Cheryl St.John: Cover Magic

cheryl_stjohn_logo.jpgI got lucky last night. Every so often in anticipation of a new release I google the title in hopes of seeing the cover. Last night I found Her Colorado Man on amazon. I’m in love. Again. I didn’t think they could match Her Montana Man for favorite covers of all time, but this is right up there.


When I was asked to title this book, marketing wanted a title that screamed western. Now this cover doesn’t scream western to me, but that’s okay, because it so perfectly captures the story. This shows an evening scene during the National Mining and Industrial Exposition of 1882 in Denver, Colorado. My heroine, Mariah Spangler fills a man’s shoes at her family’s brewery, and this is her first experience dressing up and presenting herself as a lady. This is also the night Wes Burrows proposes they make their marriage real.



Thank you God, he has a face! I am not fond of the covers that cut off heads. I spend all my time looking at it, wondering what in the world the person looks like. I’ve probably had about an equal number of heroine-only or hero-only covers, less hats and flowers, and a bigger share of couples. This couple is perfect. Does he look as though he came all the way from the Yukon to be her make-believe husband?


The story itself was a couple of years in the making. When I get an idea, it’s a snippet. A glimmer of something that excites me. Here my idea was that a man in Alaska would get letters from a young boy and come to the states, pretending to be the father the boy yearned for. Making this idea believable took several tries and many versions of the plot before I finally had all characters motivated enough to pull it off. Mariah has allowed her entire family and the town of Ruby Creek to believe she has a husband off in the gold fields, so when this husband shows up, she is trapped into going along with the charade. 


stjohn.jpgThe rest was magic. I love it when that happens. I always figure the more impossible a plot sounds while I’m planning it, the more beautifully it will work once I make it possible. I’m working on another one like that right now.


Her Colorado Man will be a Rhapsody book club release in hardcover at the end of November, the same time it’s released in paperback. Can’t wait to have one of those in my hands!

So, what do you think?

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34 thoughts on “Cheryl St.John: Cover Magic”

  1. WOW Cheryl! I am loving that cover, definately would make me want to pick it up-even without reading what it’s about! LOL

    It looks…authentic and sincere-not fake…if that makes any sense!?!?

  2. Oh yea, he can be my make-believe hubby anytime. Lord, staring at that for five minutes makes me want to pull out the dvd of showboat and hear Howard Keel sing Only Make Believe.

  3. Ooooh! I can’t wait!! I love the cover too. I agree, I hate it when you all get to see on the cover is part of the main couple/characters. It’s a letdown.

  4. Cheryl, you’ve been blessed by the cover Gods! I love it! I’m sooooo looking forward to its release. And what a thrill to have it come out in the Rhapsody Book Club. Now I can get in hardcover which is easier on my poor vision since the words are larger. Yay!

    All I have to say is keep the stories coming!

  5. Cover looks great but I always like what is written inside the most. But you can tell a book by it’s cover. LOL


  6. I like the cover. I am with you-I don’t like the covers without the person’s face on it. Helps me to “see” a character since I don’t have a very vivid imagination. When I read a story set in the Scottish Highlands, the heroes always look like Sean Connery.
    I have added this one to my TBR list.

  7. Oh CHeryl, the cover is to die-for, and hardcover yet? Whew. Although…I kinda like faceless covers. That way I can do the imagining. Every once in a while, I read a book and the faces don’t match somehow, and I end up with “what were they thinking?

    But you’ve got perfect book cover, so go celebrate! oxoxoxoxo

  8. I do like your cover but that’s because you got someone that really appeals to me. I tend to like the heads cut off because then I can imagine someone I like. There have been some covers where I just haven’t related with the hero’s looks. (and I really hate it when they get the hair wrong lol).

  9. What a lovely, touching cover! And the bit of the
    story you shared has definitely gotten my attention.
    Congratulations on a great cover!

    Pat Cochran

  10. Oh I love the cover Cheryl, its a real eye catcher! The story line sounds awesome and I can’t wait to read it.

  11. Thanks, guys! I had a great day at a huge rummage sale that benefits a smalltown hospital. They hold it at the fairgrounds and the barns are packed full of goodies. I spent most of my moolah in the linen barn this time. I got lovely old crocheted potholders and embroidered dishtowels and tablecloths and….

    Have to support the hospital, you know. LOL

    Glad everyone agrees with me about the gorgeous cover. Can’t wait to hold one in my hands.

  12. Love the cover. As far as the plot line, its great. I like those type of stories which really are a little far fetched but work just fine.
    Colorado is a magical place. I loved it when we lived there and would go back in a minute.
    Good luck with the book’s release.

  13. Not only a face, but a face with a bit of a Richard Gere vibe to it. Very Nice~ And it’s nice to know there will be a new Cheryl St. John book coming out soon. And also – it strikes me as odd that Amazon would have the cover up before you, the author has seen it 🙂

  14. Love the cover! I think I know that handsome man…no…wait I think I saw that man ……last night in my dreams. Can hardly wait to read it.

  15. What a handsome looking couple! Can’t wait to read the book! It is nice to picture what the heroine and hero look like so as you are reading the story you can flip to the front and imagine them in the story!

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