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smith_bobbi.jpgHi everybody!  I’m thrilled to be back blogging at Petticoats and Pistols.  It’s an honor. 

This weekend I’m in Texas for the Golden Triangle Writers’ Conference.  Robert Vaughan and Greg Tobin are here, too, so it’s going to be wonderful – as always!  I do love Texas!Runaway

My latest new release is Runaway.  It came out this summer from Leisure.  I’m really fond of this book.  I have so much fun writing about hidden identities.  It’s exciting when the hero and heroine have secrets they can’t reveal to each other. 

In Runaway, Texas Ranger Lane Madison is tracking an outlaw gang.  Lane learns from a saloon girl in a small town that the leader of the gang won a ranch in a card game and plans to make it their hideout.  Lane goes after them, hoping to catch up with them before they reach the ranch.  As it turns out, only one of the outlaws heads directly for the ranch.  Lane decides to go after the rest of the gang, but loses their trail after a bad storm.  Frustrated, he heads back after the lone gunman and manages to catch up with him.  There is a shootout and Lane wins. 

Knowing the gang will eventually show up at the ranch, he decides to assume the dead outlaw’s identity and go there to await their arrival.  What Lane doesn’t know is that the gunman Seth Rawlins sent for a mail-order bride, thinking being married would make him look more like a rancher instead of an outlaw.

Our heroine, Destiny Sterling, is on the run.  She thinks she killed her evil stepfather when he tried to attack her after her mother’s death, so she flees her home and assumes the identity of a girl who had backed out of being a mail-order bride.  Destiny heads to Texas as Rebecca Lawrence to marry Seth Rawlins.  She’s scared, but believes she has no other choice.

It was so much fun writing the scene when she arrives at the ranch and meets ‘Seth’ for the first time. 

I asked a few guys what they thought the hero would say in this situation.  The funniest quip was from my son who said, “Wait a minute — I thought it was two for the price of one!”

RelentlessCoverI just finished my next book – Relentless.  It is coming out next March.  Dusty Martin is our heroine.  After her mother passes away, Dusty has only her father, who is a stage driver.   She’s always been a tomboy, so he decides to have her ride shotgun on the stage with him to keep her safe.  When an outlaw gang robs the stage and takes her hostage, it’s up to our hero, Texas Ranger Grant Spencer, to save her.  

Relentless is an action-packed story.  I hope everybody enjoys it.

This year, Zebra has released some of my older books again. Yeah!  The Gunfighter – originally Beneath Passion’s Skies – is back out now, and last spring they re-released Desert Heart.

In 2010, Zebra is bringing out some of my oldies.  Captive Pride a story about the American Revolution will be rereleased in June and Passion, my Viking story, will be back out in October.  What fun!  It’s neat to see them back on the shelves again!



Bobbi is giving away TWO BOOKS this visit ~ one copy of Runaway & one copy of Gunfighter! All you have to do is join in the fun and you could be a winner.

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37 thoughts on “Welcome Bobbi Smith!”

  1. I already like the mail order bride theme. Lane & Destiny’s story with the assumed identities will definitely give it a unique twist!
    I’m glad that some of your books are being reissued. I’ve read several but I did manage to miss a few.

  2. My girlfriend wants to be Fifty and Fabulous next year. I, unfortunately, am Fifty and Forgetful THIS year. When reading your RUNAWAY description above, I found it a little confusing to follow, but I figure I need all the practise I can get in trying to remember things, and your book will help in that process. It sounds like a storyline I haven’t read before, which in itself is fantastic, as I’ve read thousands of books so far.

    Congrats on being published (which is a feat unto itself) and on your originality, as this can’t be easy in this day and age. Thanks also for offering not one, but two, great giveaways!

  3. Wow, Bobbi Smith I am awe struck. Love your books and have all of them. I am a BIG fan! I too love the mail order bride theme and Texas Ranger stories.

    How wonderful that your older books are being reissued for those who missed them the first go around.

  4. Bobbi,

    I love all of your books. I cannot wait to get my hands on your latest one. You are such an inspiration to all writers.

    I like the way you stick to what you believe in

    Walk in peace and harmony,


  5. Bobbie I am so glad your old books are being reissued. I have the old zebra’s that are battered and worn with the hologram on the cover.

  6. hi Bobbi, welcome to the Junction today. I totally love mail order brides, and ranchers and cowboys and outlaws, too. More for my must-read list. Thanks for spending time with us here today.

  7. Welcome Bobbi and I hope you’re having fun at the conference. Big fan of the mail-order bride theme and am happy to find authors still writing them.

  8. Hi Bobbi! I love the premise of Runaway! Yep always fun to have to get past those beginning deceptions! And mail order brides tend to be a fun topic! Relentless sounds good too! Best wishes on the March release!

  9. I love the mail-order bride idea. A lawman and a mail order bride, what more do you want. This books sounds great and I can’t wait to read it.

