Michael Jackson~Dead at 50

Michael Jackson died.
Yeah, I know, you all heard.
He’s just a few years younger than I am. I listened to the television go on and on about all the awards he won, all the albums, all the sales, and all the oddities in his later years.
Look how little he is in that picture above, already part of a musical act. Can he possibly be five years old in this picture?

It’s not important how I feel about this. No one ought to care what I think. But look at him in that picture above. He’s a beautiful child. And I watched the video of him singing when he’s just a little boy, then later doing the moonwalk and the way he’d spin. Singing of course, but creating too.

You can tell from this album that he’s had some surgery already. His nose is thinner but he’s still an extremely good looking guy. Through all the madness with the charges of abuse of children, through the strange acquisition of his children, the rumors that the mother of those children more or less sold them to him. Through the Neverland Ranch and the exotic animals and the financial garbage we’d hear…maybe true, maybe not. I mostly just viewed him as the oddest of the oddball Hollywood types.

But when he was going through that last trial about abusing that little boy, yes, I was sickened. Whether it was true or not, I was disgusted that he didn’t grow up and figure out he shouldn’t be having slumber parties with little boys.

I mostly believed that something bad probably was going on. A sane man would have stopped if he could. The price for continuing it was too high. Which leaves us with a man who couldn’t.

But when I’d see him looking so awful, coming to court with pajama pants on, white skin, why is his skin white? Sometimes I’d remember that beautiful little boy. That amazingly talented young man. In ruins. And it made me sad.

What happens to a boy that he wants to cut his face off?

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13 thoughts on “Michael Jackson~Dead at 50”

  1. I still have a couple Jackson Five albums from days of yore! How my kids (and I) loved Thriller. He was a charming child and an incredible singer and dancer. No equal to the way he moved. I don’t understand the self-mutilation or the horrific accusations against him.

    I actually had a pic of him in the tuxedo jacket and jammies that I almost used in my recent tuxedo blog!

    It’s tragic to die so young, especially now that his physician seems to have had a part in it. Whether accidental or not, Michael truested him. I also feel bad for the people of Los Angeles, so inconvenienced during his gigantic funeral with closed freeways and roads on a workday, and now stuck with the tax bill re: on-call police, firefighters, extra security.

    On the response cards for her wedding, Christi added a line for “song request.” Days before his death, we got many requests for his music, e.g. Thriller, Beat It, PYT! He is (was?) a classic

    Thanks for the interesting post, Mary. oxoxoxo

  2. Hi Mary – Living in LA, we were always inundated with Michael Jackson lore. He went to school not far from where I live and there were lots of Michael Jackson sightings in the early days. My kids grew up listening to his music and for that, he brought us great joy.

    Forgetting that he was multi-talented and surrounded by controversy most of the time, I’m saddened for him, the man. He lost his life due to his fame. He’s an icon, in his own odd way.

  3. Mary, I totally agree. It’s really sad. I’ve heard that his father was the blame for his obsession with his face. Reportedly, Joe Jackson constantly criticized the way he looked and especially his nose. It’s all just so tragic. I really loved his music in the time before he got so weird.

  4. I recently read a book called Tribute about the adult daughter of a child actress who’d died too young.

    The adult daughter ‘talked’ to her ghost mother through out and one thing struck me. The ghost mother said, “I was already a drug addict when I was seven though I didn’t know it.”

    The people managing her gave her drugs to get her up to act. What seven year old is able to behave and work to order. Think of the out of control elementary aged boys and girls you know. Teachers making them run if at all possible at recess to burn off that excess energy so they could sit still.
    Think of your own children who get tired and fed up while you’re shopping and just lose it and start screaming or fussing and acting up. They’re bored, and they’re children.
    What if you HAVE to behave. Have to perform on command. No child could stick with it. I wonder just how many child performers are drugged.

    I seriously think it should be completely against the law for children to be performing, and yes, I know, there goes the Cosby Show and the Harry Potter movies, we’d all die if we didn’t have those.

    But Britney Spears? Michael Jackson? River Pheonix? Lindsay Lohan? Judy Garland? Tatum O’Neal? MacCauley Culkin?

    These are the famous ones. How many that were striving for fame got eaten up by it?
    Heath Ledger started acting young. I know many do okay. The Osmonds. Ron Howard.
    But what price are we willing to pay to be entertained by the antics of children?

  5. The price is too high, Mary. One of my favorite movies is The Parent Trap with Dennis Quaid and Lindsay Lohan. She was too adorable. And look what she has become. More and more, I’m glad me and mine are normal and boring LOL, unfamous and unrich.

  6. Even though I am not a fan of MJ, I agree he was much cuter before he messed with his face. He also had great talent.

    His death reminds me of Elvis’ death also from an overdose. He tried to drug himself thin and that just doesn’t work either.

    A couple of childhood stars that went on to make it big without the help of drugs are Melissa Gilbert and Ron Howard. So being a child star doesn’t have to mean ending up a OD statistic.

  7. Hi Mary – I have to agree with your comments! I will prefer to remember him in his younger years. A talented man but something wasn’t right. Martha

  8. MJ was an extremely talented person. His childhood was stolen and I don’t think he ever really got over that and grew up. The way he kept his children away from the public zoo that surrounded him is probably an indication of how much he wanted to prevent them from suffering the same fate. Many of his actions were a cry for help which he never got. Those surrounding him are responsible for not helping or allowing him to get it. Watching his videos, you see the breadth of his talents. It is a shame that his legacy will be tarnished, but as Tracy Garrett said, at least now he is at peace.

  9. I remember someone saying about Richard Burton that he was possibly the most talented actor who ever lived, up there with the greats anyway.

    but his alcoholism caused him so much trouble he could never fully realize his talent….

    ….. but ………..
    ….ultimately being an alcoholic amounted to the same thing as a lack of talent. For whatever reason he couldn’t produce.

    I suppose that’s Michael Jackson, too. His personal demons, where ever they stemmed from amounted to the same drawback that a lack of talent would have.

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