Stacey Kayne’s Favorite Cowboy Pics

Between blogging and book inspiration I’m always coming across all kinds of cowboy pictures. If something strikes me, I’ll tuck it away in my cyber file. Sometimes I use in blogs, or for cover inspiration–every once in a while a picture will fit a character that’s been bumping around in my mind.  Sometimes the right picture can inspire a character.  I do love a pictures that asks questions.  While picking through my picture file, I figured it would be fun to share some of my favorites, and the thoughts or twinges that make the pic a keeper.


This one is at the top of my list–the ultimate cowboy mailbox.  Saddle height 🙂   Reminds me of a time when nothing was wasted, and those sturdy containers were recycled as old-time Tupperware.


This one is called Christ and the Cowboy by Kenneth Wyatt — I found it while looking for a graphic for our Inspirational authors. This is a make-me-smile pic, gives me a sense of calm.  It’s also the cover his book containing poems and paintings


I love this image–check out those leather cuffs!  The bullets, the detail, just love this kind of imagery.  Sorta makes ya think villain, don’t it?   Or…maybe not 🙂


This is where my Western Muse lives.  These images are just the kind of visuals that can send my mind spinning into a book, weaving all kinds of scenarios.


Makes me think of a cowboy’s solitary life on the trail, and the dangers he’ll face along the way.  While he’s watching over his herd, he’s hoping he is being watched over as well 😉


Okay, how CUTE is this lil’ cowboy???  Wish I knew where I nabbed this one.


This?  Pure classic.  Doesn’t get better than John Wayne. Saddle, rifle, trusty cow dog–what more does a real cowboy need?  Well, a heroine of course 😉


This one here isn’t a cowboy pic, but it’s a favorite and sure makes me ask questions—tickles the mind, don’t it?

So what do ya think if my collection?  Have a favorite?  Share your thoughts and be entered to win a signed copy of MOUNTAIN WILD!

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52 thoughts on “Stacey Kayne’s Favorite Cowboy Pics”

  1. They are all great pictures. I like the mountain one because I used to live in Colorado. But I also like the little cowboy. He’s adorable. I have always liked western art. I have a small collection of indian statues that I really enjoy. You need to go to the musuem in Oklahoma City. They have some great stuff according to my sister in law who lives there. Also the Will Rogers museum has some great stuff. I haven’t been there in years. I think it’s close to Claremore Oklahoma. You might want to check that, my memory might be faulty.

  2. Love these, Stacey–partly because of their realism. They look like real cowboys, not the cute cowboy hunks we all love (but which are probably NY models).
    And that last photo?? Is that the Queen or just her look-alike??
    Your new book is gorgeous. You have amazing cover karma.

  3. They are all wonderful pictures. The two I like the best are of the solitary cowboy with horse looking out over the herd. The second one is the boy with his dog. It is just too cute. All of the pictures could be hung anywhere. They all tell a story. Have a great day.

  4. I love them all, but my favorite: the cowboy praying, hunkered down watching over his herd, and whose beloved horse watches over him. Oh man. Makes my throat tighten just a little.

    There’s a cowboy/horse painting I love — hanging in a Burger King, of all places — where a cowboy and his horse have paused for a break. The cowboy is holding out half an apple to the horse, while holding the other half behind his back. The painter conveyed such love between them that I’d lose myself in it, basking in the “goodness” of it as I waited for my Whopper and fries …

  5. Hi Stacey,
    I like the art of Bev Dolittle and one of my particular favorites is the one that is practically all black (its night) and a cowboy at his firepit down in one corner of the painting. It shows how dark it is beyond the fire and conveys a bit of how alone and vulnerable the man is and yet how he must have an inner core of strength to live that kind of life. (At least that’s what it says to me, lol.) Thanks for sharing the pictures. I liked the cowboy with the Bible best.

  6. Stacey,

    What beautiful pictures. I have to say that my favorite one is the one with the mountains. It seems so sacred.

    Thanks for sharing and I would like to do an interview on you. My goal is to do all the fillies. So please email me

    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend

    Walk in peace and harmony,


  7. Great pics, Stacey! The first one is my favorite too. Makes me wonder who the mail is from. Really nice. And the one with the little boy and his dog is so cute! I’d love to hug him.

    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  8. Love the picture’s Stacy. I love the littlest cowboy with that can sticking out of his back pocket, so cute. Where did you find all of these they are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I enjoyed seeing the pictures, Stacey. The pictures just reinforce what a tough life a cowboy had. These men had to have internal and external strength in order to survive.

  10. They’re all great pics and they all say something. If I had to pick though – the one with the mountain background – so peaceful and the colors are beautiful. Oh, and who can resist the littlest cowboy to be with his dog.

  11. Love the pics!!! My fav is the little cowboy and the dog! 😀
    I was lucky enough to already win a copy of MOUNTAIN WILD from you, so do not enter me!
    I jumped right in and Loved it!!! It is a terrific read and I enjoyed the way your characters came to life in the pages!

  12. I love that little boy one,how cute! of course you cant beat any John Wayne,but my favorite is Tom Selleck in his western dirty duds,oh my ,im getting the vapors!!!lol

  13. Thanks for the pictures, love the youngster and his
    pal! The John Wayne picture lacks one thing more
    than a heroine – the horse to go with the saddle!
    LOL!! Amen, Vickie, on Tom Selleck, whether in
    dirty duds or Hawaiian gear!

