Hellos and Goodbyes


It’s springtime and changes are afoot. It’s hard to believe I’ve been a blogger on Petticoats and Pistols for ten months — the time has whizzed by. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously and would like to thank you all for your comments, your kind words, and most of all, for making me laugh on a daily basis. Kate Bridges-signature line

I’d also like to thank my fellow Fillies for being such great friends. These ladies are as gracious and funny behind the scenes as they are in their blogs.

Alas, though, it’s time to say goodbye. Because of my heavy writing schedule for the next year — both with my Westerns and with screenwriting — I have to part with blogging on a regular basis. I’ll miss you all, but I’ll be dropping in when I can, and hope to guest blog on occasion. Petticoats and Pistols will always remain one of my favorite places.

My next book is out this November — ALASKAN RENEGADE. If you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter to get my latest updates, please visit my website and do sign up. wanted-in-alaska-web-image www.katebridges.com  

Okay, here’s my last historical tidbit before I go. Did you know that the word ‘goodbye’ comes from a shortened version of ‘God be with ye?’

Wishing all of you the very best!

There are other exciting changes coming up in Wildflower Junction I know you’ll love. We’re adding more Fillies to the roster. Scroll down to find out who…and please give them that warm wonderful welcome you all gave me.

Hugs, Kate

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24 thoughts on “Hellos and Goodbyes”

  1. Hello Kate,

    Hate to see you go but life has a way of changing our routines from time to time. Good luck with everything in the future. Look forward to hearing from you from time to time. Good luck on your upcoming release as well. Have a great day.

  2. God be with you, Kate! We’re going to miss you in Wildflower Junction, but I know you’ll be stopping by. And of course you can come share with a blog about a new book any time!


  3. Well, they say the only thing constant is change. I hope we get to hear from you again in the future. Will be looking forward to guest blog posts! In other news…just read Wanted in Alaska. Kudos! I loved it! Will we get to find out what happens to Autumn’s friend Victoria in a future book??? I hope so!
    Best Wishes!

  4. Kate, it’s been such an honor and a delight having you here among us. Good luck on your future writing projects. We’re all looking forward to having you come back and visit.

  5. Kate,
    I’ll miss seeing you here at the Junction – you’ve always made me feel welcome. Come back and see us soon! There will always be a seat at the table for you.
    Tracy G.

  6. Kate, I hate to see you go, darn it! It’s been lots of fun getting to know you. And just know that you’ll always have friends here. Wishing you all the best in everything you do. Don’t be a stranger and that’s an order.

    We’re sure gonna miss you!

  7. HI Kate,

    Wishing you all the best and much success with all of your writing projects.

    I’m glad to have “met” you here at the Junction. This is where I discovered your wonderful books!

    Take Care and Best Wishes Always,


  8. Hi Kate, it’s been fabulous not only getting to know you here at the Junction but meeting you in San Francisco at RWA. Best of luck with your continued writing –I know you’ll rock! And keep those Alaska stories coming at us. It’s such a fantastic setting.

    Love and hugs….

  9. Wishing you well, Kate! You’ll be sorely missed! But I know you won’t be a stranger to P and P and we’ll see you here often.

    Keep writing those terrific stories!!

  10. Thanks so much for the lovely sentiments. They warm my heart. I’ll miss you all, and it’s been wonderful getting to know each and every one of you. I’ll definitely make it a point to drop by!

    Thank you for the wonderful things you’ve said about my books, too. 🙂

    Stephanie–I’m so glad you enjoyed Wanted in Alaska. Thanks for the kudos! LOL on Victoria–she’s the heroine in my November book, Alaskan Renegade. She has to go on a difficult medical journey through the wilderness, and the hero is her paid bodyguard. He’s a man from her past and she tries to wiggle out of having him tag along, but no such luck. They fight a lot! 🙂

  11. Kate, we’ll miss you! But I expect you’ll be back from time to time to visit and tell us about your new books and other writing, right?? 🙂 Best wishes to you!

  12. Hi Kate, we hate to see you go, but we do understant how busy you are. I really wish you all the best with your writing and I hope you get caught back up. Please come to visit us when you can! Hugs!!!

  13. God be with you, Kate, as He always is! We will miss you, but wish you the best in the future! A
    favorite farewell here in Texas: “Y’all come back!”

    Pat Cochran

  14. Kate, you already know how much we’ll miss you, but I’m gonna say it again.

    We’re going to miss you. 🙂

    Best of luck, my friend. I know the decision to leave Wildflower Junction is the right one for you, but please know we mean it when we say the door is always open for you.


  15. Kate I have learned so much from you and the world of Canada, I have more of those questions so I will have to look you up.
    I wish you all kinds of luck!!
    We will miss you..
    Can’t wait for your book to come out.

  16. Wishing you the best. Have enjoyed your books, The Midwife’s Secret was my favorite. Have signed up for your newsletter so we can keep up with your books.
    Good luck with all your writing. Will miss you on this site and look forward to your visits. Have enjoyed your blogs since I found this site.
    Not goodbye, but fare the well!

  17. Will be looking forward to your books but will be missing your blogs….God Bless you, Kate. Luvnhugs.

  18. Thanks for these last few messages. You guys are great! It was so nice getting to know you. I’ll be back! 🙂

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