Cowboy + Outlaw = Indian = My Hero! ~ by Kathleen Eagle

eaglepicPetticoats and pistols, cowboys and outlaws, wow!  I must be in heaven.  Where Frontierland meets Indian Country.  Or, as my brother-in-law says, “Where the grass is tall and the corn don’t grow.”  Just walked in and already I feel right at home with you gals.


eagle5I was about to claim that my heroes have always been cowboys, and here comes my younger son, mocking me with his t-shirt.  Armed and dangerous.  That’s his trusty Red Rider BB gun—and, yes, I opposed that Christmas gift for years, but his dad went behind my back one year, claiming that if Red Rider had a rifle, it was about time Little Beaver got one, too.  As far as I know our Eaglet never took out any eyes.  He did kill a rabbit in the back yard once, but that was—no kidding—with his bow and arrow.


A bit of background:  I’m the Southern Belle and the New England school marm rolled up in one and gone West.  I was born in Virginia, raised as an Air Force brat, graduated from a Massachusetts women’s college in 1970 when we Boomers were going to save the world.  In the summer of 1969, I chose a South Dakota Indian reservation for a summer of do-gooding.  On the first day I fell in love with the land.  The High Plains is such a powerful landscape—enormous sky and endless grass—that you either make your peace with its authority or you hightail it home.  On the eagle1second day I fell in love with the people, who knew exactly how smart I thought I was and still gave me the benefit of the doubt.  At the end of that second day I clapped eyes on an Indian cowboy named Clyde Eagle.  He was wearing jeans, boots, a cowboy hat, a red Western-style shirt, and he was actually breaking a horse.  I had crossed the Rubicon—well, the Missouri—and there was no turning back.  I had one more year of college, but my mind and my heart were set.


This was a romance that really began many years before that fateful day.  I lived in Idaho from age 6 through 8, and no matter where we moved, I wanted to go back out West.  Remember “My Baby Loves the Western Movies”?  That was yours truly.  We Boomers grew up on Roy Rogers, Wild Bill, the Cartwrights, Maverick, Paladin—oh, the manhood!  Some of my earliest fiction featured Little Joe Cartwright and his adopted sister, Kathy.  But here’s the funny part:  Deep in the heart of Indian Country, my soul mate was growing up in awe of the very same heroes.  When little Clyde went to a movie with his brothers they cheered for the cowboys and hid under the seats when the Hollywood Indians appeared on the horizon.  To this day my hubby enjoys the old movies on TV.  He’ll tolerate the stereotypes for the sound of a gunfight or a stampede on a Saturday afternoon. 


 eagle3So here we are, doing the gambler and the saloon girl in Deadwood after maybe ten years of marriage and taking a train ride in a vintage dining car on our 25th anniversary.  (We were married in 1970, so you can do the math on “the marriage that couldn’t last.”)  And I continue to  write stories about cowboys and Indians.  But you put the two together, and you’ve got the best of both worlds.  The eagle2Indian cowboy is his own man.  He’s a lover, a loner, an outlaw and a defender of all that is sacred.


Which brings me to Sam Beaudry, the hero of the first book of a trilogy I’m doing for Silhouette Special Editions.  Sam has been all of the above in his time, but he meets his match in In Care of Sam Beaudry, on sale April 28.  There’s an excerpt on my website and one on Amazon.


So let’s talk about our favorite cowboys and outlaws.  I have a little experience with both tucked under my trophy belt buckle.  A little experience and a lot of fantasy.  I’ll ask my hostess to draw her pistol blindfolded and hold up one commenter for a little re-ward—an autographed copy of  In Care of Sam Beaudry.  So fire away!




Kathleen blogs with her own posse at Riding With the Top Down.

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70 thoughts on “Cowboy + Outlaw = Indian = My Hero! ~ by Kathleen Eagle”

  1. Favorite outlaws:

    Loved the movie: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
    who could resist: Paul Newman,Robert Redford and Katherine Ross?

    Terrors: Jesse James & his brothers

    Favorite cowboy:

    I just remembered Marshall Dillon in Gunsmoke. You gotta love a lawman, cowboy going against the odds!

