Cowboys and a cup of Joe

colleen-smHello, friends! It’s good to be back with such a great group who loves western fiction. The second book in my Lonestar series, Lonestar Secrets, is about a young veterinarian who returns to her hometown. Five years earlier she’d been told one of the twins she bore out of wedlock had died, but the day she arrives, she sees another little girl who looks like the daughter holding her hand. Even worse, the child seems to be the daughter of a man who betrayed her.


Don’t you just love high drama? J Lonestar Secrets was a fun story to write because of the great conflicts. But back to western stories. One thing that is common in stories of the west is my favorite thing in the world. It even tops chocolate if you can believe it. Coffee. And my hero Jack loves coffee. That makes him a real man in my estimation! I wasn’t always a coffee drinker. My parents always had a pot of Folger’s brewing when I was growing up so I thought it was for, well, older people. When I started writing, I met a fellow lone_star__secrets-smauthor friend (Kristin Billerbeck) who bought me my first iced mocha. We happened to be in Santa Fe so the western connection was even part of my first coffee experience. One sip and I was in heaven. I’ve been on a quest for the perfect cup of joe ever since.


My favorite coffee is from a coffee brewer in Phoenix called Echo Espresso ( so it’s another reason I believe the west has the best coffee. My favorite is called World Blend. It’s mellow like Kona coffee but still strong enough. I’ve been on a diet so I’ve learned to like it iced with just a tiny touch of sweetener in it, though my favorite way to drink it is lightened with International Flavors hazelnut creamer. How about you? Do you have a favorite coffee? What’s your favorite way to drink it?


Pull up a chair and cozy up to the fireplace while we raise our cups in mutual love of the brew we love! I might even whisper whodunit in my book!



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34 thoughts on “Cowboys and a cup of Joe”

  1. Lonestar Secrets WOW What a betrayal!! I’m eager to find out what happened to her other daughter and her ex!

    Coffee I have to have some EVERYDAY! I drink Maxwell House French Roast black. Several years ago, we had a coffee house in Madison, Wisconsin send us small packages of coffee that he recommended, after listening to what we liked. My favorite was a Java from Indonesia.

  2. Wow,sounds like good reading to me!Im having my Cup o Joe right now,Im really into the flavored coffees but my husband isnt soooooooo,im having regular rignt now

  3. You usually don’t see a book like the one you’ve written. It sounds interesting and intriguing. Please include me in the giveaway. Thanks.

  4. French Vanilla, Irish Cream, Ameretto, Hazelnut – whatever little creamer is available. Casey’s General Store usually has at least one of these flavors. Not a big fan of places like Starbucks. Their coffees are too strong and to high priced for me.

  5. I drink coffee strictly to be sociable. I have a cup if someone else is having a cup. But I would NEVER make a cup for myself.

    I’m a big tea drinker. Has anyone had Tetley’s tea? Or Twining? This is seriously delicious tea.

    Sue, I’m with you on Starbucks. It’s just so STRONG. I have to cut it about half with cream then it’s instantly too cold. I don’t like my coffee blazing hot but if I cool it down too much I have to drink it quick, then of course have more. I’m floating before I get anywhere near done talking with whoever I’m being sociable with. 🙂

  6. I just finished one of Colleen’s Lonestar books. They’re amazing. I’ll be hunting up all the rest of them. Really run away, high stakes action packed fun. She barely had time to squeak in a romance in the one I read. But she managed it. Managed it very well in fact. 😀

  7. Your book sounds great and I can’t wait to read it!

    I quit drinking coffee for a long time and now I am hooked on it again. The reason I quit is because if I fixed a pot I drink the whole pot now I want let myself do that. Right now I am hooked on the French Vanilla creamer, but I like other flavors. There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a cool fall day.

  8. Colleen,

    Welcome back to P&P! It’s really good to have you. Your new release looks and sounds fantastic. Wow a secret baby! Sure will be tons of conflict.

    I’m a coffee lover too. I can drink it cold or hot. In the summer when it’s really hot nothing cools me off like a blended frappe. But when it’s cold, I prefer hot lattes. Or just coffee I brew here at home. I’m not particular. Anything with mocha or carmel in the name and I’m jumping for joy.

