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seneca-surrender-12horseheader11.jpgGood Morning!

Well, I thought I’d take a break from the more serious posts that I’ve been doing lately and talk about something that’s rather soothing to the mind.   Besides. it’s fun!  I just got copy of my new cover for the book that’s due to be released in March of 2010 — and it’s a honey, and here it is: 

Isn’t it beautiful?  This is Nathan Kamp for any of you who are wondering or don’t know.  He’s been in retirement apparently for two years, but he did come out of retirement to pose for this cover.   One thing I didn’t know about Nathan is that he has Cherokee heritage, as well as Swedish.  Did you know that?  Nathan must be one of the most handsome men in America.  Notice also the waterfall in the background.  That plays a large role in this new book.  Also, note the name change on this book — Gen Bailey is a new writing name for me

So I thought, while we’re at it, that I might also show an assortment of my other covers, also.   Here is the cover for my current book that’s out, BLACK EAGLE.  51obnqdgasl_sl500_aa240_1Another stunning cover.  I don’t know the model’s name for this cover, but I think I should probably try to find out.  He’s beautiful, isn’t he? Also, I want to make a note for the artist who painted this picture also and for the art department staff at Berkley, who put the whole thing together.  It is quite beautiful, I think.

red_hawk_s_woman1.jpgHere’s another one that’s absolutely stunning — this cover for RED HAWK’S LADY.  Notice the mist inthe background.  This plays a large part in that book.  I’m not certain of this, but I believe that this is Nathan Kamp yet again.  Very beautiful.  Very handsome.  RED HAWK’S WOMAN was an interesting book for me if only because it gave me the opportunitiy to research archaeology.  To this day I have about 10 books of archaeology on my library shelves…some more difficult to understand than others.   But look at the abs on this man.  Wow.  I’m an exerciser and I certainly admire a man who takes the time to work to obtain these kinds of abs and this kind of look. 

lastwarrior.jpgHere’s another one that’s absolutely stunning.  THE LAST WARRIOR.  Again, I’m in the dark as to the model of this book, but I do believe that it might again be Nathan.  Do any of you know?  This book, THE LAST WARRIOR, BLACK EAGLE, and THE PRINCESS AND THE WOLF, are the three books of mine that are still in print.  princeswolf1Here’s a picture of that cover.  I used to know the name of this particular model, but his name really escapes me right now.  Hopefully, I’ll remember before I end this post.  THE PRINCESS AND THE WOLF was another book that was fun to write because it encompassed two different continents, as does THE LAST WARRIOR.  THE PRINCESS AND THE WOLF was an AVON/Harpercollins cover,by the way.  The rest so far, have been Berkley.   But there are a few other covers that I love too.  And I certainly hpe that you’ll bear with me as I travel down memory lane here.

spirit20of20the20wolf-sm1Here’s another one of those beautiful covers from Berkley.  This one actually has the heroine in it, also.  This is another one of my most favorite covers.  I love the colors, I love the scenery and I love the aesthetics of the coupe.  The horse in this picture also figures prominently in this particular story also.  Again, I don’t know the artist, but I should.  It is stunningly beautiful, I think.  Okay, now here’s another:the20angel20and20the20warrior-sm-2001  This was the first cover that I did with Berkley.  Does anyone know this model?  I thought that it might be John D’Salvo.  If anyone knows, please tell me.  It’s another gorgeous cover, with beautiful colors and a handsome, handsome man.

So while I’m at it, I’ll show you a few of my other covers.  All of them attest to the artistry of the art departments at these publishing companies.  lscover11.jpg

LAKOTA SURRENDER was the first cover I ever had.  Way back in 1994.  The model is John D’Salvo and Cindy Guyer.  I was very pleasantly surprised by this cover.   I thought it was probably the most beautiful cover I’d ever seen.  I still love it.


Here’s another:  whiteeagle11.jpgWHITE EAGLE’S TOUCH was my 5th book for AVON.  It was one of my best selling books.  And it is still one of those books that I love and adore.  Gosh, I have to remember this fellow’s name, cause he was on quite a few of my covers, but this one I loved.  I still remember the first time I saw it.  I thought it was one of the most gorgeous covers I’d ever seen.  Here’s another:

soaringeagle1.jpgI finally remembered this terrifically handsome man’s name.  It is Joseph Anselmo.  SOARING EAGLE’S EMBRACE was my 10th book for AVON/HarperCollins.  I loved this cover, too.   SOARING EAGLE’S EMBRACE was another opportunity for me also.  With this book I learned a bit of history and technology (early technology) of photography — because my heroine was a photographer.  Okay, now here’s another interesting cover:nightthundersm1  At the time this book came out, I was very much involved with a literacy project on the Blackfeet reservation.  At that time, there was a man on the reservation who looked exactly like this cover.  At a pow-wow there, a friend of mine, Patricia, introduced me to this man’s double, there on the rez.  Handsome!