  2. Hi Kathleen, welcome to the P&P, my son also has a Red Rider BB gun and didn’t put any eyes out either. He really didn’t play with it that much but he still has it.
    I love, love, Sam Elliot. His voice is to die for. Of course I always loved watching Gunsmoke with Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty. They just don’t make shows like they used to.

  3. Just had to wave “hello” to another Southern Belle. I have that parasol twirling and batting of eye lashes down to a science! LOL

    Hey Kathleen!

    I was interested to see that this is a trilogy. Can you give us any sneak peak into the other books?


  4. I read the first few pages on your website and was drawn in. I’ve got four bb guns that belong to my four oldest kids. All eyes accounted for. 🙂 Even though I’m considered young (34), I like the old westerns too. The west has always fascinated me. I grew up in SE OK and NE TX. I used to read Louis L’Amour and still love the stories set in the west. A cowboy hero is the best.

  5. Hi Kathleen! I love your books. “The Last True Cowboy” is one of my favorites. I can’t wait for “In Care of Sam Beaudry” to come out. Growing up I watch all of the westerns shows. I loved the Gunsmoke shows too. My mother’s favorite was Roy Rogers, so I learn alot about him growing up.

  6. Ms. Eagle–I feel as though I’m speaking to royalty–really! Romance novels are relatively new to me, since I read my first one around 1995. Very quickly, I found favorites–I’ve read every one of Kathleen Eagle’s and still searched for more. And, I wrote my own, and now have one published, one gone to production last night, and one new release in September. Thank you for the inspirstion–Celia

  7. Hi Kathleen,

    As far as real cowboys go, I would have to say Wyatt Earp and his brothers, Jesse James, and Doc Holliday (even though he was not really a cowboy in my opinion). In the movies, I would have to chose Sam Elliott. He might be old enough to me my father but he makes my heart flutter. I think it’s his voice. LOL

    Have a great day.

  8. Fun post on getting to know you, Kathleen! Our boys had BB guns and I have one to chase the deer out of my flower beds.

    My grandfather’s avid reading of westerns and watching shows like Bonanza, Virginian, Big Valley, and Gunsmoke all kind of sparked my love of westerns. As well as growing up in a rural area of the PNW and riding horses everyday and experiencing farming and ranching.

    Good luck with your trilogy!

  9. Kathy, how delightful to get a glimpse inside your true life romance! I love the photos. Thanks for sharing with us and for being our guest on Petticoats and Pistols.

    I’ll look for Sam Beaudry in stores later this month!

  10. Hi Kathy! Welcome to P&P!

    I loved reading your story and seeing the photos! Nothing like a good cowboy and outlaw story! I have a lot of favorites myself! I also just really LOVE a series where I can revisit my favorite characters!

    Good luck with your series!

  11. Kathy,

    I love cowboy stories, too. Grew up watching all those westerns that you listed. Love them!

    I haven’t read one of your books before, but I’m going to get one now that I know about you.

  12. Hey, fellow trail riders! I can’t tell you how happy I am to know that we Western fans have a new generation coming up. The Western is a truly American body of legend and lore. These are our heroic epics, our tragedies and triumphs, our allegories and fables–this is the stuff that defines the American spirit. It’s entertainment and so much more, and I’m so glad you all celebrate it daily here on Petticoats and Pistols.

    So, having waxed way too lofty, let me go back and respond to questions and comments. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  13. Awwww, look how cute you and hubby are in that first picture!

    Favorite cowboy? Any cowboy played by Sam Elliott. How’s that for an answer? My daddy will probably disown me for not saying John Wayne. Uh, sorry Dad.

    Favorite outlaw? Um, how about more of an anti-hero? Doc Holiday. I find both movies (Wyatt Earp and Tombstone) “uneven” – but it’s hard for me to choose my favorite Doc – Val Kilmer or Dennis Quaid. Both please!

  14. Hi Kathy! Love the photos and the beautiful cover on your new book.

    Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday. He was amazing!

    Anyone like Silerado? I loved Kevin Costner in that one.

  15. Ah, Butch and Sundance. I’m still grieving over the loss of Paul Newman. I love that movie. The music, the romance, the pals-to-the-end theme. I’ve been swooning over Paul since I learned how to swoon–which comes early for a Southern Belle. Right, Kerri?

