Kathleen Eagle Coming Tuesday

eagle4Well, bless my soul!

Kathleen Eagle is coming back to Wildflower Junction. Yep, it’s true. She’s going to take Karen Kay’s blog day on Tuesday.

What a real treat. We certainly enjoyed Miss Kathleen when she came for our Cowboys and Outlaws week not long ago. Ah know you’ll want to visit with her. Ah can’t rightly say what she’s going to be talking over, but ah’m right sure it’ll be interestin’ as all get-out.

Miss Kathleen’s new book is in bookstores and in case you’ve forgotten, it’s called In Care of Sam Beaudry. Sure sounds like a winner to me.

Don’t dilly-dally around and miss out now, you hear.

It’s not everyday you get this opportunity.

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  1. Just picked up my copy today at “my” Wal Mart
    here in NW Houston. There were only two copies
    left on the rack when I picked up mine!

    Pat Cochran

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