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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged so bear with me as I try to collect my thoughts. For the past 16 months, I’ve been away from home while I started and finished a very intensive course (with my church).  Now I’m home and of course it seems like I have everything to do all at once.  But first and foremost let me tell you that I HAVE A NEW BOOK OUT.


As you might notice, this book is written with a different pen name — so let me explain before I go any further.  This book is about the Eastern Indian tribe, the Mohawk — a part of the Iroquois Confederacy.  My last eight books have had a very paranormal element in them (as well as being Native American).  This book, however, was written in the vein of THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS and has no paranormal element to it and is also a faster paced novel than what I usually write.

So my editor said, let’s give it a different pen name in order to differientiate it from my past books, because it seems so different.  And I was agreeable with this — and so now we have the name Gen Bailey — Gen comes from a family member, whose name is Genevieve — I’ve always liked that name and my youngest daughter has been trying to get me to use it for some time.galler71   Here’s a picture of my youngest daughter, by the way — as well as my oldest daughter.  Anyway, so when it came time to choose another name, I chose Genevieve.  But it’s a little long.  So we went with Gen.  Now the interesting thing is — it’s an unusual name and yet when I went to select a new website, that name was already taken.  Interesting.

Okay, so that covers the new pen name.  The new website is, but for some reason it’s not live yet.  Bear with me, it might take another day or so for the site to go live.

lastwarrior.jpgFor any of you who might not know, my last book, THE LAST WARRIOR, is also available, just in case you haven’t picked the book up yet.  Now, that said, I really think you are going to like the story of Marisa and Black Eagle.  It is set in a time when the world was on fire.  Set in the period of the French and Indian war, it takes the heroine and hero in and out of constant danger.  It’s set in the beautiful setting of upper state New York — around the Albany area — which was centered in the land of the Mohawks at this time period in history.  So again the name of the NEW book is BLACK EAGLE.  Also, it was wonderful to b able to write abut this area of the world.  I lived in Vermont for 10 years and raised my kids there.  And that part of the world has always been one of my most favorite places in the world.    So here goes another pitch:  Go and pick up your copy (or order it from Amazon) today!

51obnqdgasl_sl500_aa240_1And now for a comment on the cover of the book.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Of course the hero is sexy and looks almost exactly as I described him in the book, but the cover in my opinion goes beyond that.  It’s stunning, in my humble opinion.

Now before I end off this blog for the day, I want to do two things:  1) I want to thank you for coming here today and blogging with me — I love to hear from you and so appreciate what you have to say. And 2) I want you to know that I’m running a new contest now that the book is out on the shelves.  The contest consists of this:  In the book, Marisa and her maid, Sarah, are escaping the wrath of Marisa step-uncle.  They are journeying to a town in New Hampshire, which is mentioned in the book.  Name that town, send me an email here:, and you will be entered into the contest.

ghlady-11One more thing before I end off for the day — today, as I write this (which is May 11th) is my wedding anniversary.  Here’s a photo of our wedding, which you can also see on my website.  untitled-221 And here’s another photo of us taken in 2007 at the Blackfeet reservation at their Indian Days Celebration.  Okay, so that’s all for today.  I hope that you will go out/order your copy of BLACK EAGLE TODAY and that you will enjoy the adventure in a time and in a place that was a part of our heritage.

I’d love to hear from you.  So please come on in and let’s talk.


You can order from Amazon.  Just type in Gen Bailey or BLACK EAGLE and it will take you to the page.

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KAREN KAY aka GEN BAILEY is the multi-published author of American Indian Historical Romances. She has written for such prestigious publishers as AVON/HarperCollins, Berkley/Penguin/Putnam and Samhain Publishing. KAREN KAY’S great grandmother was Choctaw Indian and Kay is honored to be able to write about the American Indian Culture.
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  1. I’m the first to post!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Karen! I like the new pen name and congratulations on the new release. It’s always exciting to do something out of the ordinary. Your book has a gorgeous cover.

    Have a lovely celebration day.

  2. Hi Karen! Happy Anniversary and congratulations on the new release! I think both the books have gorgeous covers! I’m not familiar with you books but they sound good and I will check them out! I like your pen name too. I recently had to pick one for reviewing and it was harder than I thought. My first two choices I found were real names when I googled them… wonder if I had seen them and they were subliminally in my head? Your website is working now. I think it is very neat that you are honoring your great-great grandmother’s heritage with your writing! Best wishes for continued success!

  3. Can not wait to get the book…always look forward to your books. I will order through Amazon…we will miss you in Florida, but I am sure you are glad to be home..and Congrats! Love ya, Kay!

