Kathleen Eagle Celebrates a Book Birthday!

eaglepicHello again, Fillies!

I’m back with you to celebrate my new book’s birthday.   In Care Of Sam Beaudry goes on sale today.  It’s a contemporary Western from Silhouette Special Editions, and it’s the first of three related stories.  The first few pages are available for you to read on my website and at Amazon (click on title link above) where you can, of course, order the book.

Let me tell you a bit about the idea for the story while I show you stud lovin’ fillies a couple of pictures of our own Paints.  Notnew-babies to brag or anything—just want to decorate my post with a little Western art. 

At the end of the day we’ll draw from the comments for an autographed book from my backlist.  (Think like a winner and check out the excerpts on my website to see which one you’ll choose!)  Oh, and I’m blogging today at Riding With the Top Down, where I’m part of another multi-author site, so drop by if you have time.

Sam Beaudry is the sheriff of fictitious Bear Root County in the mountains of Montana.  His mother owns Allgood’s Emporium in the town of Bear Root, which is also the county seat.  Sam’s a caretaker, a man you can depend on.  Publicly he has sworn to protect his community.  Privately he’s committed to protecting his own heart, which has been on the mend for some time.  He’s on the cusp of taking a chance again when the woman he loved and lost rides into town on a Greyhound bus with a little girl in tow.  The woman is dying, and the child is looking for her grandmother—the owner of Allgood’s Emporium.

Yep, it’s a secret baby story, which is one of my favorites.  But this one has a few twists, and I didn’t come up with them all myself.  Every once in a while my husband has a vision for a story.  Generally it’s not a plot—would that it were, since plotting is the bane of my writing existence—but a very visual setup.  jjsmoothjet1He imagined an older woman setting out homemade cookies in a country store.  A little girl appears on the other side of the screen door.  She’s drawn to the scent of chocolate chip cookies—aren’t we all?—but she’s nervous and looks pretty scruffy.  The woman gets her to come in.  The little girl says she can’t stay because her mother’s sick, but she gobbles a cookie and asks for more.  She hasn’t eaten today.  She and her mother are staying at the motel, and she’s pretty sure her mother needs to see a doctor.  “That’s it,” Clyde says.  “Oh, and I think the woman turns out to be the eagle4girl’s grandmother.”

That little kernel intrigued me.  Neither the hero nor the heroine was part of the scene, but they were around somewhere.  I envisioned my great uncle’s country store in Virginia—hadn’t thought of it in years—and his amazing little dog.  Our daughter recently joined Hennepin County Sheriff’s communications response team as a volunteer, so I had “sheriff” on the brain.  And there are at least a few horses somewhere in most of my stories, so Sam has a Paint mare named Oreo, who has a colt.  It’s coming together with more detail.  Except for a plot.  Must have a plot.  Well, I have a dying woman.  She has to be dying of something.  And she’s on the run.  She has to be running from something.  Or someone.  And I have the caring man who once loved her being asked by his mother how she came to have a seven-year-old granddaughter.  We were off and running.

Obviously I didn’t set out to write a trilogy.  It grew from the characters.  Sam’s brother’s story, ONE COWBOY, ONE CHRISTMAS, is scheduled for December.  But first things first.  I don’t know what it is about secret babies, but it’s a story that always appeals to me. 

What’s your favorite romance theme or plot device?  A reminder that I’ll be giving away an autographed copy of a book from my backlist, so let’s talk books, movies—whatever jumps to mind. 

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41 thoughts on “Kathleen Eagle Celebrates a Book Birthday!”

  1. Marriage of convenience…need money… to collect an inheritance, money for health treatments, to save the ranch, to take care of siblings….
    Lot’s of options.
    I like the give and take in these relationships as they slowly open up and reveal themselves to their partners. They grow up and grow together as they tackle daily problems.

  2. The story sounds great. What I want from a story is a little bit of mystery. Alot is great, but I have to have at least a little to pull me in.

  3. Hi Kathleen, The book sounds wonderful! As for favorite romance themes, I *love* tortured heroes. Give the guy a dubious past and I’m into the story. Throw in a secret baby and a reunion angle, and I won’t be able to put it down. I also like triangle set-ups and marriage of convenience / mail order bride stories.

