Vicki’s Drawing: The Winner is . . .


Congratulations to Laney4!!!


You’ve won a title from my backlist.  Your choices are Midnight Marriage or Stay for Christmas.  Or if you’d prefer, I’d be glad to send a Love Inspired Historical. 


 If you’ll email me at, I’ll get the book in the mail. Enjoy!  

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5 thoughts on “Vicki’s Drawing: The Winner is . . .”

  1. Whee haw! Thanks so much! I just sent you my snail addy and will watch my mailbox in anticipation of a “good read”. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for all the congratulatory comments. They give me a nice warm fuzzy feelin’….

    Thanks, Victoria. I’ll watch for it with eager anticipation. (My mailman gives me “grief” every time he delivers a book. I’ll have to tell him about this one coming in the next couple of weeks, ha ha. He thinks it’s bad enough when I PAY for a book, but when it is FREE, well … you’d think it was a crime!)

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