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Well, I’m settling into my new house just outside of Lubbock, Texas in a small town called Ralls. I’m tired but real glad to be here. It’s absolutely wonderful to finally live near my son and youngest daughter and three of my grandkids. Last week I attended my five year old granddaughter’s Pre-K graduation ceremony and went to her T-ball game. This is a picture of the two of us. Those kids make me laugh. If you’re feeling old and useless, try hanging out with a group of five year olds. That’ll make you young again. Or send you running to the nearest mental hospital!


I may be crazy but I’m thrilled to have this opportunity.

I became so isolated after the death of my husband and with no family near. So now I feel like a parched piece of desert that’s only now seeing rainfall. I want to drink my fill.

Everything here on the South Plains is much different from North Texas where I lived. The ground is very flat and they don’t get a whole lot of rain. Cotton is king. Life in general rotates around fields and fields of cotton.

Ralls is no exception. This is a sleepy little town of 2,000. We have one small grocery store, a convenience store, and a Dollar General in addition to a bank and post office. It’s going to take some doing to get used to not having a Starbucks right around the corner. Yikes! But all joking aside, I wouldn’t trade what I have here for all the Starbucks in the world. I’m grinning like a big old dumb mule that’s gotten into the corn mash!  And there’s always the big metropolis of Lubbock (population 260,000) twenty miles away whenever I get the yearning where I can find anything in the world.


In this part of the state Texas Tech University reigns supreme. Everywhere I look I find T-shirts, hats, and a ton of other merchandise bearing the red TT. These folks are quite committed to their Red Raiders I have to say. There’s school spirit and then there’s undying loyalty and love for a school. This is serious business here. Guess I’ll have to get busy and buy my Red Raider memorabilia so I can blend in.


Lubbock also boasts the Buddy Holly Museum which honors the early rock and roller and other West Texas musical talent. Buddy Holly is their favorite son though and always will be. They have a big celebration each year to commemorate Holly’s life. He’s another thing they’re very serious about here.


Then there’s the National Ranching Heritage Center which covers 14 acres and is a part of Texas Tech. It features 36 restored historic structures that were brought here from original sites throughout the state. The buildings tell the story of men and women who settled the West and recreates ranch life from 1780 to 1930. This will be one of the first places I visit. I’d heard about it for years but never got a chance to see it. I’m sure it’ll be the subject of a future blog just as soon as I can. Be watching for it.

Another place I can’t wait to visit is the American Wind Power Museum. It has over 120 rare, fully restored and functioning windmills. It’s one of the largest collections in the world.

The Silent Wings Museum here pays tribute to the WWII U.S. Combat Glider Program. It has one of a very few fully restored WWII gliders.

So, as you can see, there are lots of things to do. I can see I’ll be very busy for a while.

What are your plans for the summer? Going to do anything exciting? Lord, I hope you’re not planning on moving but if you are I hope it’s to be with family!

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Here in the Texas Panhandle, we do love our cowboys. There's just something about a man in a Stetson and jeans that makes my heart beat faster. I'm not much of a cook but I love to do genealogy and I'm a bit of a rock hound. I'm also a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. You can contact me through my website and I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. HAPPY READING!

37 thoughts on “Linda Broday Settles In”

  1. Linda, let me be the first to say “Welcome Home”! You’re going to love the new adventures–now that you’re actually moved, that is. And you won’t miss Starbucks–much. 😀

    I lived in Dallas for a 25 years and never knew about the National Ranching Heritage Center. Guess I’ll be making a trip to Lubbock. We can find a Starbucks together.

  2. Linda, I hope you do a future post on the National Ranching Heritage Center. I live in Abilene, and like you, I keep meaning to go but haven’t done it yet. I’d like to take my daughter up there for a girls day out trip. Let us know how you like it and which exhibits are your favorite.

  3. Hi Tracy!

    It’s a date. You just come on and we’ll roam for hours in the National Ranching Heritage Center. Better wear comfortable shoes. Walking those 14 acres might be a chore. In fact, we may have to take two days to really appreciate it all.

    And we’ll definitely relax over a treat from Starbucks. I’m sure Lubbock has some. From what I’ve seen so far, it has most anything you want.

