Skittles the Quirky Cat by Charlene Sands


This blog was originally going to be about The Leonis Adobe, a historical site almost right in my backyard – which is one of my favorite places in the world.  But two things happened – one I couldn’t snare the photos from Leonis Adobe from their website and you know what they say about one picture being worth a thousand words.

And two, my cat Skittles had me laughing so hard the other day, that I had to share this with my friends.


For those of you with quirky animals, you’ll relate!


Now, let meimg_0143 explain, Skittles is my love, my companion and my sidekick.  She’s always with me. For years, when I had the older style computer, when I sat at my desk and wrote, she’d sit atop the computer and sleep or hang her leg down the screen and paw at it.  Nowadays, I have a flat screen 22-inch monitor and I’m sure she’s cursing in Cat Lingo about losing her favorite spot. She still glances up there, to see if she can fit. Smartly, she hasn’t tried the jump, because no way would it hold her. She settles for sitting on the desk, which totally obstructs the screen until I can coax her to lie down or jump off.


At any rate my tuxedo cat Skittles or as I call her, Skitties or Skits is also known by family and friends as the Devil Cat. She really likes only three people in the world, with a few exceptions.  Me, my dear hubby and my daughter.  Somehow, she forgot my son, whom she used to sleep with and now has decided he’s good for an exorcist-type hiss and attack by claws.  (I’m not exaggerating!)


Skittles will never win a Miss Congeniality contest.


We can never figure out why she runs away from some people and hides under the bed until they leave, or decides for some strange reason, the visitor is worth that said exorcist-type hiss and strike at, from her vantage point under the dining room table. My sister and her entire family are afraid of her.  In fact, once when I was out of town, I coerced my sister to come feed her. Oh, she didn’t want to do it, but she REALLY owed me a big favor.  Her twenty-year old son came with her, armed with a giant squirt bottle and their stories of dashing from room to room, locking themselves into my laundry room until the coast was clear, had my hubby and I in stitches of laughter. 


Their fear of the Devil Cat is real!


Now, mind you, my Skittles is so sweet and loving to me, that it took me quite some time to believe these stories. I’ve decided that she’s a Heckal and Hyde Cat too. Do cats have dual personalities?  In my case, YES.


Skittles is spoiled. I’ll admit it. But my hubby is just as guilty as I am. When she was a kitten, he’d bend down to pet her as she ate her kitten kibbles.  Now, she runs into the kitchen and cries, meows and nips at our legs until we acknowledge that she’s eating – and darn it, we’d better pet her. Her purrs of joy tell us we’re good Cat Parents.


She’s the only cat I know who loves to drink coffee … no I don’t feed it to her, but Lo and Behold, if I walk away from my coffee cup, I’ll find her there, lapping it up as if it were a pint of milk. (I drink my coffee black and so, apparently does she). 


Skittles’ latest antics really surprised me! Since I’ve been exercising regularly, doing aerobics, weights and Pilates, if I’m on the ground, she’ll meow like there’s no tomorrow. “I don’t know what you want,” I’d say to her.  It’s almost as if I’m on her level– ground level and she feels excited to have me there. For whatever the reason, she won’t leave me alone when I exercise. The other day, after many meows and a few leg nips, (btw-I do reprimand her for those) I thought I’d show her a thing or two.  I put down my weights and picked her up instead. I dipped up and down doing my lunges, side sweeps and deep knee bends, thinking she’d hate this and leave me alone.

Well, I was mistaken.


She loved it!  Her purrs came loud and clear. She stayed in my arms during the whole routine. I couldn’t believe it. The Devil Cat turned into the Exercise Kitty.  And at 13 pounds, she certainly weighs more than the weights I’d been lifting. A win, win situation for both of us.  


To that, my husband said, “Now, she’s going to expect it every time.”  Like I can’t just put her outside if I wanted. <Big grin here>   


So, my question to all of you is, do you have pets? And what eccentric antics have they exhibited?  I know they have them. I’ve decided animals are much like people – and you know how quirky humans can be!


