Brenda Novak’s Auction To Benefit Diabetes!


May is fast approaching, as is author Brenda Novak’s annual action to raise money for diabetes research.  As I shared with you last year, I’ve known Brenda since the start of my writing  journey and she is one of the sweetest and most encouraging authors you could hope to meet. I had the pleasure to sit beside her during my flight home from my first RWA National Conference. We talked about our families and missing our kids and Brenda shared her worries over her youngest of five children and his life-threatening struggles with juvenile diabetes. Nothing can be more frightening for a parent than to have their child be under constant siege of a life-threatening disease. A few years later I was thrilled to hear about the benefit she was putting together to aid diabetes research. The support she managed to rally inside and outside of Romance Writer’s of America was awe-inspiring. In the past four years her auction has continued to grow. Last year the auction raised $252,000–that’s more than A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS!


Click on the banner above to browse the massive list of donated items. There is a vast assortment of items to fit any staceys-donationbudget and listed in a number of different categories on her auction site.

Bidding begins on May 1st, but it could take a day or so to preview all the donations.  Be sure to bookmark the page! Bidders can also register early and click “watch item” on those of interest to get automatic updates!

This year I’ve donated a western style (of course!) purse filled with my complete Wild Trilogy and other goodies.  Hope you’ll stop in to check it out!

I did some digging on the history of diabetes and was surprised to learn this disease was identified more than two thousand years ago in the first century A.D. by Greek physician Aretaeus. He named the affliction “diabetes” from the Greek word “siphon”. He recorded that “fluids do not remain in the body, but use the body only as a channel through which they may flow out.”  While ancient doctors could identify the illness, they were powerless to treat it.  In fact, doctors had little success in aiding their diabetic patients until the 20th Century. Until 1921, the best a doctor could prescribe was a low-calorie diet to help prolong a diabetic’s life, but this did not stop the progression of the disease or help the patient’s suffering.

In the fall of 1921 Frederick Banting and his assistant Charles Best made a discovery breakthrough with a concoction of canine pancreas extract–insulin. When administered to  a young boy dying of diabetes, his dangerously high blood sugars dropped to near normal levels within 24 hours. Until the discovery of insulin, most children diagnosed with diabetes were expected to live less than a year.  Since insulin’s discovery, medical breakthroughs continued to prolong and ease the lives of people with diabetes.

I’ve always thought of it as a the “sugar” disease, but had no idea until these past few years how devastating a disease it truly is.  When I was a kid I recall a few diabetic kids in my classes and thinking they were the lucky ones, because they got to have mid-morning snacks while the rest of us had to wait until lunch to get any food from our lunch boxes.  Some of my relatives were diagnosed with diabetes later in life.  How about you, know someone who has diabetes?

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42 thoughts on “Brenda Novak’s Auction To Benefit Diabetes!”

  1. The husband of a very close friend has diabetes. He mostly just has to watch what he eats, but recently developed some eye trouble and is having to get a series of three shots in each eye. Ouch!! Makes me want to watch what I eat better.

    I’m going to have to stop by that auction.

  2. I’ve been keeping up with the auction Brenda has each year for such a great cause. I think everyone knows someone, or will, that has this medical condition. This auction is a wonderful way to help.

    Stacey that purse is gorgeous! The race is on for P/P bloggers to win it and keep it in the “family” 🙂 🙂

  3. Hello Stacey,

    I knew a wonderful woman who was not by grandmother by blood, but we all called her grandma Deel. She was diabetic but believe you me it didn’t slow her down. She lost her sight, both legs to the knees, and lived to be almost 100. She never lost her spirit. She was one classy lady, and she is deeply missed. We also have a close personal friend who is diabetic. This will be my first year attending the auction. I can’t wait to purchase something. Have a great day.

  4. There are plenty of people with diabetes in my family. And I really hope I won’t get it at some point.

  5. Diabetes runs in my family too. My mother has diabetes and so does some of my Aunts and Uncles. My best friend has to take insulin for her diabetes. I have another friend who is hypoglycemia or low blood glucose (sugar) and kept hard candy with her to take when she needed to.