    Pat Cochran

  14. Hey, Stacey! I’m with Elizabeth wondering if that last picture is of the Queen. How funny! As for the rest, I love them all. Too hard to pick just one favorite. They do all tell a story and fantastic.

    And I agree, Tom Selleck is drool worthy in his western duds, but then you can’t forget Clint Eastwood. I loved Clint in Pale Rider!

  15. Afternoon all!

    Linda, I too love western art, statues and paintings. Chris Owen is a favorite of mine. Thanks for the great info!

    Hi Elizabeth–you know, I guest that whole “realism” thing is what draws me to them. LOL about the queen–noticed that euro car, huh? 🙂 The pic was called Gun Toting Granny 😀

  16. Hi Roberta! Yup–it’s the story that grabs my interest. Thanks for posting!

    Hi WanadaSue, oooh, that picture sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing! Sure wish they had that one in ALL the Burger Kings–no such luck around here 😉

  17. Hi Melinda! Yeah, that mountain pic makes me sigh. A kind of Utopia in my mind 🙂 I’d be glad to be interviewed–thanks for asking!

    Hi Linda! They make me smile 🙂 Happy Labor Day Weekend Wishes to you too!!

  18. Hi Quilt Lady! I’ve just accumulated them over the years while looking for blog pics and some visual inspiration of some sort. Sure wish I could say these were all on my walls *g* Some day 😉 Glad you enjoyed them!

  19. You said it Cheryl! To quote Garth “…the bulls and the blood, the dust and the mud…” Rodeo is just a glimpse of a tough life–shoot, even rodeo cowboys take a beating and usually only for the sheer love of the sport. Thanks for sharing!!

  20. LOL, Vicki! Yeah, Tom looks might fine in his cowboy gear. If we’re taking fave Hollywood cowboy heartthrob, mine is Sam Elliott…vapors indeed 😉 He’s the only actor to inspire one of my heroes, Jed in BRIDE OF SHADOW CANYON. Too bad my editor made me shave his mustache *lol*

  21. Too funny, Pat! Guess I figured John Wayne was tough enough to just carry his saddle *g*—but you’re right, he looks in need of a horse *g* Or maybe he just finished handing out justice and is on his way in to see the little woman 🙂

  22. Same here, Nicole! I have a thing for cowboys that are loyal to their dogs 😉 It was great fun watching Garret and his dog Boots in all three Wild books. Cowdogs and cowboys fascinate me *g*

  23. It was tough to only post those, Sherry *g* I love western art. Love art in general, unfortunately I have no real talent for it–unless you count snapping and painting pictures with words 😉

    Maybe I should share my HUNKY cowboy pics next? 😀

  24. Stacey
    Love the pictures! My favorite one is the one with the man wearing the leather cuffs—-I would LOVE for an author to write about a sexy gunslinging hero wearing those and I can’t think of a better one than you to do it 😉

    Love the last one..that’s a really funny picture of the granny holding that gun!! LOL

    I already own a copy of MOUNTAIN WILD, btw-but wouldnt complain about having a signed copy 😉

  25. oh-and, I for one will not complain if you share your HUNKY cowboy pictures next time! LOL

    p.s. my original comment says its awaiting moderation for some strange reason! 🙂

  26. Loving all the pictures but the one of the cowboy and his bible tugged at my heart. I forget to pack my bible when I travel sometimes and here he is sitting in the wide open with his. Think I shall pick up one to leave in my duffle bag so that I always have one with me…even camping.

  27. Great pics. I can’t choose between the cowboy watching over his herd while his horse watches him, and the cute little cowby, and the one with the mountains. All amazing. Thanks for posting them.

  28. I enjoyed all the pictures, but of course, I have to say the one of the cowboy reading was my favorite.

    Thanks for sharing some of your favorites!

  29. the one with the mountain background and the one of the lil cowboy and his dog are awesome. I love them. Great collection of pictures and please enter me.


  30. I love them all, but my favorite is the two cowboys at the campfire in the mountains. That little boy and his puppy is just too cute.
    Is that the Queen of England with the gun and silencer? Sure looks like her.

  31. Nice collection. I have to go with the picture of the ‘lil cowboy. Too cute! I do wonder about that ‘ol lady though. What’s up with that? lol


  32. LOL!! Sorry Melissa, you seem to share my love affair with our spam filter. It’s always fondling my replies and I have to go untangle them 😉

    Aren’t those cuffs GREAT?! I think I’m due for a bad-boy hero *g*

    Don’t ya just love the packing granny? 😀

  33. Me too, Patricia 🙂 Ya know, I honestly never noticed she looked like the queen *lol*

    Hi Deidre! I’m thinking European hit-women don’t have a great retirement plan??? 😉

  34. Hey Howdy Miss Stacey…just wanted to drop a quick note to ya… a friend of mine ran accross your site and forwarded it to me… said I needed to take a gander at it cause my picture was here… well sure enough, there I am!… The Badman with the leather Bullet Cuffs. I’m flattered to have made your “Favorites” list.

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