  10. I think that’s wonderful that they putting your older books back on the shelf. I always hate the fact that some books are out there for such a short time. There is no such thing as an old book!! They all sound wondeful.

  11. Hi Bobbi, I love your books, but its been a while since I have read one! I used to read your books all the time. I think its great that they are bring back some of your older books. I personally have problems in the past trying to find out of print books, so I love it when they re-release them. I also like to re-read so I may be looking into yours. Thanks for sharing your books with up.

  12. Hi Bobbi!! I am big fan! I have loved each and every book Ive read of yours!

    RUNAWAY sounds great-I will be looking for it on my next outing to the store!!

    And now, just let me say—OH MY GOSH-the cover for THE GUNFIGHTER….whoa-had to look …well-atleast 5 times at it on your website!! lol 😉 That is one fiiiiine gunfighter 🙂

    I have to say RELENTLESS sounds wonderful too- I do love books with a Texas Ranger for the hero!!!

    Have a great weekend Bobbi!

  13. Interesting story line in Runaway! I am certainly
    going to read this book.

    I wish I had known about the Golden Triangle Conference. I would have enjoyed attending any of
    the public sessions. I live in Houston!

    Pat Cochran

  14. It’s so good to hear from everyone. I’m just so glad that Westerns are making a comeback. We need Hollywood to get with it and start making good Westerns again. I can’t decide which western movie is my favorite – Rio Bravo with John Wayne and Ricky Nelson or Big Country with Gregory Peck and Charleton Heston. What do you think?

  15. Hi Bobbi,

    I’m a little late but wanted to welcome you back to P&P. We’re delighted to have you visit.

    Runaway sounds like my type of book. Love Texas Ranger heroes and mail order brides! They make for some unforgettable stories.

  16. RUNAWAY is the kind of story I enjoy. Mix things up a little and lets see how they manage to get out of it happily. It is great that your older books are coming back out. I’ll have to check my shelves of keepers and “I am going to read these one day” books. There are so many good ones out there, I can’t help but buy them, then wonder when I’ll be able to read them. Actually, today, my husband is on one of his “Why do you have so many books” tears. I just told him to go our into his woodworking shop and blacksmith forge. One piece of equipment is much more than I spend on books In 5 years or more.
    Love westerns and they are popular at our library. I have started putting western stickers on some our women’s western romances. We have many men who read westerns and I figure they can try these. Out of curiosity I’ve read some of the men’s western series out there and the aren’t anywhere near the quality of writing and story the women’s books are. Good luck with your future books and your reissues.

  17. Enjoyed reading the comments. I have been a fan of Bobbi’s for a long time. Glad to hear someone is writing another Viking story. Can’t wait to read it.

  18. Hello Bobbi,
    I’ve enjoyed many of your books over the years. These two sound like fun reads. There’s so much room for fun with mistaken identities.

    Big Country is my Fav western along with Man from Snowy River.

  19. I love westerns, always a great read, and yours are among the tops Bobbi, what a thrill!

    I would have to go with Rio Bravo, I love Dean Martin as the drunken, tortured sheriff. And who said he couldn’t act? And I adore that song he and Ricky Nelson sing, ‘My rifle, my pony and me.”

    Love the plots for your upcoming books, esp. Relentless, Texas Ranger?? I am there! And LOVE the cover as well. Wow.
    Please do keep those great westerns coming!!

  20. I have read most of your books. So glad some of them are being reissued, so I
    I can possibly pick up the ones I missed.

  21. Hi Everybody! Who was your favorite hero in one of my books? What about the heroines? I always liked the heroine in Renegade’s Lady, where she’s the dime novel writer. And I loved both characters in Lady Deception. It’s like picking among your children, though. you love them all the most and each one for different reasons.

  22. I am going to have to add your books to my to be read pile which is already taller than I am. Not enough time in my day but I cannot resist the mail order bride theme. I especially like that both main characters are not telling the whole truth. Looking forward to reading Runaway.

  23. Hi Bobbi
    Thanks for being here today, this was a very interesting blog. Congratulation on your new book Runaway it sounds very good I’m looking forward to reading it.

  24. Hi Bobbi! I’m proud to say that when I started reading western romances years ago, you were one of the first authors I picked up. Now years later, when I see a new one of yours at the bookstore, I snatch it up. Definetly looking forward to the new release, and how awesome is it that they’re re-releasing titles? Woop! 😀

  25. Yea Bobbi! I have a question…what kind of input do you have in which books they re-release? Do you get to help pick the books, decide release dates, help with redesigned covers? Just wondering on the protocol. Can’t wait for the re-released books, I haven’t been able to find those two titles.

  26. Hi! I’m back from TX and back on-line. 🙂 Re the backlist, NY is totally in charge of putting those out, and I am thrilled to see them on the shelves again. It’s always fun to see the new covers they come up with. The Gunfighter guy is real handsome! 🙂 Do you like that title better than ‘Beneath Passion’s Skies’ the original one?

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