And then there’s this utterly charming and utterlyl gorgeous cover:  ghlcover11  GRAY HAWK’S LADY.  My 4th book for AVON.  This is the book I was writing when I first met my husband, Paul.  This book remains a favorite of mine because it was during the writing of this book that I not only met my husband, but we were also married.  In this book is my reaction to our first kiss.  It literally left me breathless.  It certainly made me sit up and take notice, and within a few short months after that kiss, we were married.  : )  Note again the stunning colors in this book.  This is also the book that I was promoting at the time when I met and toured with the late, Nancy Richards-Akers.  And so this book remains to this day one of my favorites.   The model, by the way, is John D’Salvo.


This was the cover for my second book for AVON and my second book published.  Again, notice the colors and the rich texture of the artistry.  This is another one of those books that spanned two different continents.  As a matter of fact, this books takes place almost entirely in England — and yes, it is definitely an Historical Indian Romance.  The model here, I believe, is Joseph Anselmo.

Okay, so here are the remaining covers,one at a time:

lonearrow1pwwcover11wolfshadowsm1These covers are respectively, Lone Arrow’s Pride, with model Joseph Anselmo.  The Proud Wolf’s Woman (My image1713rd book) with John D’Salvo as the model.  Above and to the left is War Cloud’s Passion with model Joseph Anselmo and over tof the right here is Wolf Shadow’s Promise, also with model Joseph Anselmo.

As you can see I have been blessed with one beautiful cover after another.  I’m really excited about the new cover — so excited I had to share all my covers with you.  But here’s one that never made it to the cover of a book:lsurr-11  This is me with cover model John D’Salvo in I believe it was 1994 or 1995.  Wow, that seems a long time ago now.  So much has changed — not only in my own life, but also the very environment in which we live.

Well, there you go.  Once again, I’ll be giving away a copy of one of my books to one of the readers who leaves a comment on this blog today.  Applies to the several united States only.

So what do you think?  Which of these is your favorite cover?  And why?  I also have a picture of John and I dancing — at the same function — I believe it was an RT convention — my first ever.

I’d love to hear from you.  So come on in and let’s chat.

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KAREN KAY aka GEN BAILEY is the multi-published author of American Indian Historical Romances. She has written for such prestigious publishers as AVON/HarperCollins, Berkley/Penguin/Putnam and Samhain Publishing. KAREN KAY’S great grandmother was Choctaw Indian and Kay is honored to be able to write about the American Indian Culture.
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42 thoughts on “Karen Kay/Gen Bailey on Romantic Covers!”

  1. WOW-LOVE the book covers!!! I have to say that your newest one -SENECA SURRENDER has my favorite cover out of all of these!!!!!! LOVE him!

  2. Omigosh. Be still my heart! LOVE your covers, Kay, especially the new one. What a bunch of gorgeous men.
    I was lucky enough tohave just one John DiSalvo cover. He probably sold a lot of copies for me.
    Congratulations on the beautiful new book!

  3. Hi!
    Call me strange, but I like to see the woman on the cover too. To that end, I like the clarity/crispness of the cover of “Proud Wolf’s Woman”.
    If I had to choose one with just the guy on the cover, then I agree with those above: the latest cover is THE one!
    Will you ever have a cover where the guy is wearing a shirt (even opened)?
    Congrats on your continued success!

  4. Hi Kay,
    You have been blessed with gorgeous covers. I think they are all beautiful! But your newest cover is really exciting. I love the details, the hero is mucho handsome and appealing and the colors all work, and the waterfall is so romantic, in the background.

    It really neat that you met John. He did my first cover ever which was about a rancher! And then he did my cover about a half-breed called Chase Wheeler’s Woman. But I never had the chance to meet him.

    Best of luck with your new book!! I’m excited for you.

  5. Yes, I did meet John once — actually I met him two different times. And each time I was impressed with how kind he is.

    Thanks for all your comments. 🙂

  6. Hello Karen,

    OK, it took me a few minutes to decide on my choice of cover. I had to choose two. First, Proud Wolf’s Woman for the way he is holding her. It just seems so loving. Second, Seneca Surrender is just beautiful. The way he is standing you know he can sweep you off your feet. Plus with the waterfall, I just want to jump into the picture with him. Have a great day.

  7. Hi Karen! You do have some great covers (and some nice abs showing)! I think I like Black Eagle best because I love the colors behind him! Seneca Surrender is lovely too! How neat that you got to meet the cover model back then! Nice photo of you both! Martha

  8. Hi Roberta!

    Your post made me smile. 🙂 I kinda want to jump in that picture, too. I also like the way he is holding her in Proud Wolf’s Woman. Thanks for your thoughts.

  9. Karen I like all the covers but I have to say the newest looks very hot and beautiful all at the same time. I think you have been blessed to have such nice covers. Your next book should be on you and John. LOL

  10. Good Morning, Martha!

    I, too, love the cover of BLACK EAGLE. One of the things that I like most about it is that he does look like he could have lived at that time period. And the colors are so intense, it’s just beautiful.

