Cowboys, Milestones & Shameless ‘WILD’ Promotion

Finally–my first complete trilogy!


Today was a great day. I got to hang out at the Merced Barnes & Noble for a few hours, chatting it up with readers and signing copies of MOUNTAIN WILD–making it totally official–My Wild Trilogy is complete!  A first for me  🙂

The historical backdrop for this final WILD installment follows the cattle wars of 1889 (an era I’d been pining to write since that first American History night class in 200o!), wars prompted by a natural disaster during the winter of 1886-87 when a freak winter blizzard nearly wiped out the cattle trade in Wyoming, freezing cowboys and cattle alike. Here’s a little factoid I gleaned from

On November 13, 1886, it started to snow and continued for a month. In mid-December, however, there was a thaw, turning the snow to slush. In late December the temperature turned to the minus 30’s turning the slush to a solid sheet of ice. January of 1887, was the coldest in memory and included one 72-hour blizzard. Teddy Blue Abbott, who received his nickname as a result of an incident with a soiled dove in Miles City, Mt., noted:

“It was all so slow, plunging after them through the deep snow . . . .The horses’ feet were cut and bleeding from the heavy crust, the cattle had the hair and hide wore off their legs to the knees and the hocks. It was surely hell to see big four-year-old steers just able to stagger along. It was the same all over Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado, western Nebraska, and western Kansas.”

This was a storm unlike any those plains cowboys had ever seen and many were caught out on range, unprepared, and froze along with the cattle.  The untimely freeze also killed spring grasses, creating further hardship on the surviving cattle–and cattlemen. In the years that followed, ranchers struggled to rebuild and hold onto their land as new money came into the area looking to capitalize on their tragedy, and as often happens, desperation and greed turned to violence. Garret and Maggie are in for quite the wild ride.

Here’s a little overview on the series: In MUSTANG WILD Garret is only thirteen, a hard-working teen doing his best to look out for his older sister Skylar.  In MAVERICK WILD Garret is on his way to becoming a man and suffers some heartache when Cora Mae overlooksGarret Daines him as she falls for Chance Morgan…a man who casts a broad shadow Garret can’t wait to outgrow.  Six years later, Garret’s all grown up and finds himself in a heap of trouble with a cattle barren who’s hellbent on driving Garret’s cattle ranch out of business.  An attempt to take Garret’s life in the dead of winter lands him in the healing hands of mountain recluse Maggie Strafford…aka, Mad Mag.  Maggie made her first WILD appearance in MAVERICK WILD, saving Chance MaggieMorgan from a hangman’s noose, and revealing a secret or two about her past.  Maggie’s hiding a mess of secrets in her WILD mountain hideaway–none of which she’s willing to share with a handsome cowpuncher she believes has more charm than sense. Garret can hardly believe the youthful beauty he discovers hidden beneath Maggie’s trapper-woman persona.  Being raised by Skylar, Garret isn’t new to sharp-tongued WILD women…in fact, he finds himself quite enamored by Maggie’s attempts to put him in his place…and has quite a time convincing her that place is right beside her.  A common threat provides the common ground they need to stand on…

As I’d said before, the backdrop for this story was something that really stuck with me–making an imprint on my mind, and waiting for the right story to come along.  Do believe one of my favorite aspects about writing historicals is that it feeds my craving for history text

books 🙂  Or maybe it’s uncovering those tragic events and being able to add a glimmer of hope and happy endings to them.

Have you gone WILD?  If not, here’s your chance—talk to me and be in the drawing for a copy of MOUNTAIN WILD.

“Love doesn’t make the world go round, Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

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45 thoughts on “Cowboys, Milestones & Shameless ‘WILD’ Promotion”

  1. Good Morning Stacey

    I haven’t read any of these yet. I do however have MUSTANG WILD and MAVERICK WILD sitting on my bookshelf waiting for MOUNTAIN WILD. My memory is slipping so when I read that this was a series I waited to read them all together. Can’t wait to get the Mountain Wild and begin to read the series.

