Beau L’Amour Gallops Into the Junction!

Beau L'Amour
Louis L'Amour


The Fillies are bursting with pure excitement these days and with good reason.

None other than Mr. Beau L’Amour (yes, son of the famed author Louis L’Amour) will gallop onto the streets of Wildflower Junction on Monday, July 20th!!

Bless my hide!

You’ll probably never get another chance to shoot the bull with the son of such a renowned author. You’ll find out what it was like growing up, the kind of father Louis was, and what Beau’s life is like now.

Let me tell you, this is a rare opportunity that you won’t want to miss. 

Hitch up your wagons, saddle your horses, cajole your mules, whatever you have to do to get to the Junction.

Come early, stay late and trade howdies with Beau.

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When I'm not keepin' all these Fillies in line, I'm practicing my roping so I can catch me a cowboy. Me and Jasper (my mule) are two peas in a pod. Both of us are as crotchety as all get-out.

2 thoughts on “Beau L’Amour Gallops Into the Junction!”

  1. Wow! Louis Lamour was one of my inspirations. On the subject of being prolific, I remember him saying one time that he could set up his typewriter in the center island of a busy highway and still write.

  2. This should really be a special treat. There is such a wonderful body of work out there. It will be interesting to see the father from from the son’s view point.

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