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51 thoughts on “Skittles the Quirky Cat by Charlene Sands”

  1. Charlene, Skittles sounds darling – except to those she doesn’t care to associate with. 😀

    I have a year old Border Terrier named Wrigs (short for Wrigley). His habit that puts us in stitches every time is bedtime. I’m a night owl – Wrigs is not. But since he sleeps on our bed, he has to wait until hubby or I turn back the comforter. He’ll fall sleep beside me on the couch until around 11pm or so. Then he’ll jump down, sit on the floor facing me, and stare at me with sleepy eyes until I get up, remove the comforter and put him to bed. If I tell him I’m not ready to go to bed, he’ll heave a huge audible sigh and flop down by my feet for a while longer. Then we go through the whole routine again. Of course, by the time I stop laughing, I’m wide awake again. Gotta love an expressive pet.

  2. Hi Charlene, I understand what you mean by “devil cat”. My mother had a cat which would deliberately come up to a stranger in the house, rub against them and then attack with her claws if the poor soul tried to pet her. We had to warn people about her. She loved my mother to death, but anyone else was fair game.

    I have two sixteen-year-old cats, littermates, with one brain between them. Emily, the brainy one, once got locked in my husband’s car by accident. Somehow, she turned the four-way flashers on. It was night, hubby saw the lights and rescued her. Patch, on the other hand, once tried to jump from the piano to the dining room table- a distance of about three feet – and got stuck with her hind feet on one and her front feet on the other. She’s a few bricks short of a load, and very neurotic. She hides if anyone comes to the house.

    We also have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Chance. We’ve done flyball and some agility with him. He’s sharp as a tack, but basically a goofy extrovert who loves everyone. At seven he still hasn’t given up hope that some day the cats will play with him. Ain’t gonna happen. Dogs are from Mars, cats are from Venus.

  3. Hello Charlene,

    We currently have 3 cats and a dog in the house. We have 1 horse, 3 other dogs, more cats and chickens outside. Some of our chickens run free while others are caged. Here is my story. Have you ever seen a horse, cats, and chickens eat together. Ours do. The only thing is Jack, the horse, has a tendency to try and eat everything without leaving anything for the others. Jack is also more like a watch dog then are dogs. He runs free most of the time. So when people come to visit, he tends to put them back in their vehicle. He even naes when someone is coming up the hill. He’s a better watch dog then are actual dogs. Gotta love him. Have a great day.

  4. Hi Tracy– oh my goodness! You’re Wrigs sounds like my cat! They are such creatures of habit. Skittles sleeps with me, but got used to sleeping on the left side of the bed. If I roll over and don’t make room for her, she’ll meow and meow, until I roll over. It never occurs to her that she could sleep on the right side between me and my hubby. Even when I put her there, she wanders back over to the right side or cries until I relent. DH says I’m spoiling her and he’s right.
    Thanks for sharing– don’t you just love cats?

  5. Hi Charlene, oh, I love this expose’ on darling Skitties! She is even cuter in real life 🙂 Thanks for sharing her with the world.

    We had an “Oreo” cookie…two black Labs and a yellow. Taking all three for a walk was like a chariot race. Tragically, the last of the trio, our boy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge just a couple of weeks ago. It takes so much of your heart to say good-bye that we’ve decided to go pet-less for a while. But we have 2 “grandpup” English bulldogs and three “niece” mini-Dachsunds and a “niece” Corgi, so we get plenty of puppy love.

    Thanks for the adorable post~ oxoxoxoxox

  6. Hi Jennie – You had me laughing out loud with your decriptions of Patch and Emily! What a hoot.
    As for Chance, he sounds like most hopeful dogs who want nothing more to be a part of a cat’s life. Ain’t gonna happen. Cats think they are far superior!!

  7. Hi Roberta – Thanks for sharing about your pets and you do have quite a few. I’d love to see a picture of all your animals eating together. Would make a great Christmas card! Jack the watchhorse is one I’d really love to meet!

