Cheryl St.John on Birthdays and Other Things, Like Hot Dogs and Cowboys


cakeI don’t know about you, but it’s HOT in Nebraska! How hot is it?

It’s so hot, I went to the store for flour, sugar and eggs yesterday, and came home with a cake.


Bada boom, bada bing.

Seriously, it’s summer, and we have three birthdays to celebrate just this month. Our family has grown so much that it’s a rare month that doesn’t find us gathering for cake at least a couple of times. I love to get creative and serve brunch, with breakfast casseroles, etc. My daughter LeighAnn and I occasionally cook up Mexican Day or Soup Day. But of course, with such a large gathering, we often have the old standbys, grilled burgers and dogs, Tastees, chili, and on the holidays, good old ham and turkey.

I don’t know how I always get the same jobs at these events—but I’m trying to shake off the stereotype. My son-in-law Brad claims he’s going to have me buried with an ice cream scoop in my folded hands, so I’ll look normal. I bought him one for Christmas one year—a dandy specimen just like mine—a heavy-duty industrial strength flat scooper—but of course I am the one who wields it at their house. Last birthday there I tried to hide until the scooping was underway, but they found me.

My goodness, but those birthdays pile up, don’t they? When we moved last time, I organized photos into albums until my brain went numb. I finally stashed the rest back into boxes where they will await the next millennium. It was amazing how many of those photos were pictures of cakes. If you’re a young mom, take this as a gentle suggestion: Take ONE photo of the baby’s cake. One, got it?

birthday-party-3I remember how exciting those first birthday cakes were. If you’re a mom of many or a grandma, you remember, too. You couldn’t get enough pictures of your baby with frosting up his nose. Wasn’t that darling? Then there were second, third, and fourth birthdays. And then the second third and fourth kids arrived and had birthdays, too—yes I have four children and I lived to tell. And then the grandchildren start arriving—or so they say.

Here is my pledge: I will never, as long as I draw breath, take another picture of a birthday cake. I mean how many cake pictures does a person need? Get them out of order, and you don’t even know whose cake it was or which year. And you know, one shot is never enough. Admit it, you take two pictures in case the first one blurs or something. Heaven forbid we wouldn’t be able to see Strawberry Shortcake or Spiderman clearly once he was only a sweet memory.

You know what I’m talking about. Just you try sorting 20 or 30 years of photos and try to get sentimental about a cake that was only so so in 1983.

And while I’m on the subject of parties, darned if I’m not the one who inevitably gets stuck opening all those toys that have been hermetically sealed and wired and clamped. Sometimes I need a screwdriver and a wire cutter to extricate them. I’m telling you, Santa could catapult those boxes out of his sleigh onto our concrete driveway and Barbie wouldn’t have a hair out of place. Her hair is sewn onto the cardboard, people. Sewn.

The packaging is three times the size of the toy inside. It takes half a roll of wrapping paper to go around a box, but once you get the twisties unwrapped and the taped peeled off and the plastic removed, you have a tiny little pile of Power Rangers and half a dozen bags of trash. And—

Have you ever lost a minuscule part and had to search through all those bags because you might have accidentally thrown it away? Or heaven forbid go out to the trashcan—I don’t know which is worse, searching through trash for Woody’s six-shooter in the summer or during the winter. Hint: the piece is never there. It’s always with Colonel Mustard in the sofa cushion.


How about you? Do most of your family traditions involve food?


dsc00013This blog had nothing to do with reading, writing or watching westerns, but I do have a fun drawing this month to bring the focus back on everybody’s favorite subject (besides cake) and that would be cowboys.


Leave a comment today and I’ll drop your name into the fish bowl. I’m holding a drawing for this DVD set: COWBOYS OF THE SILVER SCREEN. Five full-length feature films:


Over the Hill Gang – Walter Brennan and Ricky Nelson

The Shooting – jack Nicholson, Warren Oates

Vengeance Valley – Burt Lancaster, Joanna Dru

Rage at Dawn – Forrest Tucker, Randolph Scott

One-eyed Jacks, Marlon Brando, Karl Malden


I’m adding a cowboy boot charm to the prize, too. Now, wouldn’t winning this set just take the cake?

