Greetings From RWA in Washington DC!

momlogo3Greetings from the Wardman Marriott Hotel in Washington DC, the site of this year’s national conference for Romance Writers of America!  I’m thrilled to be here. Not only is it a great chance to hear industry news and attend writing workshops, I get to spend time with friends. You know that feeling when you sit down with a group of girlfriends you haven’t seen in a while? Everyone starts talking and there’s just not enough time to say everything that needs to be said. That’s what RWA is like for me.

The conference launched with the annual “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing. Since 1991, RWA has donated more than $600,000 to literacy charities. The totals aren’t in for this year, but the room was huge and it was packed.  Before it started, I snapped a shot of fellow Filly Tracy Garrett.  She’s signing copies of Touched by Love.




And here’s Pat Potter saying hi. You can’t see the Rita pins on her badge, but my mouth gaped.  Pat is so friendly and so talented . . . I confess! I’m in awe.



I’m also in awe of of those serendipity moments that are unique to RWA.  I had one of those happy coincidences the first time I stepped into the elevator. My roommate and I (here’s a shout-out to Sara Mitchell, my fellow LIH author) struck up a conversation with a writer wearing a pink “First Sale” ribbon.  “Who did you sell to?” I asked.caroline2

“Dorchester,” she answered. “I write western romance.”

Music to my ears!  Turns out I was talking to Caroline Fyffe. She’s set to blog at Petticoats and Pistols on August 6th.   

My next western-flavored coincidence is typical RWA. The literacy signing and is over and I’m in the elevator. (I seem to spend a lot of time in elevators!)  I look up and see a man I can’t quite place. Turns out he’s Leigh Greenwood (aka Harold Lowry).  I’m beginning to wonder if the hotel put all the western writers on the same floor!

The conference is just beginning.  Thursday’s schedule includes a breakfast with the Harlequin Historical writers. That’s the line where I started and I’m stoked to be catching up with old friends. On Thursday night, I’ll be getting together with new friends. The Love Inspired Historical authors will be gathering for dinner. Friday is all business. I’ll be meeting with my editor and my agent, and then attending a workshop by Donald Maass. 

I’ll post other serendipity moments in the Comments section.  At RWA, you never know who you’ll meet in an elevator. It could be me!




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13 thoughts on “Greetings From RWA in Washington DC!”

  1. Oh, Vicki! I’m sighing with longing that I could be there with you! San Francisco was so much fun last year–I want to relive it all again in DC!!

    Will be thinking of you all week long! Thanks for sending the pics–great job, btw!–keep them coming if you can!

    BIG WAVE to Pat and Tracy. Yee-haw!!!

  2. Hi Pam! I wish you were here too! The Harlequin Historical writers had breakfast this morning. It was *wonderful* to catch up with everyone. I’m off to hear Linda Howard in about an hour, then I’ll hunt up a workshop.

  3. Vicki, sounds like you’re having a blast. Sure wish I was there rubbing elbows with all the other writers and some aspiring ones. I’d love to meet our Filly sisters, Pat and Tracy. And you of course. Maybe one of these days. *sigh*

    Just enjoy yourself and keep looking for those surprises!

  4. Vicki thanks so much for finding time to send word out here to the RWA-less among us. I’ve never been to a national RWA conference and keep hoping it’ll work out.

  5. I am appreciative of all the authors who are taking
    the time to send back photos, accounts & personal descriptions of their time at the conference. It’s
    great for those of us who can’t attend!

    Pat Cochran

  6. Oh, Vicki, how I wish I was there! Thanks for the pix and the updates. And keep on shooting the bull with those western authors!

    oxoxoxoxox Hope you get to do a little bit of sightseeing.

  7. Hello All, I just got back from the Linda Howard Keynote lunch. Thoroughly enjoyed it and had another serendipity moment. The last time I made it to RWA was Atlanta in 2006. At both lunches, I ran into a friend who lives here in Virginia. Would you believe, completely out of the blue, we ended up at the same table AGAIN? This is three conference lunches with the same person all by happenstance.

    More later : )

  8. Thanks for the reminder, Vicki! I’ll be online
    Saturday evening to “see” the results!

    Pat Cochran

  9. You ladies all deserve to be there. It sounds like a wonderful experience. Hope those of you there have a wonderful time.

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