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"Courted by the Cowboy"  Stetsons, Spring & Wedding Rings Anthology June has been a crazy busy month so far…my baby graduated from 8th grade this week (Yay, Ethan!), I have a book due (ack!!!), and STETSONS SPRING & WEDDING RINGS is in bookstores.  We also had our first family gathering in our newly remolded house to celebrate Ethan’s advancement to high school. It was the first time most of our family had seen our new space and I thought I’d share some pictures today.

We’ve lived in our tiny ranch house for eighteen years, our kitchen not much more than a little hallway with a stove on one side, sink on the other, and next to no counter space or storage.  In the past six months or so we knocked out the wall of tiny kitchen and mini dinning room and turned our backyard into our new kitchen, dining room, living room, entry way and….OFFICE for me!  We’ve just been back in our house for a few months now and I can’t express how much I’m enjoying the new space!  The addition has ten foot ceilings–so breathable–and the new kitchen is open to the living room and dining room.  Our old living room has been converted into a music room for the heavy-metal-lovin’ men in my house–it has doors–that close 🙂

But I have to say, after moving twice, living out of boxes for months, I’m so glad it’s over  *lol*  We still have some painting to do, but that will have to wait until after I finish the next two books! Here’s some pics of our new space—we’ll start with the entry way.


This is one feature my hubby and I really wanted–we always said if we ever remodeled we’d splurge on a large entry way, aka: wasted space, something we didn’t have in our little econo house.   We just love it.  My hubby stained the rough wood beam that that stretches across the far end near the ceiling.  I still need to hang my lucky horseshoe.


The kitchen is now my favorite place in the house. It’s got this giant single-basin farm house sink which is awesome because it’s so huge it never looks like you have many dirty dishes–a nice illusion.  We have a low bar and high bar, perfect for morning tea and breakfast.  I love the hickory floors. The dining room is off to the side of the kitchen, but I forgot to get a picture.


The new living room is quiet and and CLEAN–mainly because the teens now have their own domain–the virtual landfill of power cords, backpacks, CD’s, song books and anything else the teens drag in.  Did I mention that room now has DOORS that close.  The new living room, none of that  😉staceys_desk

Off the living room is my own writing sanctuary–painted in my favorite color!


I even have a little mini library–two rows of inset bookshelves from floor to ten-foot ceiling!!  My old office was my son’s bedroom–he’s got his own room again.  And my books and other writer paraphernalia used to be just piled around. That has been the biggest bonus in doubling the size of our house–a place to put everything.  After twenty years of marriage and growing two six-foot boys, our lil’ house was busting at the seams.

Now that we’ve converted our backyard into the new front of our house, the next project will be turning our old front yard into the new patio area and backyard.  One great thing about living in the boondocks–you can flip your house with ease–although the UPS man was confused for a while.

What is your favorite space in your house? Do you have a favorite feature or fixture?

I have advance copies of MOUNTAIN WILD!!  So one lucky poster will win an early signed copy!!

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64 thoughts on “Stacey’s New Digs”

  1. We have a bedroom that used to be “The Nursery”. Now that my youngest is almost 19 and away at college, we’ve converted it to a study with a comfy couch where I can read in peace & quiet!!

  2. Hello Stacey,

    My favorite space is my computer desk. Your kitchen is amazing. Love the layout. Also, I like your color choices. Have a great day.

  3. the cover is awesome on the book;
    Love the re-do of your house; I bet you are enjoying every minute as you should be.
    I love it in the computer room or my craft room.

  4. Beautiful job with the house, Stacey. I’ll bet it was tough living with it while the work was going on, especially if your kitchen was torn apart. I remember one summer we put the stove and refrigerator out on our open porch and I cooked out there for a month or maybe six weeks while the kitchen was torn up.

    I had four young ones at home at the time. It got VERY old. 🙂 Nice when it’s done, though. If you haven’t lost your mind.

    Great cover, too. In fact I just love it. Once I tear my eyes of the shirtless guy of course, the woman the rifle, all eye catching.