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72 thoughts on “Cheryl St.John on Birthdays and Other Things, Like Hot Dogs and Cowboys”

  1. My family has the normal holidays for getting together and eating and the food tends to be the same each holiday. One birthday tradition we had growing up was my dad, my cousin, and I celebrated our birthdays together because mine’s Nov. 25th and theirs was Dec 13th (they were exactly 50 years apart). My grandmother would always get a decorated angel food cake for us, why I don’t know, since my cousin and I weren’t that fond of angel food cake growing up. I think it was just because she liked them.

  2. Its been awhile since I was here but have to say enjoyed the blog today. Oh i know about photos but ours are of the neices how can 2 babies look so alike but now look nothing alike! and remembering dates. also cricket photos what year did I take that one!!!!!!!!!
    we dont have alot of food traditions here now its just me! but growing up mum always cooked and I got to eat some of the raw dough or help and that was fun.
    Oh and on westerns which this isn’t Randolph Scott was one of my favourite actors. I loved watching westerns

  3. Laugh so hard reading this blog enjoy the way you written it. Thanks Cheryl! Happy birthday to you and the family a picture is a thousand words and who need to know what year it was. Wink!

  4. What a great prize. My husband and I love westerns. We too have many pictures of cakes from when the kids were little. Food is a great family tradition. Most of ours do involve it but lately with no little ones, we have been getting together less.

  5. Hi Cheryl! Its hot here too, and for me its up alot more in the temps from surgery changes, so I don’t get on much this summer so far, and missing it here! So I’m up EARLY while its a bit cooler still!

    LOL with the cake. I did laugh with your joke 🙂 I’d so love to find some brunch casseroles! I haven’t made one in so long! I have lots of pics with my kids at their birthdays when they were younger. Then as they got older, the less and less pics! For the 4th recently, with just the 4 of us here, I had planned to make a couple of salads and my daughter was to do some side dishes and a day before everything changed. My daughter was going to her boyfriends family (oh no! LOL) and then I wasn’t feeling well at all, but my son and hubby said ‘no worry’ we’ll cook out! So it comes time for dinner and all they cooked was meat, so salads, no vegs, nothing. These ‘men’ just cooked meat, which I eat very little of. But they had a good time so that’s what counts. We mostly pitch in to make our favorites and bring us all together when we can have everyone one the same schedule. It does change as they are older and now waiting for them to settle and bring back more of those traditions with us all bringing our favorite dishes in. My daughter is a fab baker! Me the salads, and of course my son and hubby the grill!

    The movies sound fab! Do you know if they are captioned for the deaf Cheryl? I love those cowboy movies but some don’t have the captioning from the older shows! It was fun chatting with you today! You have a great time at all the birthdays! We have two this month a few days apart so we’ll be doing our cookout together as we do each year for that.

  6. It’s actually quite pleasant here in Wisconsin…mornings in the 50’s and afternoons in the 70’s! Especially if the sun keeps it nice and bright!!
    Family get togethers always center around food. Although we RARELY barbeque. We definitely get together for holidays and birthdays. Chocolate angel food cake with chocolate whipped cream frosting is a must! The recipe has been passed down for generations!!
    With 4 kids we have a slew of birthday cake pictures…. they are cute when the kids are small.
    What a fabulous movie collectors prize…Cowboys of the Silver Screen!!
    Our family has 5 birthdays and 1 anniversary in July! Fun, Fun FUN!!

  7. Hi Cheryl. What a great prize. Love classic western movies. Most of our celebrations do involve food. My family is always game for cooking a big meal.

  8. Good Morning Cheryl

    Got to love family get togethers. They are so fun but they do wear you out.

