Saturday’s Guest: Susan Meier

maid-in-montanaHello Darlings,

Ah do hope you’re anxious to meet our next guest. . .Susan Meier!

Miss Susan has written a whole slew of romance books and is coming to tell us a little about her newest one, Maid in Montana. Looks like a humdinger of a family on that cover. That baby is a little darling! Oh, and did I mention the man? Hee-hee!

Ah might be mistaken but ah do believe this is Miss Susan’s first visit to the Junction. The Fillies are asking for your help in making her feel at home.

So, hitch up your buggies and head over here on Saturday. Plan on propping up your feet and sittin’ a spell. Loosen up your tongues cause we’ll have plenty of things to chat about.

Take care now, you hear!

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