    I love the quote “Love doesn’t make the world go round, Love is what makes the ride worthwhile” it is so true.

  2. Hi, Stacey. How fun to watch your hero grow up through the course of other books. As a reader, I love to follow those secondary characters until they finally get the limelight. It’s like revisiting an old friend. Linda Lael Miller is doing the same thing in her Stony Creek series. It’s easily addicting. But that’s a good thing!

    Congratulations on successfully completing your series. I look forward to what comes next as well.

  3. Stacey,
    First, let me say CONGRATULATIONS for the completion of your 1st trilogy!!!!!

    And I agree with Elizabeth-the covers are AWESOME girl!

    I really can not wait to read about Garret and Maggie-I bet she really does give him a run for his money! I have been waiting a long time for Garret’s book and I know the wait will pay off when I finally get my hands on a copy!

    Now-I have never been very wild-I live vicariously through all my wild books! LOL-so, thanks for these three WILD books Stacey-I have really enjoyed them!

  4. Hello Stacey,

    I’ve not read any of your trilogy as of yet. However, Mountain Wild is on my to buy list. I hope it is at Wal-mart this weekend. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Have a great day.

  5. Stacey,

    Woo-hoo! I just finished Mountain Wild and I have to say it’s probably your best to date even though you’ve written some very memorable ones. The love story between Garret and Maggie was really special. My heart broke for Maggie having to live like she did. She was such a strong character and I immediately identified with her.

    Keep the stories coming!

  6. Congratulations, Stacey. I can’t wait to read the rest of Mag’s story.

    Oh the blizzard was tragic, wasn’t it? I think it wasa the same one in Michener’s Centennial, a watershed book for me. I’m such an animal nut; I don’t like the thought of critters not having a barn to sleep in 🙂

    Those covers are beautiful. Here’s to much further success!

  7. Congratulations and I too love your covers and how they compliment each other. I hated history in school but that was how it was taught and what was taught which in most cases were dry facts and memorizing dates – yuk. But historicals are my favorite. I really do love history because it can be a fascinating subject when told right.

  8. I just finished mountain wild and loved it. I felt so bad for Maggie. I’ll definitely be getting the first two books to learn more about Garrett when he was younger.

  9. Oooh a big congrats for wrapping up your first trilogy!!! I have not had the pleasure of reading it yet, but look forward to it as soon as possible! Congrats again! 😀

  10. Hi Karen! I had a blast raising Garret ;o) Though I did have a hard time shedding his sweet-boy persona when it came time for his own book–took me several tries and deleted chapters before I finally let him grow up 😉 He’d a definite favorite of mine. I’ve enjoyed LLM’s Stone Creek series.


  11. Thanks, Melissa! What can I say…those cover art folks know how to pretty up a cover *g* Hope Garret and Maggie please–glad you’ve enjoyed the prequels 🙂

  12. Hi Charlene! Next up a new western series, this one set in Montana, 1868, and will following some battles in the Sioux wars and conflicts between the Lakota, military and the miners. I’m trying to finish up the first two books–a survey crew gets into a lot of trouble and find themselves pulled into a booming new town 😉


  13. You really have a craving for history text books?

    Wow, girl, good luck finding a twelve step program for that.

    I love this whole concept but I just hate all that death and destruction from the weather.

    We’ve got it so much easier now. We’ve had storms here in Nebraska that just about challenge my husband’s ability to keep his cattle alive. But even they have better access to feed and at least windbreaks and water.

    The people who survived the old west were TOUGH.

  14. Hi Stacey,

    I’ve just recently discovered your books and have been collecting as many as I can! I love to get LOTS of books by the same author, then read them all, one after the other, especially if they’re in a series. 🙂 I just need Mountain Wild to complete the trilogy, then I’ll be ready to start reading. YAY!

    Great post!