    I am still laughing about the pictures. Everything you wrote is soooooooo true. I have pictures everywhere. I keep saying I need to organize them before my mind goes completely.

    I never could have children but I have nieces and nephews. I remember when they where little we had to take pictures of everything now its like just get a picture. But guess what they are now having children and the taking a picture of everything is back.

  9. Good morning! It’s a beautiful day here in New Jersey. I’m from a huge family and always, always, always! food is a must at all family get togethers. Everyone usually brings a dish or a dessert and there’s always leftovers to be taken home. And birthdays, talk about pictures, there’s pictures of the cake, pictures of someone walking the cake to the table, of the celebrant with the cake, pretending to blow the candles, actually blowing the candles, reblowinb the relit candles to make sure everyone got the shot of the celebrant blowing out the candles…

    What an excellent collection. I saw Burt Lancaster on your email and I said, oooh..I’d love me to have that!

  10. Not only do I have boxes of photos from when my 3 adult sons were little, I have boxes of photos from when I was little – and of my parents when they were little!

  11. Hi Cheryl.. what a wonderful prize you are offering and I just had to send a comment and enter. Those movies bring back so many fond memories and I am doing winner’s dance…standing on my head and even dancing a jig (and I can’t dance) that I am the lucky one to win. My mother and my husband’s mother loved those movies and both are gone now. We miss them so much but we know they are in a better place. They raised us and our kids to think there was nothing more important than western movies. They would be shocked at today’s shows, wouldn’t they? I also had to laugh when I read your blog but oh how true every word was. I have pictures in boxes that I am SLOWLY sorting out and kick myself each time I don’t know about one. What was wrong with me..I could write when they were taken, why didn’t I label each one when I got it from the photo shop. DUMMY ME!! Okay think I will resume my dancing and standing on my head. Have a good day. susan L.

  12. For you it was cakes, for me, buildings. I love to look at the designs and frufru on old buildings. When I travel, I take pics of churches and city halls and capitals and beach shacks–and I can never remember where I was or what building I immortalized.

    And then there are those boxes of photos you inherit from the Great Aunt of people you’ve never met. Being a pack rat, I guarantee they’re around here somewhere.

  13. When my two girls were little I also took many pictures of their birthday cakes. And you are so right how many pictures do you need of the 101 Dalmations cake or the Sesame Street cake? But I still have them all. And even though my girls are 17 and 15 now I and still telling myself I am going to put all of these pictures into special moment albums just for them. But time has a way of getting away from me and I just never get around to it so they are still tucked away in my upper dresser drawer but forever in my memories.

  14. Since my husband and I were married, nearly 17 years ago, we have enjoyed making and partaking of a scrumptious seafood chowder every Christmas Eve. When it comes to other occasions like birthdays and so on, we make each one as unique as possible and do our best to make the most of whatever milestone we are celebrating. Christmas comes to mind the most as it is our favourite time of year to be together and relax. We put the tree up as a family and our two boys, now 9 and 12, have their own ornaments that they have collected since they were little that they put on the tree each year.

  15. Loved reading your blog today and can relate. btw it’s hot here too, but not enough to have cake lol. Also wanted to make sure everyone knew i’m not a daisy 😉

  16. What a wonderful post today. We make a big fuss about any celebration. Food is the most important ingredient. All of it homemade and delectable. Either an Italian feast with bruschetta or fish and the amazing cake with everyone digging in. Memorable occasions which are always captured with photos. Those movies look fabulous and I grew up watching real Westerns in the 50’s which are unforgettable.

  17. Oh, I’d love to win this DVD set. WELL!!! actually, my hubby would love it if I won it. We love to watch westerns. This set sounds wonderful. Nice post about birthdays.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  18. That little girl is a doll. Love those big, brown eyes.

    We celebrate events with food but have birthday pies. We all like them more than cake, and at some point, we changed over to just pies.

    Okay, I’ve got to ask. What are Tastees?

