Texas Hash! A Bylin Family Favorite

Vicki LogoHello everyone!  This is one of my husband’s favorite meals.  It’s one of mine, too. 

 You won’t find an easier stovetop recipe, and it can be as spicy as you want.  It also keeps well in the fridge, so you can make enough for leftovers.


1 lb. ground beef

1 medium onion

1 green pepper

2-3 stalks of celery

1-2 tsps chili powder

1 can stewed tomatoes

1 cup cooked rice

A tad bit of salt if you’d like


Start the rice. (I can’t tell you how times I’ve forgotten to cook the rice!)   Next dice the  onion, green pepper and celery.  Saute in a large frying pan in 1 tablespoon oil.  Cook until the veggies are just a tad bit soft.  Add the ground beef.  Cook until browned.  Drain the grease. Add the chili powder and stewed tomatoes.  Cook for about five minutes.  Add the cooked rice. Add salt to taste.

Options: Some people sprinkle it with grated cheddar cheese. It’s good, but we like it plain.  If you like your food spicy, add more chili powder. My  stepdad (a Texan!) likes his T-Hash burning hot! Texas Hash also makes a good burrito filling.

That’s it!  Enjoy!

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19 thoughts on “Texas Hash! A Bylin Family Favorite”

  1. Thanks, Melinda! I’ll be looking for the interview. I hope you enjoy the Texas Hash. We’re still living on Subway and frozen things. This will be one of the first meals I cook when we get settled.

  2. Vicki, this is so amazingly easy and sound really delicious. Even I could probably fix it. I love when we do this because I get lots of new ideas for things to fix. I tend to get in a rut and fix the same things over and over every week. Sure gets boring. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  3. Sounds delish, Vicki. I can’t wait to try it. One of my favorite cookbooks is “Six Ingredients or Less” and this almost fits that bill. (Not a top chef, me.) oxoxoxo

  4. Hi Pam, Using T-Hash for burrito filling was my mom’s idea. It’s something different and a nice alternative to the spicier fillings.

    Hello Cheryl! There’s nothing like a home-grown tomato. I grew up thinking I didn’t like tomatoes at all. Then a friend gave me some from her garden. They’re awesome!

  5. Hello Linda, Not only is it easy, it keeps well in the fridge. I usually get two meals out of it.

    Hi Tanya, I haven’t heard of that cookbook, but it would be up my alley. I lean toward simple recipes with a familiar flavors. If I have to buy a new spice, I’m befuddled. I keep the basics–basil, oregano, garlic, onion powder, ginger, and a few others.

  6. Howdy Charlene! I like simple recipes, too. I have a stack of old recipe cards from my great aunt. Those recipes were amazingly complicated. It must have taken 3 hours to cook dinner.

  7. Easy and good, what more could we ask for. My family will love it. They of course will want the cheese on top.

  8. Hello Pat, I like the rice, too. When I’m in the mood for extra healthy, I use brown rice instead of white. I’ve also been known to mix red, yellow and green peppers instead of just green. It looks super festive!

    Hi Patricia, “Easy” is my favorite kind of cooking. Unless it’s Thanksgiving . . . that’s a production!

  9. Hey thanks, Vicki. Our friend recently butchered a steer and we bought a box of ground beef off them. The butcher wrapped them in 2# pkgs so it’s a convenient size and now I’m looking for recipes. I remember making Porcupine Meatballs in Home Ec but don’t have time for them these days. This sounds like a great alternative. Thanks again.

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