  15. HUGE congratulations Stacy! That’s amazing and trilogies are awesome. 🙂

    I’ve read the first in the trilogy but have been denying myself the second until the third came out, so I could read them together. 🙂 I hate having to wait!!

    Looking forward to this one Stacy, looks AWESOME! Congrats again.

  16. Stacey, your Wild trilogy was completely AWESOME! (That isn’t your first though, right? I thought the Bride series was also three stories?) You blew my socks right off, in any event, and I cannot wait for your new series to start! Thanks for writing love stories!!

  17. Who doesn’t love a good western? Honestly? Looks good and can’t wait to see them out and about. I’m grumpy that somehow I’ve missed reading them. How have I missed this trilogy? Definelty fixing that this weekend!!

  18. Hi Stacey, congrats on completing your Wild trilogy! I have not read any of this series but plan on it in the future. I like to get all of he books before starting a series, if I don’t do that then I forget whats going on and I miss out on things. Please enter me and thanks for sharing your books with us.

  19. I absolutely love the covers of this series and I know I shall love the books also. I am impatient when I have to wait for the next book so often save a series so that I can read it all at once. Looking forward to rerading these books.

  20. What a terrible winter. It is hard to imagine being stuck out in those conditions. Have been reading the reviews of these books and they look so good. They are on my to buy list. My TBR bookshelf is overflowing at the moment, but I keep finding more to put on it, especially on this site.
    Congratulations on completing your trilogy. I look forward to reading them. Are they only available in mass market paperback? I work at a small county library, and westerns are popular. It is just better to have bigger sized books.

  21. Stacy, so glad to see that Mountain Wild is out, now I can read all 3. I also try to wait till a series is done and then read the books.

  22. Congratulations, Stacy!

    That’s got to be a great feeling, like a ton of weight off your shoulders, Thanksgiving dinner
    all cooked and all your Christmas gifts wrapped,
    all rolled into one!

    Pat Cochran

  23. I’m trying, Linda 😉 I’m absolutely thrilled you enjoyed Garret and Maggie’s story! I think the longer a series goes, the more you’re connected with those recurring characters–definitely makes is special on my end. Thank you!!

  24. Absolutely, Jeanne! You must not have had the right history teacher 🙂 I was blessed with fantastic history teachers who were excited about the subject matter, which showed in their lectures their enthusiasm for involving the class in those lectures—I really credit those night classes for spurring my journey into western romances—it was those vivid images and descriptions and the energy that really resonated from the text that spawned my books 🙂

  25. LOL, Mary—seriously–it’s sick. I look up college universities and find the text books they use for their state history courses–they have the coolest details and factoids. Also have a historical map fetish–can pour over old maps for days 😉 Me in a historical society center where you can touch things–heaven 🙂

  26. Hi Stacey! Don’t put me in for this as you know I shall be reading yours, but I so love reading the posts here! I hate when I miss! But getting on very late when its a bit cooler helps! Wow on the blizzard! Where I live we get blizzards and I’ve gone through some very bad times with damage that happened on our home too from these. So they can be so difficult. I do love the snow tho (See I’m not a summer person, i’m a winter person, I’m odd, LOL) But we too fixed what damage we could and moved on. Thanks for the great info!

  27. Hi, Lori S! thanks for finding my books–hope you enjoy them 🙂

    Hi Fedora!! You’re right–there are now three releases in my BRIDE series, but that series sorta got knocked out of order and kinda jumbled being released in between my WILD Trilogy–there are actually two more books in that series. Not sure what I’m doing with them at this point. Right now I’m focusing on releasing a whole series for next year. I’m thrilled you enjoyed Mountain Wild!!!

  28. wow,im late but I want to say these books sounds really nice to curl up with,Congratulations!

  29. Hi! I JUST discovered your web site. Is it ever cool! What a great idea combining various authors under the same “heading”. I’m going to keep checking back. Thanks for offering us the blog AND the contest. Bonus!

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