  5. Your house looks great. My favorite room is my kitchen. We recently remodeled it and I am loving it. 🙂 Love the cover to Mountain Wild. Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  6. Good morning, Stacey. Your remodeling turned out perfectly! Yay. And we like the same colors. Great minds think alike 🙂 And that is a fabulous cover. Whew.

    My daughter’s room became my writing room the second she moved to an apartment after college graduation and was informed she couldn’t move back. So I surround myself with all my favorite things, books, pictures et al. I also like our downstairs bathroom which has a barn-star theme.

    Congrats on the graduation and your book! oxoxox

  7. Stacey, I love your new house and especially the kitchen. Absolutely awesome. BTW I had that sink for a couple of years now. I can’t say enough how useful it is.

  8. Beautiful! It is so uplifting to go from a small house to something that allows you to breathe! WE did that six years ago. WE had six of us living in an old double wide mobile home and we built a 2300 sq ft house with ten foot ceilings and a loft that is my office. I love the loft! I look out at our fields and the Cascade mountains beyond. Perfect writing space.

    Congrats on the new digs and the book!

  9. The house looks fantastic. I especially love your office nook and library…your kitchen is awesome too..
    My favourite space is my kitchen where I have a big picture window and I have my desk and computer there. In the late afternoon I get the sunshine in that window and it is a good place to read..
    Enjoy your new home..

  10. Seriously, LOVE THE COVER!!! 😀

    I still live at home with my mom :)…what can I say, I’m still in my early 20’s, but “whenever” I move out, my mom has sworn to turn my room into her sewing room. Who knows if she’ll do it, but that’s her dream!

  11. love the colours in your house they’re very beautiful.cant wait for mountain wild !!!! i have all your books!!! i love them all.

  12. Congratulations, Stacy, your “new” abode looks and
    sounds just great. I’m jealous, I’ve always wanted
    to extend our 1969 era home into the backyard but
    “something else’ kept getting in the way! Where once six lived, now there are just two and I can’t
    see us making the changes now! Enjoy the new home!
    Looking forward to getting my hands on your new book!

    Pat Cochran

  13. Stacey,

    What a beautiful job with the remodling! It’s like moving into a whole new house. I’m sure you agree that all the inconvenience of living out of suitcases for months was definitely worth it. Wow! Just gorgeous. The favorite part of my house is the master bedroom. It’s really roomy and I have custom window dressings. The soft mauve colors make it so conducive to good sleep, something that’s really important to me.

    Love the cover of Mountain Wild! I wonder if that man’s cold since Maggie’s wearing a heavy coat and there’s snow on the mountains behind him. LOL But he sure is nice to look at! sigh Can’t wait to get my copy.

  14. I have a spare back bedroom for guests that stay over it has two bookshelves with my various reads on them. Whenever anybody stays over they love to go through my books!

  15. Beautiful, Stacey. You’ve done a wonderful job fixing the place up. The colors are great and I especially love your library area. 🙂

    NOW get to work, please….don’t make me get my whip out again.

  16. Love the pictures!! Gorgeous home!

    I’m currently redoing my bathroom..halfway painted and getting new fixtures. Whenever you start a project, you never think it’s going to be as much hassle or take as much time as it does!

    Congratulations on your new book!!

  17. That’s a beautiful house you have! Congrats!

    My favorite room is my office. The sun shines through the windows all morning long making it nice and toasty in winter. I also put in an electric fireplace that takes the chill off very nicely.

  18. Love your “new” house! My favorite spot is my recliner in the living room. I can watch TV, look out the picture window, do my puzzles, read, snack and nap.

  19. Lovely pics… That is one great lookin cover for MOUNTAIN WILD!
    My favorite place is the room I curl up in to read… great view of the yard… peaceful and relaxing… 😀

  20. Oh wow, your house is beautiful! We added on to our house years ago and made the kitchen bigger. This past couple of weeks we had to tare out the floor and its been a big mess. We lived in our house while we were remodeling and it was a bit of a mess but we survided. Now I going to start doing soom painting, so I have my work cut out for me.

  21. Hi Terri!! Thanks so much 😀 The color in the entry is Autumn Sun — depending on the light coming through that top window, sometimes it looks burnt orange, red or brown. Always looks WARM 🙂 Now we just need a halltree (bench with a tall back and coat hooks) and a big mirror 🙂

    Thanks for stopping in Terri!!