  4. Good morning, Karen!

    Wow, a fellow Texan! Abilene isn’t that far from me. Yes, I’ll definitely blog about the Ranching Heritage Center just as soon as I can arrange to go. And I’ll let you know which exhibits to head for first. Hope you and your daughter get to go to it before long. It’d make a wonderful girls day out.

    I’ve never been to Abilene’s Frontier town thing you have. I’ve heard from my sister that it’s really neat. I’ll have to make time for it one of these days. If you’ve been, what did you think about it?

  5. Hi Linda, God’s blessings on your new home sweet home! Now I now whom to consult if I ever need Texas info!

    And aren’t grandkids the best? We’ve got one two year old grandson and he is my newest boyfriend. Oh how I love him!

    Our biggie this summer is our daughter’s wedding and since it’s three hours from home, we are spending a lot of weekends down there in Orange County CA. It’s a nice area with lots to do. We also plan on a couple of trips to Palm Springs and hopefully somewhere swell to celebate our 35th anniversary. Probably a Hawaiian island although I’m rooting for NYC 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful post and reminder of all that’s important…me, I’d miss my McDonald’s iced coffee, my latest guilty pleasure.


  6. Linda, glad to hear you are settling into your new home. Sounds like you have some interesting sites to visit.

  7. Linda, the picture of you with your granddaughter is so precious. I know how sad you were to leave the town you’ve learned to love, your friends, and settle in a new town. But, I also, know how much you are enjoying being with your family, particularly your grandchildren. There’s a lot to explore in your new location, and believe it or not, although I’m less than two hours from Lubbock, I’ve not taken the opportunity to visit the National Ranching Heritage Center. Seems I’m always on a mission when I go to Lubbock. Eager to read more about how the difference between a larger town and small town USA. Thanks for taking us along on your journey. Hugs, Phyliss

  8. Hi Tanya,

    Good luck on your daughter’s wedding. Hope it all comes together real well. Palm Springs I hear is a very nice place to spend some time. And definitely Hawaii. I wouldn’t trade that over NYC. That town terrifies me. It’s waaaay too huge and there’s too many people for me. I like my open spaces. Guess that’s why I love Texas so much. I like seeing the sky. Don’t feel all closed in.

    Yes, anytime you need to research Texas just let me know. I’ll be glad to help you.

    Don’t get too exhausted planning this wedding, Okay?

  9. Hi Judy,

    Thanks for stopping by to comment. I appreciate that. Yes, I have no shortage of things to do here just as soon as I can arrange it. Hope you have some neat things to do this summer yourself. We all need as much R&R as we can get.

  10. Hi Mary,

    I’m just a Texas girl through and through which makes it nice for someone who writes western romance. I didn’t just move to Texas and I apologize for making it seem like I was moving from one state to another. I lived in Wichita Falls, TX for over 40 years. The way I carried on over this relocation you’d think I came from Mars or something instead of only moving 200 miles away. LOL

    Hope you’re having a great day.

  11. Hi Phyliss!

    Glad you had a minute to drop by and check out my blog. Yes, grandkids are really special. I’m finding out how very precious they are. This move has been so rewarding in a hundred different ways. We’re going to have to make a date to see the Ranching Heritage Center. It’d be fun going together. And since you only live a little over an hour from me, we can definitely do it with some planning. 🙂

    We’re two peas in a pod. Strange how we like the same things. We should’ve been sisters!

  12. hello Linda!!!! Im so happy to see that you’ve gotten moved and are settling in already!! I know you are loving all the time with your family!

    And-as a matter of fact….we just moved as well! We only moved about 20miles away though-for my husband’s job-he was tired of driving so much every day..he only has about 20mins to drive now instead of 50! We just moved Saturday so Im still trying to get everything unpacked and put away. We are very happy –we have a nice pool now!

    I also have some other exciting news-we are hosting a student from France for about 1 month! She arrives on June 13th and we will be taking her to Myrtle Beach with us in July!!! We are so excited about this opportunity!

    Oh-and also-I lost your new email message-can you shoot me another so that I can update my address book.

