Make Welcome Lyn Messersmith & Jeanmarie Hamilton

The Fillies have two very special guests this weekend….Lyn Messersmith on Saturday and Jeanmarie Hamilton on Sunday.

Lyn Messersmith is a third-generation Nebraskan rancher, writer, and poet. She’s going to give us the low-down on branding and shares some of the poetry she’s written. Pretty amazing. You don’t get a first-hand account of ranching life every day of the week. She’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about ranching. Ain’t she a pretty little thing?

Jeanmarie Hamilton is doing a blog tour and will stop in Wildflower Junction to tell about a new anthology she’s written with five other very talented ladies. It’s called Northern Roses and Southern Belles. Looks like a real good collection of stories. While Jeanmarie is here, she’ll talk about writing her story and share some tidbits about her great grandparents.

northernrosesandsouthernbellesAh know you’ll want to drop everything and get over here.

We’ll save you a seat!

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