  8. We had a cat once, many years ago, that was pure white, long beautiful fur, and with blue eyes. He just wandered up to our country home one day and stayed. Very odd eccentric cat, mostly lived outdoors though I’d let him inside sometimes when my husband wasn’t watching. 🙂
    He would ignore me completely but he was really friendly, too, when I went to him. I remember that when I’d run the vaccuum, unlike most cats, he’d ignore it and once he even jumped up on this low canister vaccuum and slept on it while I pulled it around the house. Odd.
    Mostly he was regal in his disdain for me and everyone.
    This cat was so beautiful I always imagined him more appropriately created to live on a silk, tasselled pillow with a heavily jeweled collar, being tempted with bits of lobster and steak, than to be running around on a ranch. I always felt like I wasn’t treating him right by not allowing him to live always inside, pampered and adored. Still, I don’t care much for housepets and I never let him stay inside for long.
    Somewhere along the line someone said, “A pure white cat with blue eyes is almost always deaf.”
    You know, that explained everything.
    That cat WAS deaf. It gave him an even more appealing nature because he was now disabled.

    Sooooooooo because we had a lot of cats and I never felt like we treated this one with proper awe and wonder, like he deserved, I asked around if anyone wanted a housecat to adore.

    A lady who belongs to a club I was in said she’d take him. They had one little housekitten, her daughters, and her son had been clamoring for an indoor pet of his own. So this sounded like the perfect fit.

    I handed over the cat and she took him home and they set him down on the ground outside to introduce him to their precious little kitten, with her young children there for the big feline meeting and my regal white tom cat …………………….
    grabbed the kitten by the neck and killed it dead in a split second with the kids watching. Then he ran.

    My friend (we were never all that close after that!) said they saw him flitting around the outbuildings at their house but never got close to him. He’d slink in and eat from their cats dish…they had other outside cats. But run if they got close.

    I think he ended up living a long life outdoors.

    And her children, now in their twenties, probably still have nightmares.
    I’m lucky I didn’t have to pay for therapy.

  9. Hi Tanya – Yep, you know our Skittles. We think Skittles likes you and Tim, but still, I wouldn’t trust her around you two if I walked out of the room. She’s a true split personality cat!

    I can just envision you trying to walk all three of the Oreos! Or rather, they walked you, and at a fast pace. Enjoy being petless for a while -it’s hard saying good-bye. Zac has to put his Magic down next week and we’re all so sad about it.

  10. Oh my Goodness, Mary! What a story. While I was reading, I never expected such an ending. I think that would have upset me for years! If only we could peek inside a cat’s mind and see what they are thinking. Sometimes, with Skittles — I’m never sure…she’s high maintenence at times, but she’s a very good house pet and so loving to me.

    We had a pure white cat while growing up, with big blue eyes named Cuddles. I think she was deaf too.

  11. Hi Charlene, I love your cat so pretty, I grew up having cats all over the place, but now our youngest daughter can’t be around them she has asthma. I sure miss them.
    I’m looking forward to your new book,

  12. Love your kitty photo and stories, Charlene. If I tried the exercise with my 20-pound tabby boy Walter, I would be BUFF! Walter is the clown prince of cats. He and his beautiful little girlfriend Sadie (who is sweet and shy and never causes trouble) keep me in stitches. If I’m working and he wants attention he just jumps onto the desk and lays down across my wrists.
    Your book cover is gorgeous! I’ll keep my eyes open for that one.

  13. I have a German Shepherd named Gypsy who is very playful and loves to give you kisses. I also have two Bengal cats named Harley and Max. They are very rambunctious and love to play. They like to wrestle each other and pounce on us.

  14. Hi Penney,
    Oh, I know, I’m a cat lady. I have 2 but I’d have more if I could keep them outside but we have coyotes in the area and my cats are indoor cats.Thanks for stopping by today!

  15. Hi Elizabeth – Oh, your tabby is 20 lbs! Now that Would be a workout!! Just lifting him would be a chore. Oh, to have 2 cats that actually got along like Walter and Sadie. I have to keep my cats apart… they don’t like each other.

