Thrilled to Have Jodi Thomas!

the-lone-texanYippee! Ah’m not pullin’ your leg. Promise.

Miss Jodi Thomas will be here Tuesday!

Ah see her coming around the bend now. The Fillies are bustin’ their buttons with joy to have the dear talented lady.

Miss Jodi sure knows how to write those wild sexy cowboys and the women who tame ’em.  She has it in mind to tell us about her Texas roots that go back to the old West and frontier days. She also aims to share some tidbits about her new book THE LONE TEXAN.

Lord have mercy! Look at that handsome devil on the cover. Ah’m fanning myself to beat the band.

This is the fourth book of her Whispering Mountain series and it tells Sage’s and Drum’s story. Finally! I’ve been chomping at the bit to see how Miss Jodi brings the two of them together at last.

Come Tuesday head on over here. We’ll save you a seat!

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