  16. Hi Kathleen,
    It’s fun to follow you over here to this great site! Loved your pictures and can’t wait to hear more about Sam Beaudry! My very first, honest-to-gosh, hero crush on anyone was on The Lone Ranger. That handsome mouth and the mystery of the mask — whew, I still fan myself! Clayton Moore (who played the part) lived for a short time in Minnesota (I’m a Northern Belle) and I used to beg my father to help me find where he lived so I could maybe see what he really looked like. Of course it never happened, and I guess I still like mysterious men.

    I also have to put in a plug for the heroes’ horses since we’re both horse nuts. Silver? Trigger? Gotta say, behind every good, sexy man was his incredible horse!
    Thanks Kathleen!

  17. I loved your post today. Cowboys are special and deserve recognition. My favorite cowboy has to be Wyatt Earp. Tombstone was so amazing. Thanks for your post.

  18. Hi Kathleen! 🙂 I don’t know if this counts or not, BUT I am kind of a Jesse James girl. He’s from Missouri, I’m from Missouri. I’ve read tons of things about him too. So, I would have to say my favorite cowboy is Jesse James….Or John Wayne, he was a hottie in his day!

  19. Congratulations, Celia! Thanks so much for the tip o’ the hat. Becky, thanks for mentioning “The Last True Cowboy.” That’s a sentimental favorite of mine. It was one that Clyde really helped with. Whenever I got stuck, he’d remind me that this was the quintessential Western theme. “Remember, this is about a man who needs a home.” And he’d tell me what it was like to be a cowboy knocking around from ranch to ranch. Because he lived that life. Yep, it really helps to sleep with a great resource.

  20. Hello Kathleen,

    Thanks for sharing your story of how you met your cowboy. I always love reading those stories.

    When I was a kid I had the biggest crush on Little Joe. I wanted to live on the Ponderosa. LOL Then as I got older I transferred my crush to Adam Cartwright. I’ve liked the bad boys ever since. 🙂

  21. Sam Elliott, yes! Now, there’s a cowboy. Another favorite of mine is Glenn Ford. He and Sammy Davis Jr. were among the few actors who could really handle a pistol. And Glenn was a fantastic horseman. Watching his movies Clyde never fails to note, “Now there’s a real cowboy. And he usually wore the same battered hat with the brim curled up. Cowboys are fussy about shaping their hats. When he had to get a new one, Clyde used to spend hours getting it into his signature shape. He doesn’t wear one around here, but the hat goes right into the pickup with the saddle when we head for the Dakotas.

  22. Hi, Kathy Eagle, one of my most favorite people!!! I am THRILLED that a whole new bunch o readers are gonna get to meet your style of hero now that you’re writing for Silhouette! Super excited to think how many new readers you and the rest of the “new” western writers will turn on to cowboy (and hopefully some American Indian?) heroes through Western-themed category romances. Thank you, all! And, Kathleen, that pic of you and Clyde as young’ns is too sweet for words. Ack! Have to run, will be back! Hiya, Fillies!

  23. Hi Kathleen,
    Sam Elliott here too. Whew. I also liked hothead Nick Barkley. He was always yelling about something–so passionate LOL.

    And Val Kilmer as Doc…I’ll be your huckleberry for sure .

    Real life guys: I have Missouri roots so I kinda go for Jesse and Frank too. (The Long Riders is a favorite.)

    Your personal romance is something from a romance novel! Thanks for sharing. And duh,I always thought Eagle was a pen name! You hit the jackpot there and in lots of other ways too.

    Can’t wait for your next book.

  24. Hi Kathleen,

    A big welcome to P&P! We’re so happy to have you here. This has been a week of a lifetime having this many top romance authors with us. It’s truly special.

    Love the cover of “In Care of Sam Beaudry.” Wow! Just great–the title, the peaceful colors and the neat graphics. I’m for sure going to have to have this one and the next two of the series. I wish you lots of success with them.

    I grew up watching those old TV westerns too. They inspired me to think that I might write books that reflected those gritty cowboys who had hearts of gold, a steely eye, and a quick gun. Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck could always give me that little funny feeling in my stomach. Little Joe was another favorite. And to this day I remember “Laramie” and “Paladin.” Every episode was so exciting.