  9. Hello Colleen,
    I have to say that I love books that tug at my emotions, and your book sounds like it will do just that… Oh and I am a sucker for books with kids… as for coffee, I am one that has never cared for the taste or smell… I know I am an oddball, but that is me! 😀

  10. Glad you are here. I enjoy reading your books.
    I love coffee creations-growing up on a ranch the only way that coffee was served was strong so narurally we put other stuff in it.
    My favorites are with chocolate in them.

  11. I am a huge coffeeaholic! Actually, just thinking about this post is making me drool for my fix. Might have to get in the car and make a Starbucks run. And it is Starbucks’ cinnamon dolce latte and their pumpkin spice lattes that are my weakness. My friends all know that if they need me to do them a favor, then bringing me these drinks are the way to get it.

  12. Your book sounds awesome–I love those kind of stories because it’s so fun to read how that happened in the first place, and then see how the h/h can come together after that kind of conflict.

    I love iced coffee. I was so sick with headaches when I was pregnant, and my dh made me iced coffee’s to help. I’m addicted.

  13. Welcome to the Junction, Colleen. I grind decaf beans most days for hot, but my guilty pleasure is McDonald’s iced coffee, regular flavor. I love the Arbuckle’s of Western novels, and drinking it out of a tin cup if surely iconic.

    Just added another book to my TBR list.Thanks for posting with us today!

  14. A steaming hot cup of Tetley’s tea, Earl Grey, with the amazing drawstring bag, wrapped in my Sweetest Softest Bathrobe Ever from Bath and Body Works and a romance novel.

    The true meaning of happiness is within your grasp. 🙂

  15. Just added your books to my TBR list – they sound
    great! I look forward to reading your series!

    I join Mary in enjoying a nice cup of tea! I haven’t had coffee since 1961 during my first pregnancy. Morning sickness ended my enjoyment
    of an occasional cup!

    Pat Cochran

  16. Oh, another coffee lover. I too would take it over chocolate lol. I have my own grinder (love the smell) and it makes a wonderful rich coffee (I experiment with different beans) – and I like mine strong and black 🙂

  17. Hi, Colleen! I LOVE the smell of coffee, but I’m not crazy about the taste–I don’t mind mine in a mocha though 🙂 (Bring on the chocolate, please!) And yes, I do enjoy reading some high drama! Congrats on book 2!

  18. I love the smell of coffee but have had to cut back. I have a cup of soymilk with two or three ice cubes every midmorning and because I do not care for milk I add a serving of Nescafe Ice Java. It is delicious. Later in the day I go for the real stuff and have a cup or two of coffee or tea.

    I shall have to look for your books, Idiscovered today that I have read one, Alaska Twilight, and I loved it. Really looking forward to reading the Lonestar books.

  19. I love coffee! Have to have it to jump start my motor in the morning.
    My favorite is Yuban regular roast. I use a bit of Splenda and some powdered ceamer.
    Your book sounds great.

  20. Your book sounds great. I like French Vanilla coffee by General Foods International Brand with a little creamer in it too. McDonalds has a french vanilla coffee that is good too.

  21. Another coffee addict here. I buy it from a local roasting coop, Just Us, that buys sustainably raised and fairly traded beans. I like their Mexicn Morning blend, fresh-ground and made in a French press, with light cream and just a touch of sugar. Yum! Can’t get through a day without it.

  22. Never drank coffee until our son was born. I was a tea drinker, still am. Tea was enough for my girls, but for my hyperactive son I needed more. The older I get, the darker I like it. At home we usually use a Columbian dark, usually Folgers, but Maxwell House or Kroger’s are good too. Half & Half and sugar. When we are out,, the McDonalds coffees are good, plain, iced, hot mochas and iced mochas (yum). We have a home expresso machine and used to make lattes and cappuccinos all the time. Need to get it out and do that again now that the weather has gotten colder. This summer we bought the syrups and made our own iced coffees.
    Lonestar Secrets sounds like a good book. I look forward to reading it.

  23. Aw, Vickie, you made my day! 🙂 I’m going to get some new photos made as soon as I finish this next round of my diet. It goes in 6 weeks rounds, about 20 pounds off per round. This will be my third round and I just started two days ago. 🙂

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