Colleen Coble Returns!

lonestarsecretsThe Fillies are delighted and honored to have Miss Colleen Coble coming back to visit on Wednesday.

Miss Colleen can’t think of anything she loves more than writing western romance. Those sexy heroes that we can’t get enough of sure make us sit up and take notice!

Ah have a confession to make. More often than not, these romance books get me all hot and bothered if you know what ah mean. Hee-hee! Ah do love reading those kissing scenes!

But back to Miss Colleen. The dear lady has the second book of her new Lonestar trilogy out. It’s called Lonestar Secrets. Ah know you’re dying to hear all about it.

Get off your behinds and head over to the Junction on Wednesday.

You’ll have a good time or my name’s not Felicia Filly!

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