Saturday’s Guest: Jill Marie Landis

accidentallawmanHello Darlings,

You’ll be pleased to know that Miss Jill Marie Landis has again plotted a course for Wildflower Junction. She’ll arrive on the noon stage in time for her appearance here on Saturday.

The Fillies have sprung into gear to have everything spic and span.

Miss Jill Marie will be talking about lawmen of the old West and what made them good at their job. Ah don’t know about you, but I dearly love a man who wears a star! He gets my heart pitter-pattering and ah can’t rightly think of anything else.

While she’s visiting, Miss Jill Marie will give us a peek inside her new book, The Accidental Lawman. Ah can bet you won’t want to miss that. Or a chance to win one of two autographed copies.

So shake the lead out and get on over here. We’ll save you a seat.

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