    But I also like the waterfall — and the fact that it plays so predominately in the story, makes it engaging. And there’s no denying that Nathan makes that cover come alive. It does look as though he would come to one’s rescue, doesn’t it?

    Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

  11. Karen,

    Wow!!!! Love your new cover. Nathan just pops right out at you. That green background is gorgeous. And Nathan is to die for! He’s quite a hunk. Don’t know if anyone has a more beautiful body than he does. *sigh* He’ll sure help you sell your books. I’m already salivating. I thought I knew a lot about the man since he’s also on the covers of our two anthologies, but I didn’t know he was of Cherokee heritage. Maybe that’s why he looks as if he stepped into the part on your covers. Again, WOW!

    You asked if anyone knew if he’s the model on The Last Warrior. Yes, he is. That’s definitely him. I think I saw that on a website that’s devoted to nothing but Nathan Kamp covers. One thing for certain you’ve really been blessed by the cover Gods. Every one has been more magnificent than the last.

  12. Wow you have been lucky with the covers! I have to admit SENECA SURRENDER is my fav! What a cover!!! 😀

  13. Hi Kay. be still my heart. What a terrific collection of, not just covers, but stories! The new cover totally rocks as I love stand-alone cover guys, but I think Lakota Surrender is my favorite. Sigh.


  14. Hi Linda!

    Thanks so much for you info and for your compliments on the covers. I wish I could take credit for them, but I can’t. It’s the fabulous art departments at the publishing houses that are the unsung heros. 🙂

  15. I like the Wolf Shadow’s Promise cover best because I think some of the other covers make it seem as if the women are subservient or conquered by the male. Oh well, I guess I am being picky. There are some that are colorful with beautiful sunsets and the men look sexy.
    I really like the insides better than the outsides. I enjoy reading your books.

  16. Hi Karen,

    For me, the new one sets my heart to flip-flopping. Great color, beautiful setting, a hint of intrigue. I understand completely about cover models–the model of mine (right beneath your blog) so intrigued my bachelor cousin that he asked me if I could get him her phone number! LOL!

    You know it’s a great book cover when . . .



  17. Hi Joye!

    What a wonderful thing to say. Thank you, Joye. I think you’ve made my day — which has been a little weird so far, I must say. So thank you.

    Yeah, I’m not much for the subservient women either — but the covers are still beautiful. Wolf Shadow’s Promise was also another book that did very well for me.

    Thanks again. 🙂

  18. Hi Tammy!

    You made me smile. I love it! What a terrific story for a cover. Yes, the new cover does make the heart flip-flop, doesn’t it?

  19. Wow (drool, drool) those are some studly looking covers! And these are my favorite kind of covers, with just the hero. And although it’s hard to chhose, The Last Warrior is especially eye catching to me.

    And I have to ask. How was it standing next to John? Did you get giddy, I would have?

  20. Hi Brenda!

    I almost missed your post, cause it was sandwiched in amongst my own posts. Thank you so much for the compliments. I, too, really love this new cover. 🙂

  21. Hi Jody!

    Yeah, I was a little giddy standing next to him. He is probably even more handsome in person than on the covers. He’s tall, dark and handsome. Whew!

    Thanks for your comments on the covers.

  22. Oh, they are all so wonderful!!!! But to narrow down to the one that caught my eye and kept going back to (lol) was the very last one with Joesph Anselmo – Wolf Shadow’s Promise. I really like the covers where the model has flowing hair (the body is a given)!!!

  23. Hi Jeanne!

    Yeah, I love that one, too. And interestingly enough, that book also did well for me. What I mean by that is sales. When you’re an author, sales mean a lot. 🙂 Thanks so much for your thoghts.

  24. It is a toss-up between Red Hawk’s Woman and The Last Warrior. I went through and realized all the covers I really, really liked, including your newest one, had the same model, Nathan Kamp. He is quietly handsome. No flamboyance, none needed. There is confidence and capable maturity in his face, especially on Seneca Surrender.
    Thanks for the walk down your memory lane.

  25. Hello Quilt Lady!

    Yes, I’m becoming more and more partial to it the more I look at it. And I think Patricia is right — Nathan has a confidence that just comes through — no flamboyancy — just quiet strength.

  26. Thanks Patricia! I really agree with you on Nathan — I hadn’t realized how much strength he brings to these covers — and I think the most recent cover — the one for SENECA SURRENDER — is particularly strong. I agree with your thoughts.

  27. Thanks for sharing your book covers! They are quite powerful!

    I have to say that The Princess and the Wolf has a very nice cover…very tender and sweet! And, as so many have said, the latest cover is quite beautiful, especially with the vivid greens and blues in the background!

  28. Hi Amber!

    Thanks for your wonderful thoughts. I really liked that cover for The Princess and the Wolf, also. But I, too, have to admit that I like this latest one best, I think.

    Have a wonderful evening.

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