men in “Dances With Wolves,” but Michael will always have a piece of my heart. 🙂

    Thanks for another great blog.

  26. No, as far as I can remember it had nothing to do with Mexico. The setting in the movie is United States and the time period is the latter part of the 20th century.

  27. I remember that movie and they seem to play it around thanksgiving. Mercedes Ruel is the woman who finds she is navajo and was adopted by a new york jewish family. SHe is married to a white man with two kids and she ends up going to New Mexico to meet her biological family and ends up staying.
    I wish i could think of the dang title tho. Maybe look up her name on and see her movie credits. Michael Greyeyes is in that one too.

  28. Karen, The White family history isn’t in book form. It is jsut typed and copied accounts writen by Sarah’s brother years later. I do have info that was sent to me from my cousin in Austin texas, Michelle White who has done research as well as gotten things from the historical museum in concordia kansas. If anyone wants to know more about the real story of what happened verses the movie not just about sarah but about anna morgan too i have some info on them.

  29. Karen, The White family history isn’t in book form. It is jsut typed and copied accounts writen by Sarah’s brother years later. I do have info that was sent to me from my cousin in Austin texas, Michelle White who has done research as well as gotten things from the historical museum in concordia kansas. If anyone wants to know more about the real story of what happened verses the movie not just about sarah but about anna morgan too i have some info on them.

  30. Hi Karen, I found this site Googling Michael Spears. 🙂 I think he is breathtakingly handsome and made more attractive by all his talents (champion singing/drumming and grass dancing, as well as acting and modeling) and his humanitarian interests – motivational speaking to school children (K through high school, and college as well); mentoring at-risk youth; working on sustainable energy solutions for his community (Lakotah). For those of you who mentioned Into the West, Michael had a prominent role as Dog Star. He was more recently in a good indie thriller called Imprint with Tonantzin Carmelo – available on You may be able to tell I just adore Mike!

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