    I’ve read a lot of your back list and thoroughly enjoy your books. I’ll be looking for the newest!

  4. Hello Kathleen,

    Books where both the hero and heroine have a tortured soul are my first pick. I enjoy watching the characters coming into themselves with the help of each other. Here lately I’ve read a few with a secret baby that have been well written. Loved the pictures of the horses and the cover of the book. Have a great day.

  5. The book sounds great. What I like is a story about Cowboys and Babies with a lot of humor in the mix. Actually, I love all books with Cowboys. Good luck with your new book.

  6. I’m right now wrestling with the character of the heroine of my next book (because she’s a secondary character in the book I’m working in now, so I need to sow the seeds)

    I know how I have her imagined but she’s too much like another heroine I’ve written. I’m mulling over options to make her different, herself, unique. I just don’t feel like I’ve quite found the key yet.

  7. Good morning, all! Ah, those tortured heroes. So often they’re loners. The perfect cowboy.

    Mary, I hear you on the struggle to grow a character. That’s what makes fiction writing so exciting and so scary. I might have a setup, but my plot comes from character, and good characters, like good men, are hard to find.

  8. Hi Kathleen,
    It’s great to have you here at P and P! I have to say you have the most AMAZING cover. I love the colors and horses on a cover always draw me in!

    I love most plot devices if they work, but marriage of convenience and trapped together on an island, cabin, wherever are always fun. Sandra Brown wrote a book called ALONE about the survivors of helicopter crash… bitter rivals who had to rely on each other and finally fall in love. Great plot device!

  9. hi Kathleen. . .welcome to P and P again. Book sounds great and I covet those horses. They’re really beautiful. I’m a tortured hero writer myself, and my favorite plot device is divided loyalties. An example: when helping the hero or heroine will destroy someone equally important. Then the problem (big) is solving that dilemna.

  10. Charlene, was the Sandra Brown the IM set in Alaska? I loved that. Sexual tension is her true forte.

    Hi Pat! I’ve always loved your Westerns, and the divided loyalties theme is a favorite of mine, too. You have to go deep with the characters, discover where they’re “coming from,” and then where they’re *really* coming from.

    We’re talking about history and culture on “Riding With the Top Down” today, and those loyalties play such an important part. Have you seen any of the PBS 5 part series called “We Shall Remain” (American Experience series)? Saw the “Trail Of Tears” episode last night, and those divided loyalties really came into play.

  11. Good morning, Kathleen! Welcome back to P&P.
    First I have to gush – I love your books!!! Have been an “every book you’ve written” fan for years (not too many, of course). lol

    I love brooding loners, the ones who believe they aren’t worthy of happiness. The hero in my current release is that way, figures he’s done too many things wrong to ever make it right. Though he does keep trying.

  12. The story you have just described is one of my favs. The heroine has left and returned with a child in tow. She had fled becasue she was either forced by some vindictive other woman or parent and then finds out she is pregnant with her lover child. When she returns the hero is all macho and unforgiving for leaving her in the first place, but a child shall bring them together. Gets me everytime.

  13. Hi Kathleen! Welcome to the junction. What a terrific book and gorgeous pictures! I love marriage-of convenience or arranged marriage stories…or journeys H and H are forced to take alone together for some reason. Alpha loner heros appeal to me, too, but I also like guys who show a soft sensitive side. Oh goodness, I’m picky LOL.

    Oh gee, give me any kind of cowboy past or present and I’m there.

    Have a great day!

  14. I am a sucker for baby stories… I love HEA. Give me a story where the hero and heroine realize they are meant for each other! 😀 I love emotions, whether the book makes you cry or laugh!!!

  15. Kathleen, I love the pictures of your horses. Deciding what my favorite romance theme or plot is very hard for me. I like different ones so it is hard to choose which is my favorite. I like it too when the hero and heroine realize they are meant for each other. I also like there to be some suspense and maybe where it takes awhile before one of the character realize they love the other one.

  16. Kathleen, I love the return of the lost love story, too, but this isn’t it. The woman who comes looking for Sam isn’t the heroine. That’s one of the twists. I think you’ll find it just as appealing, though.