  16. Charlene, your cat looks so much like my daughter’s cat, and like yours she only likes a few people. My daughter and granddauther to be exact. Everyone else she hisses at. We had a cat several years ago that chased the plastic rings that are around milk containers. We had those rings all over the house. Her favorite trick though was for us to flick it down the stairs and she would go bounding down the whole flight only hitting every other stair, pick it up and bring it back to us.

  17. Yes, my kitty’s quirk is that she’s a voyeur. Whenever you go to the bathroom, she has to go with you and sit in front of you the whole time watching.

  18. I don’t know where to begin since I currently have 6 cats (two dogs have passed and two cats) and I take care of ferals. The coffee really surprises me. I two have one that sits on my lap when I do sit ups lol. And I had the same computer problem. I raised one on a baby bottle when he was somehow covered in motor oil and the mother left him for me to care for – he’s now my biggest baby! We have one that likes to stand on top of closet doors – quite a feat! They are all so distict and there are too many stories but they surely enrich my life.

  19. Charlene, love your cat stories. How funny that he only likes three people in the world. I wish sometimes that I had a cat but so far I haven’t been that fortunate. They’re definitely different than dogs.

    Ooooooh, I love your new book cover!! Wow! Looks really great. The title is just perfect. That’ll hook the reader and reel ’em in. Hope your sales are through the roof.

  20. I’m so jealous. I love cats and would gladly have one to love on. When I was a kid we had a cat named Fred. Poor Fred. He was my “baby.” He let me dress him up in baby clothes and push him around the house in a doll stroller. When I took him out and cuddled him like a baby he would lay a paw on my face and purr. I think he really believed he was human. He was a good boy. =)

  21. Hi Judy A – while my cat reminds you of your daughter’s cat, the one that hisses at everyone, your cat reminds me of my son’s cat! Lalou, goes after those plastic rings with a vengeance. Its by far her favorite toy!! So I can relate. Cats seem to like plastic anything!! You can so much fun with a cat with the cheapest toy. 🙂

  22. Jody F – glad you mentioned that. Skittles scratches at the bathroom door if I don’t let her in. What’s up with that? I remember when my kids were younger, they’d do the same thing, only they’d knock, not scratch!

  23. HI Linda,
    Thanks for the compliment on the cover. I really like the colors. My hero was supposed to look like David Beckham and heroine, like Kate Hudson. Well, they got close sort of.

    We’ve had dogs while growing up and you’re right cats are so different. Dogs wouldn’t survive without an owner, whereas cats are self-sufficient, a curse as well as a blessing. 🙂

  24. Hi Stephanie – My husband would LOVE a cat like your Fred. My DH keeps saying our cats aren’t CATS. A cat is someone who’ll lay on your lap, purr and fall asleep. A cat will play with you and never hiss. A cat likes people and would welcome anyone into our home.

    Well, I guess he’s right. Skittles does none of those things. So my dh feels we got cheated!

  25. Hi Jeanne – you have 6 cats? Do they all like each other? They all sound so different.
    We tried to take in a feral, we even set a little trap because it was a kitten and we knew it was starving, but it was so wild and scared, we never did catch it. I worried about that cat so much because of the coyotes in our area. But lately, I think I’ve seen the grown up version of that kitten, in our neighborhood, so I’m hoping it survived.

  26. Hi Charlene, I have two cats, littermates, and completely different. Not only in color, but personalities. I am glad there are other cats that are overweight. My tabby is 15pounds, but Precious is about 7. They hide from all people and especially children. Precious does join me in the bathroom and sits on my lap……
    They are such great companions and so much fun just to watch them and their antics. Sleeping arrangements: Tabby is at the foot of the bed and Precious is above my pillow. Close enough to be able to put her foot out and touch my face and scare me to death in the middle of the night.

  27. Re: cats getting along–Walter and Sadie were shelter buddies. I fell in love with his photo on an on-line adoption site and took him home. He drove me crazy for days with his sad meowing until I went back and got his little friend. It was like the reunion scene from the Princess Bride. They love each other.