    Enjoy your new home Linda!!!

  13. Hi Melissa!

    Thanks for taking time to stop by. Great about your move and your new house. Bet the girls are loving it. I can certainly understand why your husband would want to shorten his driving time. That would really get old in a hurry. And I can imagine how much you have to do since you only moved on Saturday.

    Wonderful about the student you’re hosting from France! That’s exciting. I’ve always wanted to do that but never got the chance. I can imagine you’ll learn all sorts of new things about France. But how neat to be able to show her a side of America that she probably has never seen. I know you’ll do us proud, girl. 🙂

    You enjoy your new home too!

  14. Hi Linda, You have given me new places to explore next trip through Texas. Not planning that this year. We are going to Colorado to attend the graduation of our daughter and son-in-law from college. She is getting her masters and he a BS. Looking forward to the trip. Then the next month I am going to New York State for a friend’s wedding. Anyone kinow some ‘just have to vist’ places enroute?
    Enjoy the time with family and your new home.

  15. Hi Connie,

    I’m glad to have sparked your interest in seeing the sights in Texas. Always happy to oblige. Other states have worthwhile places to visit too. Colorado is certainly one of them. They have a ton of things to see and do. Don’t know where in Colorado you’re going but if it’s anywhere near Manitou Springs, Pikes Peak is a must-see stop. You can ride a train to the top instead of driving your car. But be sure to take a jacket. It gets really cold up there.

    As far as New York state goes, I can’t help you there. I’m sure there are a million sights to see. I’ve always had a hankering to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

    Thanks for stopping by to chat with us. I always enjoy it.

  16. Hi Linda, My heart is absolutely soaring for you! What a joy to be close to family, especially those precious grandkids. I’ll take a Pre-K graduation over Starbuck’s any day, and I *really* like my cappuccino!

    The National Ranching Heritage Center is going to make a great post for P&P. Can’t wait to read it!

    Summer plans here are still up in the air, but I’m sure they’ll include the RWA national conference and at least one trip to visit family either in Kentucky or California. Enjoy!

  17. Hi Vicki,

    Glad you agree about the Pre-K graduation and grandkids in general. It’s a neat experience being able to spend time with the little toots. I plan on being a hands-on grandma. Might’ve gotten a slow start but I’ll make up for it.

    You’ll have a great time in D.C. when you go for the RWA conference. Wish I was going. Darn it! I’d love to see the Smithsonian and the White House. Hope you really enjoy it. And either Kentucky or California would be neat, although I’d prefer Kentucky since I’ve already been to California. But whichever place you decide to go you’ll have a wonderful time because you’ll be with family. Nothing better!

  18. Glad to hear you are settling in to your new home.
    I am staying home this summer and tending my flowers and vegetable garden.

  19. Hi Estella,

    Well, you know there’s something to be said for hanging out at home and watching over your flowers and vegetable garden. I think it’s a very relaxing way to spend a summer. I love watching things grow. I also love playing in the dirt, feeling it between my fingers. The earth smells good too. Hope you get lots of fresh veggies so you can share with friends and family.

  20. Hi Linda,

    Loved the pic of you and your cute granddaughter. You both look so happy! I’m glad to hear you’re settling in and enjoying small town life. Anytime you need Starbucks, give a holler and I’ll send you some!! We have Starbucks on every corner in LA!

    I would go nuts in the National Ranching Museum. I’m sure I’d spend hours in there. Just my cup of tea!!

  21. It sounds like a grand place. I love moving to new locations. Every place has a personality of its own, and it’s great to explore. The National Ranching Heritage Center sounds terrific.

    And I loved the photo of you and your granddaughter.

  22. Sounds like heaven to me, Linda and with lots of five year old angels to boot! That National Ranch heritage museum sounds great. Can’t wait for more pics. That’s the kind of stuff I can’t get enough of–and I have to travel way more than 20 minutes to find!:) Best wishes on this new adventure.