  4. Happy anniversary, Kay. A good man is such a good thing to have…and vice versa! Hugs to you both. And congrats on the new book and new name. I can’t wait to read this book; I so enjoy your others, and, well, Laat of the Mohicans is a Cooper favorite, as well as the Iroquois Feeration (all from my American Lit teaching days.)

    Glad you’re home again!

    Hugs!! oxoxoxox

  5. Wow, Martha, thank you so much for your comments. I’ll have to go and visit the new website — I actually haven’t seen it yet. 🙂

    I think reviewing would be a very hard thing to do — an author always appreciates a good review, that’s a certainty. : )

  6. Hi Mary!

    Isn’t that wild — that the name was already taken? And yes, the other Gen Bailey sure seems like a very nice person. This is a good thing. With the name Karen Kay, I fear there were a few porno sites with that name — they were not me. : )

  7. HI Lora!

    Thanks so much for your comments. I will miss you, also. But I’ll be back in Florida at some point in the future and we’ll have to make it go right to see each other then, huh?

    Sending you a big hug. : )

  8. Hi Tanya!

    Thanks so much from a writer who is so accomplished. Tanya, I love your picture on the site — and I am so glad that you and Vicki and Winnie are now a part of our lives here in the Junction. : )

  9. Congrats on the new book, Karen, as well as on the anniversary–and (perhaps even more important) the fact that you are finally back home. I love your other books, but this one will be even more special to me, since I am 1/16 Mohawk. I think that about fits into my little toe, but I haven’t figured out yet which foot it’s on.
    I am excited about my new book coming out in the next couple of weeks too. It is Maiden Rock Mistress and also covers some Indian matters, but they are Lakota, not Mohawk, and it is set on Lake Pepin, on the MN/WI border.
    Love the new cover too. The colors are incredible!

  10. Hi Karen Kay,

    I am so excited to read this new one! I need a good read and a timeout and this will do. I want to enter the contest too; when does it end? Have a great celebration on your anniversary and new book:-)!

  11. Karen–I’m just about to die with envy–to write for Berkley, wow, what I wouldn’t give. For now, I’m happy with my electronic press, because my full-length Western romances are released in print.And the covers are wonderful. Now, your cover, yes, you’re right–it’s stunning. I love those colors, especially, and I absolutely adore reading romances about Native American H/H.Congratulations all around. P.S. P&P is one of my favorite sites. Celia Yeary

  12. Oh and I forgot to mention, as everyone else has, that the cover is gorgeous and just as intriguing as the story line. Also, one last question: When is Indian Days for the Blackfeet tribe? I’ve been to Browning and want to go to Glacier sometime this Summer. There are some great Powwows where I live and this one looks great too!

  13. Hi Karen/Gen. I was surprised by the name change, so thanks for the explanation. Love the cover for Black Eagle. It sounds like a must-read for me.


  14. HI. . and Happy Anniversary. Really looking forward to your new book. There’s so few books available on this particularly period of history.
    It’s a great cover.

  15. Happy Anniversary!!! This book sounds really interesting… look forward to reading it! Nice lookin cover! 😀

  16. HI Janet!

    My good friend, it’s good to see that your new book will be coming out really soon, too. I loved the book that I read! You are quite the author!

    Thanks so much for coming here today, Janet. I am honored.

  17. Hi Rochelle!

    Great to hear from you. The contest will end on July 31st. And I’ll be sending around an email soon on the prizes. I haven’t decided yet what they will be, but one — 1st prize will be some sort of jewelry and a book. : )

    Also, the Warriorettes are going to go live within the next few days.

  18. Hi Celia!

    You are so gracious. Am so glad that your Westerns come out in print — always fun to see it in print,isn’t it? I’m so glad that there is the electronic form. So many people can get published that way and I think that’s a good thing.

    I love my new cover — I think it is really something. So thanks for the compliments. : )

  19. Hi Rochelle!

    The Blackfeet celebration is usually the first week in July — although sometimes it’s the second week. You can probably go online and find out although I’ll be finding out soon and if you remind me, I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

    I love this pow-wow. It’s like coming home.

  20. Your cover is gorgeous, Kay, and so are your daughters (are all three your children?).

    Your book sounds wonderful. I will watch for it in the stores. You have such an insight into Native American culture.

  21. Good Morning, Colleen!

    Well, it’s still morning here, anyway. Thanks for the congrats. We had a wonderful time! : )

    And I do love the cover. Hope you’ll enjoy the story, also.

  22. Hi Elizabeth!

    Isn’t that cover the best? That’s my son-in-law with my daughter’s — but it feels to me like he’s my son! Thanks for coming to the blog today!