  28. Hi again, Just now looking at the pictures of your Skittles, I was amazed at how similar he is to my Precious. She is all black with a white chin, a couple of white splotches on her chest and belly and white paws. She looks more like a Halloween cat. But the white chin throws you off.
    Just an observance.

  29. HI Mary J – did you know they call our cats, Tuxedo Cats? There’s a cat right next door to ours who looks exactly like my Skittles. She sleeps in the window and I see her every time I drive by. It’s uncanny how the tuxedo cats look so similiar.

  30. I used to have cats, but I haven’t had one for a long time. I have to settle for my brothers dog, now. Although I think she has been a cat in a previous life. When she’s here, she always tries to climb on the back of a sofa that is by the window -just like my cats used to do, but she’s a bit too big to that. Once she even fell down the floor because of it. And I’ve been told she occasionally makes these sounds that sound like meows.

  31. Gotta love animals!!! 😀 Our household has always had a variety of critters. Our cat Zoom Zoom, who is 17, loves to con everyone into feeding her. She acts like she is starving as you walk by… She loves spaghetti. She also loves to tease and go after my mother’s minpin Turbo. That poor dog… He is a lunatic. He wants to go in & out 20 thousand times a day… Then we have Kali, a chihuahua/ corgi mix, she loves playing blankie monster. She goes under a blanket and attacks unknown monsters. I could go on… stories about our birds, hamsters, rats, backyard friends, etc.

  32. Cat are very neat animals, we use to have one many years ago and there is still a lot of cats in our neighhood, maybe because we have a fish pond in the back yard. They may think its lunch time. To me a cat is one of the most loving animals and I really enjoy ours but my so has an alergy to cats now and he can’t get around them.

  33. Hi Minna – Too funny about the dog who thinks its a cat. And she makes sounds like a meow! I have to have a cat in my life. Have had one or 11 at one time when two mommies had kittens, all of my life. We’ve had dogs too, but they are a bit of work to raise. Cats are easy!

  34. Hi Quilt Lady – I bet the neighborhood cats love your fish pond. 🙂 I agree, if you don’t have a Devil Cat, you may get one that’s loving and sweet. I’m glad Skittles loves me. 🙂

  35. Charlene,

    I’m a huge animal/cat lover, and I love it when people share their pet stories. Skittle looks just like my Spot except Spot has a big white spot in the middle of his nose. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Skittles with us.

  36. Hi Charlene, closing down the computer for the day. Just got my Ms. off. Whew.

    The cover is gorgeous! I can hardly wait for another good read!! Congratulations.


  37. Hi Charlene
    Cats are my favourite subject! I’ve been adopted by one who was thrown into a river as a tiny five week old and rescued. He was such a character, loved to sit on the stairs and claw ankles as he came down. Vets hated him, he was always the boss – until he got kidney failure at about age 9 and ended up having to go every 6 wks for a shot. Then he was just lovely, didn’t have to put him in a cage, he’d just sit on the front seat of the car and then quietly beside me in the waiting room. My biggest regret is that when they found the liver tumour that killed him (aged 11) the vet said they couldn’t do the op for an hour or so, they were just going to open him up and then call me. So I allowed my darling boy to be put in a cage and I walked out of there. I can’t get over the guilt that I should have stayed, like I always did. Of course, they opened him up, found the massive tumour and put him down straight away. The guilt still brings tears to my eyes.
    After him we got minnie and eccles as babies. Eccles was white with ginger ears and a ginger tail and blue eyes, and yes he was deaf as a post. Min is still going strong at 19, she is a tortoise shell, and she sits in my office all day long on her red silk cushion, helping me write the book. Now we have Noah, a white cat with black spots and a black moustache. He was a stray who adopted us at about four months old, had cancer mouth and had to have all his teeth and tonsils out aged 2, and is now 13 and still growing – put on nearly half a kilo in the last six months (because my dad lives with us now and gives him cheese.) I love him passionately and it would break my heart if he leaves us, but I think I would miss Minnie’s quiet presence more and for longer, she has been part of us for so long.
    Dogs have masters, cats have slaves, I know that’s true!