  17. Tracy, you and me on the brooding heroes who don’t think love could or should come their way. I love your books, Tracy. Thanks so much for the gusher. I feel refreshed!

  18. Baby stories are special favorites of mine, and if
    it is a secret child, I’m just totally taken into
    the story! Thanks for all the great books you have
    offered to us, you’ve long been one of my favorite
    authors! BTW, I picked up my copy of “……Sam Beaudry” on Sunday at Wal Mart. There were only
    two copies left after I grabbed mine!

    Pat Cochran

  19. Ah, Beauty and the Beast. Definitely a story for the woman’s heart. When I was writing “The Night Remembers” both my husband and my agent doubted the appeal of that theme. “But, Kathy, the guy lives in a hole in the ground!” Men don’t get it.

  20. I love books about a character overcoming adversity … especially after a long period of messing up or heading in the wrong direction. I love to see someone I care about get his/her life back on track and headed in the right direction.

    Kathy, I loved ‘Sam Beaudry.’ I can hardly wait for Zach’s story!

  21. “The Night Remembers” is one of my very favorite keeper books, Kathleen. Maybe you’re right – men just don’t understand our need to comfort and love the unloveable.

  22. Hi again, Kathleen! I loved “The Night Remembers.” I read it on a rainy day, almost in one sitting. It’s a long book, but I couldn’t put it down. Loved it1

  23. I can honestly say I really don’t have a favorite. I do a lot of reading and I really like a variety. As long as I care for the characters I can enjoy any story line. If I don’t get into the characters, there isn’t a plot that will save the book for me. I do tend to like anything historical because I get to learn things while reading for pleasure.

  24. Hi, Kathleen

    I loved “In Care Of Sam Beaudry” it was very heartwarming and well worth the journey.

    I love mail order bride themes alot and I agree with Tracy on “I love brooding loners, the ones who believe they aren’t worthy of happiness.”

  25. I like a theme where the main characters seem to have such a strong feeling they mistake it for hate … as long as they don’t take too long to realize what it really is! I enjoy that tension and it keeps the plot interesting.

  26. Hi Kathleen,

    Your book sounds fantastic and I am going to have to put it on my wish list. I love reading the western romances, because I love me some cowboys. It doesn’t matter to much what the theme is, because I read a little of everything. The western romances are my favorite type of read. If your can add just a little bit of mystery to it you have me hooked.

  27. Hi, Kathleen,

    I’m a big fan. 🙂

    I love the beauty & the beast theme, friends to lovers, wagon trains, and anything with a western theme.

    The new book sounds great!

  28. One of my fav themes is the “oh, we had a fling back then…now we’re older and back together” Kind of silly, but I like the rekindled romances! 🙂

  29. I seem to like paranormals or westerns…weird combo I know, but either one I seem to like. Straight contemporaries really aren’t my cup of tea…. 🙂 fun blog today!

    lyoness2009 AT hotmail.com

  30. Hi Kathleen! I like the sound of your book! I love variety. But I think I like a rescue… whether he rescues her from an evil suitor or she rescues him from loneliness. They discover that together they are a team that is better than either alone. BTW – your Paints are beautiful!

  31. The Beauty and the Beast type of scenario is one of my favorites. Another is a mistake or misunderstanding that separates two lovers who never stop loving one another. After years they see one another, the secret (a child, a missed rendezvous, a lie told by someone) comes out, and things eventually work out.
    Your book sound wonderful. After looking at your back list, there are many books I’d enjoy.

  32. This has been so much fun. Thanks for another wonderful visit to Wildflower Junction. Come on over to ridingwiththetopdown.blogspot.com tomorrow (Wed) and hop in the convertible with Pam and me, along with 9 of our fellow dream weavers.

    Happy tales!

  33. I like where the two become separated over a fight, job relocation, etc. and lose track of each other. Somewhere down the line they hook up again and eventually get together b/c of course they have loved each other from the beginning before the fight, etc.

  34. I’m very partial to the hero having to marry someone else plot. (Though of course in the end he doesn’t.) In historicals, anyway – I don’t know if it would have the same impact in a contemporary.

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