  22. Your house looks beautiful, Stacey! Well worth the inconvenience and time, I’m sure. I can do little things like paint (just finished the living room), but have never remodeled my little house. Enjoy your new surroundings.
    Gorgeous cover–how could anyone resist picking it up? Hope it flies off the shelves!

  23. Cheers to you on the new remodel too, Crystal!! Having a new kitchen is like living in a new CONVENIENT world *lol* I like cooking again and I even like CLEANING :-O

  24. Hi Roberta! Thank you!! All we have left to paint in the living room a deep tan and then all the trim will be Tree Bark brown. Maybe next month *g*

  25. Your new digs look inviting.
    My favorite place in my house is an extra bedroom that has been turned into a commputer-library-Mom’s-room. There are shelves for my books on one wall, under the window of the south facing wall is a table I use for doing my watercolor paintings, and the other wall has a long counter built in with complete with a computer, file drawers, a top shelf with a tv hanging below it. I spend as much time as I can in there. The other wall has a small closet an entry door. There is room for 2 doggie beds for the terriers. It isn’t too far from the kitchen and choolate or coffee. Yeah, I get more enjoyment out of it than when it was a guest bedroom.

  26. LOL, Mary! You are a brave woman!! My hubby had this amazing idea to just put the fridge and the microwave in the old livingroom while they did the house–I told him he could visit me and the kids at the RENTAL 😉 mind you they also gutted both bathrooms and the laundry room. The old kitchen hallway used to be a straight shot through the laundry “area” and then into the bathroom. All separate rooms now.

    Didn’t take long for him to come around. But this is a germaphobic man who thrives on ROUTINE and being in HIS domain. So he was not a happy camper, which mad it rough on all of us 😉

  27. Must be the Western Writers in us, Tanya 😉 How cool!! Love the sound of that barn star bathroom!!

    Thanks for the cover cheers–I’m pretty pleased 😀 Okay, I was a little bummed that they showed Garret’s face, but then my CP’s first comment was “Oh good, now I can see Garret as a MAN instead of a young boy!” Uhm, yeah–that’s a good thing!! *g*

  28. What a pretty house! I can only dream. Pity me…we live in a 900sqft apartment. Nothing I love about it…nothing…except my couch where I like to take naps. =)

  29. Hi Stacey! What a beatuiful entry hall and kitchen! The work and upheaval truly paid off. It’s positively gorgeous! And I’m envious of your clean living room. Mine’s so full of clutter it’s ridiculous, and that’s with the kids all grown up.

    I suppose my favorite room in the townhouse my hubby and I have in northern Virginia is the extra bedroom I use for an office. The window looks out into the backyard. The yard’s not large, but it’s full of trees. When the dogwood blooms, it’s lovely.

  30. Hi Stacey – Beautiful renovations! I feel like we lived through it with you, so it’s great to see it all finished. I’m in love with your kitchen! I like a spacious kitchen and I’ve always wanted an island like that.

    Congrats on the new look, the new book and your video trailer. Lots of good things happening in June. Oh, and the most important, you son’s graduation!!

  31. Thank you, Kathleen! Ya know, before the new office finding a research book was like digging through a landfill 😉 And putting the books away in their new home was like getting new books *ggg*

    Your picture window sounds beautiful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  32. Hi RachieG! Thanks–He’s a keeper 😉

    Lucky you, still living at home. I recall feeling a little rebuffed at how fast my folks converted my ‘old room’ *lol*

    Thanks for sharing!!

  33. You have a beautiful home, Stacey. I’m glad you managed to build in everything you wanted.

    My favorite space? That would be a toss up between my new office–with one wall of floor to ceiling bookshelves–or the screened deck, which faces the lake and has more square footage than our first apartment. lol

  34. This is very mundane, but I love our hall lights, that can be turned on and off from either end of the hall. It’s a long, l-shaped hallway, and that’s just so handy going to the bedroom at night.

    I also used to love our shower knob, which has a separate setting for the temperature, so you can set it to whatever temperature you like and keep it there and never have to fuss around making the water hotter or colder. But it has fused itself, making it very hard to ever change the setting, which is something of a drag.