  19. Hi Cheryl, it is not hot along the coast here in Southern California. In fact, we get tons of fog in the morning which does a nasty job on my rose garden with powerdy mildew. Boo. But the afternoons lighten up so I can catch some rays and work outside.

    But I do remember Nebraska heat LOL. Keep cool.

    We have three birthdays in June so it’s actually kinda fun to combine the three. And our family tradition is a Chili Cook-off on Super Bowl Sunday. I won the trophy, a battered chili pot, two years ago and my hubby won last time. It is a “traveling trophy” which means the winner all year long must take it along on trip and photograph it. I even carried the sucker on the subway to Yankee Stadium last summer.

    All in fun. Thanks for the enjoyable post.

  20. Would love to win those Westerns! John Wayne is my favorite, and I haven’t seen these.
    Love your cake! I wasn’t as creative in mine.

  21. I was always the picture taker in my family but you do get burned out. I kept it up for at least 30 more years or more once married but unfortunately my scrap booking didn’t last as long. I probably have 10 to 15 years in boxes. I did try once but it was too overwhelming. Now my grown children take all the pictures and of course digital is so much easier but I found I never developed any of those anyway lol.

  22. Lynn, my youngest daughter’s favorite cake is angel food, so I’ve always made her one for her birthday, which is Dec 29th, a time of year when NOBODY wants any more sweets. I have recipes that were my husband’s grandmother’s: One is called gold cake and it takes 12 eggs yolks; the other is the angel food, which of course is made from the remaining whites, and I made both at once for more years than I can tell you — until just a couple of years ago, I kid you not, I discovered you can BUY A MIX, only add water, and have a perfectly good angel food cake! Who knew? (Apparently everyone but me.)

  23. ausjenny, glad you stopped by today! LOL on the cricket photos.

    Thanks, Lida – glad I made you smile today.

    I was late getting here this morning, and bowled over by all the visitors already! If I’d know all of you were coming, I have made a cake.

    Debby, as the kids get older, they don’t stay around as much, do they? Until they bring the grandkids over however

    Debby, I’ll have to check the amazon listing and see if it mentions closed captioning.

  24. Laurie, I hope you check back anc read this because I’d LOVE to get your chocolate angel food cake recipe!

    Hi Crystal and Sherry!

    Wisconsin is such a beautiful state. I still remember my first visit and driving beneath the enormous canopies of trees along the highway at dusk. It was breathtaking.

    Marelou, those cowboys of the early days were hotties, weren’t they?

    Hey, Pam–I’ll bet you could relate, since you have 4 of your own!

  25. Good Morning Cheryl, We had a great time with birthdays for the kids when they were younger. Believe it our not, angel food cakes were the cake of choice of the two boys, Mandy always asked for Cherry Cheesecake. And I ALWAYS used a mix! 🙂 Now with the kids scattered all around the globe we miss most birthdays and boy, do I miss them.

  26. Karen, that’s a LOT of pictures. WHy is it we’re not scrapbookers? I’d be overrun if I tried that.

    Susan, I didn’t recognize you, standing on your head like that. Come on and have a piece of cake.

    Tracy, I confess I have pics of buildings, too–mostly Victorian houses, but churches and court houses. Man, are we twister, or what?

    I know what you mean about making time to sort those pics, Melanie. Somehow it just never happens. I do have many many photos in albums. I like the kind that look like books and fit on my bookshelves.

  27. Hey, Patricia!

    prplrush, you are SO not a daisy. LOL

    You know those guys, Mary. They’ll do anything they can to get a rise out of you. Actually my son is worse than my son-in-laws combined. He once mixed up all my precius cups and saucers on my displays shelves. When I discovered it DAYS later, I had to match them up again. He KNEW, durn him, that it would be disturbing to think they’d been like that since he was there and I hadn’t noticed yet.