  23. Hi Karen, Great to see what you are up to. Love the new cover. Did you have to do tons more research for this new one?
    I’m looking forward to reading it. Jodi

  24. Hi Karen,

    Congrats on your anniversary. I like the new name and cover. You always have beautiful cover.

    Much success with your new book and name.

  25. Hello, well I am sat here staring at my copy of Black Eagle and I cannot wait to start reading it. I’m stuck on nights so I will be taking it with me to work. The cover is lovely, the colours are fantastic and well the hero is delicious.
    Take Care

  26. Let me also wish you a Happy Anniversary. I love the cover of your new book and the new name. Very interesting how you came up with the name.

  27. Hi Kay, All your covers are gorgeous, but the one for BLACK EAGLE is a real standout. That beautiful sky makes me want to go in the woods and watch the sunset (or is that a sunrise on the cover? I love them both!) Sunsets here in Virginia make me want to stand still and just breathe.

    And Happy Anniversary! You have a lot to celebrate, and I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you here at Wildflower Junction.

  28. Hi Kay,
    I sure do love the cover and your new name! I’m always fascinated by how people get thier names. Good luck with the book, sounds like such a great story.
    Congrats on finishing your course.
    Happy Anniversary too!

    (I’ll be celebrating my 35th on May 18th! Can’t believe where the years went. )

  29. Hi Kay,

    Congratulations on your Anniversary and new book and website!!! What a great homecoming for you!!

  30. Happy Anniversary – always a time to celebrate – in June it will be 40 for me – yikes. I love the cover on your new book and am looking forward to reading it 🙂

  31. Happy Anniversary Karen! Congrats on your new release! I also love the new pen name, I just hope I can remember it when I am searching for your books. The cover is beautiful and I would love to read this one. I will have to put it on my wish list because it looks so good and its going to be different. I love different books.

  32. 1rst off Happy Anniversary!!! 2nd Love your cover : ) Your book sounds wonderful I know it had to’ve been great writting about a area you are so fond of, can’t wait to get my copy I like your new name and how you came about it I will pass this along to my Mother-in-Law as well because she knows your writting as Karen Kay and loves You!! so do I!! I’m so happy for you and all that’s going on with you, you are a special lady no matter what name you are going by LoL!!

  33. HI Jodi!

    It’s great to hear from you and I’m really honored that you came to the blog today. And yes, I did have to do tons of research for this new book — it was sort of out of my usual kind of book and so I had to do lots.

    Only another historical romance author would consider this I think.

    Thanks Jodi!

  34. Hi LaSaundra!

    It’s terrific to see you here today, also. Thanks for the compliments on the new cover. It’s a honey, isn’t it?

    Great to see you here!

  35. Hi Vickie!

    Sure hope you’ll enjoy the story! Yes, the cover is, indeed, yummy and the hero…he’s almost exactly as I describe him in the book. Yummy!

  36. Hi Charlene!

    I know where do those years go? It’s amazing how they go by so fast. Funny how I knew this would happen when my kids were young and so I tried to savor every moment I had with them — now they have their own lives, which is great — but how I loved it when they were living under the same roof as I was.

  37. Hi Jeanne!

    You and Charlene really have something to be proud of — I think she said 35 years and yours is 40. That’s terrific. So let me say and early congrats to you, too! : )

  38. Dear Quilt Lady!

    I love that name, by the way. I also love quilts, though I don’t have that talent to make them, I’m afraid. Thanks for your comments. Means the world to me. And thanks for visiting today!

  39. Good Afternoon Lori!

    It’s great to hear from you today. It’s been a while. Yes, tell your mother that I say “hi” and send my love to her. Hope you’ll enjoy the story, also.

    Take care, Lori!

  40. A belated Happy Anniversary and Mother’s Day. Will be heading for the book store next time I’m in town. Have been looking forward to BLACK EAGLE’S release. The Albany area and to the east still has a lot of forested and undeveloped area. In many ways, the upper area of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire are not much changed from the time of your story – as you well know. Will be like going home when I read it.
    And yes the cover is gorgeous. Nice art work, even without the nice looking gentleman in the center.
    Good luck with future books with this pen name.

  41. Hi Patriciaa!

    Isn’t the Albany area and Vermont a beautiful area. I lived in Vermont for 10 years — raised my kids there — and my daughter was married there in October, bringing back to mind for me the beautiful, beautiful state.

    Thanks for your thoughtful message and have a super evening. : )

  42. Kay,

    Sorry it was my daughters birthday yesterday so sorry I was not able to be here. Of course your new book is wonderful all of them are.

    Please come and see me on Petticoats and Pistols this Saturday.


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