  6. Hi Stacey,
    I had no idea diabetes had been recognized so many centuries ago. I have always wondered how it got its name. We are very blessed that no family or friends (at least so far) have this disease. thank God. May God bless Brenda’s little boy and keep her family in hope and further health.

    I also will check out the auction. Thanks for this information.

  7. Good morning Vickie! OUCH is right–OMG, poor guy. Hope that’s not a prolonged treatment. I’m always amazed at the wide array of donations on Brenda’s sight–takes me a few days to check “WATCH ITEM” on everything I want to be sure and bid on. Luckily once the auction starts, they automatically tell you when you’ve been outbid. One year I bid on close to fifty items….and got one *G* Another year I wasn’t paying close enough attention and ended up with zippo–but the bidding is fun 🙂

  8. I’ve got a book, along with some friends, in the auction.

    My dad had adult on-set (Type Two) diabetes and I consider myself a high risk for it and watch my blood sugar pretty carefully.

    My childhood best friend lost a six-year-old sister to the disease. The little girl just passed out one day and died in a diabetic coma. Awful tragedy. Now she’s got two daughters (out of four children) with juvenile diabetes. But my friend is so aware of diabetes, because of her sister, they diagosed the girls almost immediate and they’ve managed their condition pretty well. Both adults, moms, married, doing good.

  9. Thank you, Kathleen! Ouch is right–OMG, I sure hope those shots aren’t a prolonged treatment.

    Brenda is truly amazing. She has worked tirelessly on this project of her heart–and writes NYT Bestselling novels to boot!! Incredible 🙂

  10. HI Minna! I have diabetes on one side of my family too, and have the same concerns.

    Hi Crystal! Wow–all the more reasons to race for a cure 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  11. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago and it is a struggle. Thank you all for your participation in this cause.

  12. Brenda’s Auction raises so much money for this worthwhile cause. She always has the most amazing things to bid on. She gets a tremendous amount of support from the writing community. I admire her a lot because she is a warm and generous person who works tirelessly for her cause.

    Stacey, it was interesting learning about some of the history of diabetes treatment. Those early doctors did the best they could with the info they had. I am so impressed with doctors who discover new treatments.

  13. Stacey – It’s a worthy cause. Diabetes complicates even a simple injury or illness. My uncle died from diabetic induced heart failure.

    Your prize package looks fantastic!!

  14. Stacey, the information you posted is great. My hubby has diabetes from the stress of our daughter dying. He is lucky that he only has to take pills to control it. You’re right about how fabulous Brenda’s silent auction is. This is the fourth year I’ve donated a homemade baby quilt. Brenda’s energy and enthusiasm is catching and helping her fight against the disease just feels right. Your package is gorgeous and, it goes without saying, the books are priceless – they’re that good!! 🙂

  15. It is wonderful what Brenda Novak does each year! Many thanks should be sent to her and the wonderful people who donate to her auction each year! Stacey that is a yummy lookin prize pack! 😉

  16. Stacey–

    Diabetes is very prevalent in our family. My grandfather and father both died from diabetes complications. And I have two sisters who are insulin dependent. Also, I’ve recently been diagnosed, but am controlling my blood sugar by diet. It’s a devastating disease. I hope one day there will be a cure for it.

    Love the cover of your new anthology! Wishing you lots of success.

  17. BTW, Stacey, I love the pretty cover and catchy title of your new anthology. Three wonderful authors, too!

  18. Stacy, you always have such great items for the
    Auction! I’ve participated in the Auction for the
    past two years and I’m already registered for this
    Honey & I are both Type 2 diabetics, our dd1 and
    dil both had gestational diabetes which could be
    a precursor to Type 2 diabetes in the future. Both
    our mothers were also diabetics, we’ve encouraged
    our children to look into lifestyle changes for
    them and our grandchildren to ward off what appears to be a family tendency toward the disease.