  28. Hi Wilma and Ellie! Great to see you Abi!

    oooh, Vicki, I have a treat for you. Tastees are a local phenomenone – sometimes also called taverns or loosemeats. They are a sloopy joe, but not a sloppy joe. There’s a mom and pop chain that started them and the supposed recipe has leaked and been passed around for years. They are a staple in our family and even at church dinners. I’ll post it for you tonight when I post the drawing winner.

  29. Of course all our family traditions involved food. I have the extra 20 pounds to show for it too. =)

    I don’t scrapbook either….thank goodness for blogging…its like scrapbooking only better!

    I just booked my daughters 3rd birthday party at Chucky-Cheese. Yay… Bring your own cake and leave the mess. It will be her first party, we’ve only had quiet family gatherings, but since we are getting ready to move I thought it would be a good way to get everyone together.

    Buried with an Ice Cream Scoop in your hand..LOL!

  30. Love this, Cheryl. And I truly don’t know how you manage all you do with your writing stuff and your family.
    In my old age, I’ve all but abandoned cooking. In my small family I take the gang out to dinner. For in –between gatherings at the house, we order pizza. It’s called lazy.

  31. Tanya, I can just see you carrying a chili pot on the subway! That’s hilarious.

    Hey, Linda.

    Jeanne, you can simply upload your digital pics to your local Walmart and go pick them up next time you’re there. I love it!

    Hello Melinda. Nice to have you as a guest blogger AND a reader!

  32. Stephanie, now that you say it like that, it reminds me of a line in that Steve Martin King Tut song: Buried in his jammies

    But mine is: Buried with her scooper


    Elizabeth, it’s called OCD.

  33. Hmm, interestingly enough, I’ve not taken too many pictures of any of the food I’ve made. However, I have been known to take pictures of craft things I’ve done–like the year I made a ton of soft sculpture dolls and customized care bears for folks. I really didn’t need ALL those pictures either.

    My extended family always gathered for summer picnics, so of course there’s food there. Now, though, it seems the clan only seems to gather at weddings and funerals. And always with at least a meal or two to fuel the remembering.

    *lizzie’s rut now is bite sized ‘sweeties’. Like oreo truffles–or ‘smores on a stick. 🙂

  34. No more pictures of birthday cakes, say it aint so. I love my pictures of birthday cakes. Birthdays are about celebrating life. Plus the picture of my 1 year old sleeping soundly in her chocolate cake is too precious.

    Food has so much to do with family. I cannot have a thanksgiving meal without making my m-i-l’s apricot jello salad. Oldest child wants a white cake, whipped creaming icing and fresh strawberries for her birthday. She pouts if she doesn’t get it. One of the first things that I ever cooked for my husband was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, raisans, and pecans. Becz his mom always made that cake for his birthday.

  35. Cheryl, it’s hotter than the fires of Hades here in Texas. Yesterday topped 106. It set a record. Today’s supposed to be more of the same. The heat has cooked the pretty little flowers I planted last week. Darn it!

    It’s it weird how many people take pictures of cakes and buildings. I’m very guilty. I made a vow this year that I’m not taking any pictures unless it has a person in it. I have a friend who takes pictures of rusted tin cans, bugs and what have you. He’ll be driving along a road and suddenly come to a stop just to take a picture of some little something. Bugs me to death. Bet it does his wife too. She’s very patient though.

    Great blog! Thanks for making me smile.

  36. Cheryl I lost all I wrote on this blog it kicked me out…
    Yes it is hot here I hate it when I get off work and go out to the car with the leather seats can we can ouch!!!!!!
    I am going to think about the gifts I give this year because I get stuck taking them all apart from the boxes. I had a new grandbaby last year for Christmas and I over bought well I got stuck with all the un wrapping too. There will be another baby this year so I think I will really think this over first. Birthday is coming up for Isabel and I will really think before I buy all that stuff again.
    Contests we all love those and I have never seen those movies before Dad would have loved to watch them.