  23. Glad you are settling in well. I really miss moving. A new place has so much to explore when you get there. Being close to those darling grandchildren will make life wonderful.
    This summer after finishing our library’s summer reading program, we will be going to Upstate N. Y. for our 45th high school reunion in August. In Late September, we’ll head to Ohio for a blacksmithing meeting and then on to Texas. We have an Air Force FB-111 reunion in Ft. Worth the first of October. Will spend some time in San Antonio and a few other places. Haven’t yet finalized plans. Have been too busy with emergency surgery for our son-in-law in March, my husband’s surgery last week, and trying to get ready for summer reading starting today.
    Know you’ll have a great summer spoiling those grandchildren.

  24. Hi Linda, I am so happy for you to get to move closer to your family. My family is about an hour away from me and I have one sister that about three hours away, so we are pretty close.

    We have no summer plans, right now I am trying to replace the kitchen floor due to a water leak. We are going down with a new laminate floor, my son and I worked on it today. It was the first time he had used a skill saw and he done OK. We may be able to get the rest of the laminate down tomorrow, I hope. Then I may put some fresh paint on the walls before putting the trim back up. the last two weeks have been really busy in the kitchen.

  25. I’m so happy for you, now that you are close to
    family again. We’ve been lucky that most of the
    family is here. Six of seven of us siblings and
    all of our children live here in Houston. One
    brother is in Kansas, one niece is in Maryland,
    and our eldest granddaughter will be going to a
    college in Indiana. No vacation plans, except to
    “huff & puff” all summer to keep the hurricanes
    away! We never want to see an “Ike” again!

    Pat Cochran

  26. Hi, How awesome you’ve moved close to Lubbock Have fun exploring and visiting all the places you’ve mentioned
    Being from Lubbock I haven’t seen any of those places !! Will have to when I go Back Home for awhile this Month

  27. Charlene,

    Thanks for the offer of sending me Starbucks. LOL I may just take you up on it. Glad you enjoyed my post. I’ll let you know what I think after I visit the National Ranching Heritage Center.

  28. Patricia P,

    Yes, Lubbock definitely has a personality and charm of its own. I have tons of places to explore. I’m sure they’ll wind up the subject of future blogs.

  29. Hi Anne,

    Wow, thanks for taking a minute to come by! I’m always happy to see you. Congratulations on the two year anniversary of Love Western Romances. That’s amazing. Hope it continues for a long, long time.

  30. Hi Patricia Barraclough,

    Sorry to hear about all the surgeries. My gosh, lady! Hope they bounce back soon. You certainly have your hands full with the family health concerns. Sounds like you’re going to be really busy this summer. Good luck on the summer reading program and I hope you enjoy your get-togethers. I was particularly curious about the Air Force FB-111 reunion. Are you a pilot? Very interesting.

  31. Quilt Lady,

    You’re quite a redecorator! I’m impressed. I’d love to see your kitchen when you get finished. I know it’ll look really nice.

    Thanks for coming by!

  32. Pat Cochran,

    Yes, keep those hurricanes away! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that all the storms miss you this year.

    How fortunate that you have most of your family in the Houston area. That’s wonderful! You must have lots of get-togethers. And of course, where there’s a gathering there’s lots of fun and laughter. Just enjoy each moment.

  33. Sandra,

    Wow, that’s neat that you’re from Lubbock! Yes, you’ll have to come back and check out some of the places you missed when you lived here. Isn’t it odd how we don’t take advantage of a city’s attractions until we move away? I guess we just take it for granted that we’ll always have the opportunity and so keep putting it off.

    Take care and thanks for stopping by to comment.

  34. Being close to family is wonderful. My oldest daughter and new husband moved back to our area and I’m so glad to have them here. I think the furthest I’ve gone for a wedding is about 7 hours or so away – from Pittsburgh to New Jersey – not too bad lol. My daughter thought about a destination wedding but my 86 your old mom didn’t want to fly and of course that meant more people could attend.

  35. The FB-111 was a two crew member (pilot and navigator) fighter-bomber. My husband was the navigator. He was the detachment commander for the avionics modifications in 1985-87. They got the plane working really well, the crews loved it. U.S. took them out of the inventory and sold them to Australia where they are still flying today. The crews were sad to see them go. Wish we could have gone with them. It was a small group within the Air Force and a great group of people. We get together every two years.

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