  38. We have 4 dogs, 2 cats, one snake and 3 peacocks (the hen is sitting on 12 eggs right now). Our cats are not very exciting. One sort of just lies there and looks like a bowling ball – looks like one too. The dogs have personality. Our old lab is so lame with arthritis, she finds it hard to move around (I can relate). She is 13 and a sweetheart. We did foster care for the animal shelter and she is from our first litter. Our terrier is from the last litter and is 8 years old. She is nuts. She has always been a hyper dog. Now that we have a new puppy, she has turned into an old grouch. There is a healer mix that showed up on our doorstep about 6 years ago and he won’t leave. He is pushy and just in the way. He has a bad habit of bumping you at knee level. They are all mutts, the best kind of dog to have. Our new puppy is another story. Our son’s friend has pure bred pit bulls. They had a litter and didn’t want to sell them because they didn’t want people to get them for fighting. Our son said he would take one if they couldn’t find homes for them all. We ended up with one, big surprise. Some how it is now our dog. At six months, she is smart and a character. Pit bulls have a bad rap because of the ways they have been misused. They were one of the preferred breeds for family dogs in England where they were developed.
    Our biggest problem has been she wants to play and the other dogs are too old or grouchy. We had her spayed yesterday hoping among other things, she would calm down. Ha! fat chance. My husband is the dog magnet. The old lab still gets into his lap – a 75 pound lap dog. The puppy jumps into his lap before he is even seated. They love him. All the dogs we have ever had have loved him. One of the cats is sort of mine.
    I deal with the snake the most. He does most of the feeding, but I take her around to the schools and handle her the most. In all fairness, he is the one that takes care of the animals. My work schedule has me gone all day and he usually gets home from work about 10 AM.
    The peacocks have been interesting. They can be noisy, but most of the time that is in response to dogs in the area barking.
    If I had another two pages, I could get into the stories about my daughters’ pets . One has a gorgeous maine coon cat. The other has a zoo.
    I really can’t imagine a home without pets, but with the drifts of shed hair around the house this spring/summer, I’d be willing to find out.

  39. Hi Jan – oh the river cat story is so touching. Don’t feel guilty – just remind yourself that you did what you had to do at the time. And you are sooo right, cats have slaves. But we love them anyway. 🙂

  40. Hi Pat B – oh wow. You are the first person I know who has peacocks!! And almost your own zoo too. But your daughter is the one with the real zoo. That’s very neat! I won’t talk to you about snakes… not for me. But I do love animals and sounds like you have your fair share!

    Thanks for your input. I enjoyed it very much!

  41. Thanks for this morning chuckles reading about your dear cat, Skittles. I love how he looks up and tries to see if the monitor has changed back (!) – and drinking coffee: wow!

    I lost my soul cat, Shags over a year ago – and believe me: it’s losing your best friend and companion. A thousand times a day I would look down and appreciate his amazing adorableness (inside and out) and say: I LOVE YOU! Can’t do that with a human!

    Shags had SO many endearing traits, as well as being his own man. My favorite story is: sometimes he’d get in a mood and to wake me up, he would jump on me FROM THE FLOOR. That’s like a BOMB shock – and he knew it was the perfect ‘wake-up’ trick .

    So, that particular day, he did it the first time: I was having none of it and threw him off me onto the floor. Again – threw him off me on the floor. Third time, same thing. Finally, tired to be thrown on the floor, the fourth time he jumped NEXT to me, on the bed, like a well-behaved little thing. Then HE SLAPPED ME…..and ran off!

    What a little doll to have so much personality!!!

    They’re the greatest creatures…….

  42. My 6 don’t all get along but they usually tolerate each other. there is a pecking order. My oldest has passed but my one male gave her a hard time about food. I adopted one of my daughter’s and she still is one to go after any of the timid ones. All are ferals but I was able to get to know most of them as young kittens except one. I have had 3 permant ferals for 12 years that I finally caught and had fixed and males come and go. I just had a horrible experience with a new little stray this past winter. It took me a week or so for it to trust me but even with vet care he only lasted less than two days with a bad case of pneumonia – he was so young and I wish I could have done more.

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