  35. THANK YOU, Pat!! It was getting to the point of expand or move the kids into the barn 😉 Although, being that they have a drum set, keyboard and too many electric guitars (baby boy is off buying another with his graduation money!) I’m still not sure the barn is a bad idea *ggg*

    Thanks for sharing!!

  36. Hi Stacey,
    Your remodeled rooms look gorgeous! I like my living room the best because it doesn’t have a television in it so I can read on the couch without someone blasting me out.

  37. Hi Linda! Yeah–it does feel like a whole new house. Well worth all the hassle. Now if I could just get this BOOK DONE before my editors realize it’s missing *g* My new office door has a LOCK–heaven. Although I find I like writing at the high bar when the kids are in school the best.

    Your new bedroom sounds gorgeous! So glad you’re getting setting in your new home 🙂

    LOL about Garret being cold — Maggie’s a smart girl…she keeps him warm 😉

    Thanks for sharing, Linda!

  38. Stacy – I love the “new” house. You should have been on DIY. I especially like your kitchen. I guess because my kitchen is my favorite room. It has an open plan like yours and opens up to the living room. I have to go vote for your trailer – good luck.

  39. Your house looks amazing!
    My favorite place is a third bedroom I converted to a computer/sewing/library room.
    My TBR pile is attempting to eat my sewing corner!

  40. WOW Stacey—-way to go on the home renovations girl!!! I absolutely LOVE your new kitchen!!! Renovating and moving are two things that are a love/hate experience, right? Atleast-I think so! It’s very exciting-but also lots of hard work and frustration! Congratulations on finally getting it done-it’s beautiful!

    P.S. Im going now to vote for your book video-after I watch it again! LOL

  41. Our kitchen, breakfast nook, family room area is where we pretty much live. Our house is a victorian era farm house. We had to gut it and redo everything when we go it. The previous owner had knocked off the kitchen and stuck a California-style room on the house. It was poorly built, didn’t line up with the house, and looked like heck. We spent the first 3 years trying to correct the damage they had done to the main part of the house as well as the eyesore addition. We ended up going out another 24 feet and widening the addition 14 ft. This gave us a breakfast nook, entryway with closets, sunroom with gazebo room for the jacuzzi.
    It has been 17 years and we are still moving boxes and still trying to finish up. We keep getting sidetracked. Extend the garage. Build a forge building for blacksmithing hobby. Extend the garage again and make an apartment (for son). Expand forge building because first design wasn’t big enough and son is doing more work. We’ve been here long enough that it is now time to redo lots of things we did once already.
    The one thing I noticed in your house – no bookcases. My cookbooks wouldn’t fit in your closet. I’ll admit I’m a Bookaholic. There isn’t a room in our house that doesn’t have books in it. I’ll admit to having too many, but it is so hard to get rid of them.
    Your house looks great. It is uncluttered which is something I doubt mine will ever be. You have all your bases covered. Great kitchen. Nice family space. Room for the kids that can be closed off and hidden! Yard space to orient it the way you want. A place of your own to work! Enjoy it!!!

  42. The house looks gorgeous! Love the kitchen.
    I recently moved into a new house as well. My favorite space is the huge backyard and the library 🙂

  43. I love what you have done with your place. My favorite place in my home is curled up anywhere with a good book.

  44. Congrats to your son Stacy! We had our 26th anniversary yesterday too 🙂 The pics are so beautiful!!! One thing is we have an old house and they don’t have closets! So we had to make within and made the room smaller. So everything for me is great outside under the tree reading!

  45. Thank you, Lyoness! You are so right–nothing seems as complicated as it really is on the surface 😉 Cheers on the new bathroom!

    Hi Jody–ooh, and office fireplace–sounds lovely!! My window looks into the front yard and the hubby put in a moch river with river rock and picked out some the coolest flowers to go right outside my window–they’re called Kangaroo Toes and they have this bulbous kind of waxy looking flowers that are a coral color—the rest is river/woodsy looking landscape 🙂

    Hi Karen! Sounds like the place to be! Our recliner is one reason I really love my laptop ;o) Thanks for sharing!!

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