  37. Finally got it through I copied it in case I needed to paste it in. Not sure what is going on with computer today but I made it.
    Have a great day.

  38. And I can tell you those Oreo truffles are TO DIE FOR. That was my last taste of chocolate before restricting my sugar intake for weeks, and I kept thinking about them. And I’m not an Oreo fan, but those are…well scrumptious.

    Hi Brenda – can’t believe Isabel will be a year old. Don’t forget to send me a picture!

  39. Awesome cake. I’ve been experimenting baking creations like that myself. It’s hard not to want to try out your creativity when your seeing all the cake shows on TV like Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss.

  40. I remember one of those ‘some assembly required’ nightmare gifts.

    I can’t even go into it. Suffice to say, I discarded some of the ‘packing’ only to find, long after the flames had died on our trash barrel, that the ‘packing’ was a vital part of the assemblage.

    I still tear up when I think of it.

  41. Yes, we’re definitely a food family. Every one of our holidays has copious amounts of food. And when there hasn’t been a holiday for awhile, we’ll make one up (oh, you got the carpets cleaned, let’s have a bbq). Whenever I visit my folks, my mom is constantly bringing out food too–she must think I’m not eating enough. So yes, we love our food.

  42. Come on Cheryl in a couple of months you will be complaining about the snow.Remember you don’t have to shovel sunshine.
    The kids are supossed to be able to identify each of their birthday cakes,it’s part of the fun of leaving them boxes of unidentified pictures.

  43. Food, glorious food! I heard that somewhere, I know I did! All of our special occasions include food. Birthdays: all 18, just in our immediate family, with food, cake and ice cream. (six birthdays in August!) All holidays, again food, cake, and ice cream. Special occasions (like Ashley’s high school graduation last month) same thing: F/C/IC! Then we get to the extended family with birthdays, baby showers, weddings, etc. No one plans anything unless they first check the family master calendar! The only thing that changes at these gatherings is the foods served!!

    Pat Cochran

  44. Yep all are triditions involve food! We just had our bash for the forth of July and yes lots of food. I always have to do the deserts, banana pudding on the forth. Little sisters favorite. Just about all of our get togethers involve food of some kind.

  45. Happy Birthday wishes to your family members. We just celebrated my nephew’s first B-day on the 4th! You should have seen the mess he made out of his cupcake with blue frosting… it was everywhere!!! 😀
    Our tradition is the one celebrating gets to choose their fav cake, made or bought, and pick where or what they want for a special dinner…

  46. LMAO… Thanks for the not so quiet reminder that I needed to post…LOL…
    Happy Birthday! We have a lot of Birthdays here this weekend too…Plus a Baby shower .. (I’m getting a second Great Nephew…and I only just turned 40…. UGH…oh well… could be worse…could be my sister welcoming her third grandchild at gasp… 41.. *BG*
    Diana aka The Moose

  47. My goodness, just look at all the cake lovers coming out to post today! Lady Vampire, I posted about cooking shows on my blog this past week. Personally, I just don’t get the fascination. I’ve cooked nearly every day for the past %$ years and it sure ain’t film-worthy entertainment.

    Mary, we all sympathize with you over your traumatic loss. Woops.

    Hi Jodi! Hi Pam. You are right about the sunshine. I do appreciate it.

    Good to see you stoppin’ by Pat.

    A shout out to Quilt Lady and Colleen!

    Diana, I was a young grandmother, too. Nice to see you visiting the junction, girlfriend.

  48. No more pictures of birthday cakes?? I’m thinking that my grandkids would not agree because now it is their turn!! I used to bake and decorate all the cakes but when arthur moved into my body it bothered my hands too much. My husbands favorite cake is a chocolate angel food made from scratch. It is an old family recipe, made with 18 egg whites and preferably in a square angel food cake pan. Am planning on making one or two for a family reunion next week. Sure hoping it isn’t too hot!