    Pat Cochran

  19. Although no one close to me has the disease I have some distant relatives and some aquaintances with it and I know it can be devastating.

  20. Hi Stacey, I love the bag! The books, too! I didn’t really understand diabetes until my mom remarried. My stepdad has it and he works hard to control it. He’s doing great, but it’s not an easy disease to manage.

    Here’s hoping Brenda’s auction is a smashing success and your donation gets oodles of bids!

  21. Hi Stacey, I know a lot of people with diabetes, it runs in my family. My father and brother had it and my older sister developed the disease at the age of 55. I turn 54 in about four days. This scares me but so far my sugar seems to test OK. My sister takes shots every night and some other drugs during the day and her sugar runs normal most of the time. My grandfather died of complications of the disease and had lost both legs before he died. I know I am a great candidate for the disease and I don’t eat right. I have been putting on a lot of weight this past year, but I am trying to get back into exercising again. I have spent the day today push mowing the lawn. If I can stick to this exercise and loose some weight, maybe it will help.

  22. I do know many people with diabetes, including some pretty young kids. I’m so glad Brenda’s been spearheading this effort and I’m SO thankful that so many generous authors in the romance community are supporting it so whole-heartedly! Thanks for your part, Stacey!

  23. Stacey,
    Interesting bit of history about the disease. Thanks! Brenda is doing an amazing thing with her auction to help raise money to fight it.
    Cute purse! 🙂 Would make a great travel bag. 🙂


  24. Hi, Stacey!

    What an informative post. I should actually do more research on diabetes myself. My dad was a diabetic, so my chances are pretty good of developing it if I don’t take care. Thanks for the bit you did!

  25. Hi, Stacey. Good luck with your auction this year. I live in a little city that is 70 to 80 percent Hispanic and diabetes is very prevalent among that culture, so I know the importance of educating people about it.
    By the way, I love the cover of the book! Very classy.

  26. My oldest daughter’s husband has juvenile diabetes. He is a great young man and it is a shame they will have to be dealing with this disease. He has gotten the insulin pump and what a difference that has made. He still has to monitor his blood levels, but his life has been much better since getting it. He recently was diagnosed with melanoma of the retina. I didn’t know it was possible to get melanoma other than on the skin – have since learned differently. The doctors at Duke were wonderful and we are hopeful. He goes back for his 6 week check in May. Diabetes has made the situation more complicated. It is much harder for him to heal. It also causes vision problems (retinopathy) and sores that are difficult to heal. My dad’s family has a history of type 2 diabetes. They have been able to control it mostly through diet and exercise. Good luck with the auction. I’m on my way to check out the site.

  27. What a wonderful thing to do to raise money! I have a friend that has diabetes and there has been some tough times for her. I have to remember to stop by in May and bid on your donation.

  28. I also have type 2. Romance novels have gotten me through many, many tedious hours of exercise. Thank you. 🙂

  29. My Grandma has diabetes as well as my dad..a terrible disease but slowly they are making strides. I’ll def. be checkin’ out the auction!

  30. Sorry I’m so late getting back! Thank you for all the fantastic comments and for sharing your experiences with diabetes.

    Mary this comment cracked me up:

    “Okay, I lied about watching sugar. I WORRY about sugar. I watch and worry the whole time I’m eating the donuts. Not the same thing.”

    That is sooo me. I’m such a chocoholic.

  31. Random drawing winners are:

    Roberta Harwell and Cheryl C!


    Thanks again to everyone for stopping in today and for checking out the auction. Wishing everyone Happy Bidding 😀

  32. Hi Stacey,

    Wow! There is some serious research here. I had no idea although I lost a hubby and a cousin to the disease. Thank you for sharing. No doubt I’ll bid on Brenda’s auction again this year. Won your big tote bag full of goodies the second year. Still use the tote bag which has your dragonfly logo. Have had many comment and a couple who wanted to buy it from me. Nope! Not for sale!! Gotta go.


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