  49. I can relate about all the photos. At least now with the digital cameras you can just delete what you don’t want. In our family if you bring a dish everyone loves you can bet your bottom dollar you will be asked to bring it to all family gatherings. I have been making Pioneer Yams for every holiday for about 10 years now.

  50. Pioneer Yams!? Do tell…I LOVE yams!

    BTW – this has nothing to do with anything, but P&P needs a discussion forum! For chatting! And swapping recipes…and stories! And Pictures!

  51. Hi Cheryl, My mom made fabulous birthday cakes for my oldest son. One year she made a “Big Bird” cake from Sesame Street. The next she did Oscar the Grouch. She used food coloring to die the shredded cocount to give Big Bird Feathers and Oscar that scruffy look. Those pictures are priceless.

  52. Connie, I NEEEEED that recipe!

    That one, too, Judy.

    Stephanie – we’ve just this week been discussing our plans for our 2nd birthday party and are tossing around the idea of a recipe section. You are intuitive!

    A disccussion board – hmmmm.

  53. Our celebrations always involve food. Lobster for my brother’s birthday in the summer, turkey at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Everyone in my family loves to cook almost as much as we all love to eat. Great post!

  54. Hi Cheryl! That is a precious picture of child and cake! Yes, our celebrations involve food. My DH is the BIG cook so the local family and kids all gather to our house for the cook outs. July 4th is also my DH’s birthday. Its sort of a bummer cause he is the cook and does all the work! Good thing he loves it. Guess we will bury him with an apron! He would love those DVDs!

  55. Hey Cheryl- I have 3 boys and cake pictures everywhere-our family celebrations are few and far between now because I and my 3 brothers have grown apart and my Mother is passed.Have a great summer.

  56. Having four children and four grandchildren—I have way too many cake pictures too.
    Most of our family gatherings usually mean a barbecue in the summer and the traditional holiday fare in the winter.

  57. All of our family traditions include food…we are a family of food lovers. The only member of the family who eats a limited list of kinds of foods is my son-in-law who eats mostly pizza, burgers and mac and cheese. The rest of us, we like anything edible.

  58. We got away from a lot of toys. When the kids were little, they were more interested in the box and packing anyway. We have a lot of birthday and christmas pictures with the gift to the side and the kids in the box. We give books or toys they have to do something with usually – cookbooks and cooking items, tools, art supplies. Of course our grandson is car crazy, he is 11 and has had a matchbox car in his hand forever. His gifts often have something to do with cars. I keep promising myself I’ll sit down to label and organize those pictures, but you are doing much better than I.
    We live in the South now, and nothing happens here without food being involved. We do have our family favorites. Usually when the family gets together, we do ribs or hamburgers and hot dogs. Somehow, macaroni salad and deviled eggs always show up. Somehow we ended up with mostly winter birthdays – we have 5 in November.
    Hope you have a great summer and enjoy lots of cookouts.

  59. Cheryl, You have to have pictures of the first few cakes then after that I say “let them eat cake.” I’m still waiting for when the celebrations move away from my house to my children’s houses.

  60. Great post! Most of our traditions do involve food. Our mom will make us our fave meal for our birthdays.

  61. Hi Cheryl from one Nebraskan to another you’re right this is turning out to one HOT summer, but it’s the humidity killing us in Lincoln. And July is my family’s month for birthdays we have four in a 30 day period but because they are spaced we only need two parties. My oldest daughter & grand-daughter the 4th & 6th, and youngest daughter the 29th & son Aug 1st!

  62. hi and welcome Cheryl; we used to have birthday get-togethers more when Mom and Dad were alive; I’m sad to say things change somewhat but we did all go to my youngest sister’s 40th birthday which was for the weekend at her place. All of us kids(5) were together and some of the spouses and had a great time. We travelled 6 hrs. and some 5 hrs.
    I love cowboys as I live in cowboy country, so to speak. Brandings, trail rides, rodeos and community pastures are part of this area. A great prize package.

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