    Hope you have a wonderful time here with us and come back again soon!

  25. Hi Kathleen E.,
    I love your books and cannot wait to read this new series. My hero has always been cowboys and my fav hero in the movies was always John Wayne. Of course then there was Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Robert Redford. Cowboys…. be still my heart. And what about Tom Selleck, now does he not make a good cowboy!!
    And you lucky girl that your are married your own cowboy.. how lucky can you get.

  26. Another Southern Belle here who also grew up on cowboy shows. I loved Maverick. Who could resist suave Bart and the ever-conniving Bret? Anyone remember Michael Ansara in Broken Arrow? Or Ronald Reagan hosting Death Valley Days (sponsored by 20 Mule Team Borax)? My daddy was a big Gunsmoke fan and my sister and I used to limp around and imitate Chester’s slow drawl.

    I look forward to your SSE trilogy. I’m submitting to that line and maybe one day we’ll be line sisters. 🙂 A girl can hope, yes? And thank you for the beautiful look at “the marriage that would not last.” You showed ’em, huh?

  27. It’s all just fantasy for me since I never lived out west – the closest I came was a couple of trips to Arizona (sigh). I watched all the cowboy shows and fell in love with them all. I also fell in love with the “good” Indians. I think the older I got the more I sided with them lol. And congrats on 39 years of marriage this year – I’m going to be at 40 – so we grew up watching the same things 🙂

  28. Liz, yes, the horses! Remember Dale’s Buttermilk? When we played cowboys, my horse was always Buttermilk. Except when we played Bonanza, and I was Little Joe. Yep, I played Bonanza with girlfriends, and we took the lead roles. Who wants to be a Cartwright bride, right? They always died.

  29. The recent Tombstone and Wyatt Earp movies proved one thing for sure: Doc Holiday is the plum role. Dennis Quaid was good, too. But I agree that Val Kilmer nailed it. Clyde loves to steal movie lines like “I’m your huckleberry” and “You’re a Daisy if you do.” His favorite from Clint Eastwood: “I ain’t like that no more.” Oh…remember Rowdy Yates? Loved Rowdy.

  30. Hi, Kathleen, thanks for being here. I’m a big fan of your books, and I enjoyed your story about meeting your husband.

  31. About the trilogy…

    ONE COWBOY, ONE CHRISTMAS is scheduled for December (Surprise surprise. And that wasn’t my title.) It’s Sam’s brother’s story. Zach Beaudry is a battered bull rider who lands on the doorstep of a woman he had a one night stand with years ago. He doesn’t remember. She does. The original title was THE PRODIGAL COWBOY, which says more about the book. (I’m using the title for a different book, so don’t even think of taking it!)

    The third book is COOL HAND HANK. Hank Night Horse is a friend of Zach’s. He’s a work in progress.

  32. Hi Kathleen, Your books have kept me up all night more than once! I’m looking forward to the newest.

    My favorite cowboy is Tom Hart from “Broken Trail.” Love that movie! Others have mentioned “Tombstone.” That’s a favorite, too.

  33. LOL Kathleen, I loved Bonanza too! (He wasn’t a cowboy, but I followed my crush on Michael Landon all the way through Pa Ingalls.) We played horses as well as kids — and I was rarely the girl in whatever scenario. Remember Little Joe’s horse’s name? Good old Cochise–made me fall in love with paints.

  34. Kathleen, that’s a GORGEOUS cover!!

    And I love the story of yours and Clyde’s romance. But then, you were lost the minute you saw him, weren’t you??

    As for favorite cowboys…it’s been said here and in my blog, but Sam Elliott’s got to take the blue ribbon!

  35. Hi Kathleen,

    I’m a sucker for horses on a cover. What a beautiful one! Thanks for sharing your history with us. I’m always fascinated as to how everyone came to write westerns.
    I’m looking forward to your SE series!
    You son’s a cutie! Great pics.

  36. How beautiful is your cover!

    Hands down my favorite outlaws would be Butch and Sundance. I loved Alias Smith and Jones too.

  37. Hey Kathleen, I love the artwork on your site as well as your new cover.

    I can’t pick just one or two favorites because I don’t think I saw a western I didn’t like – oh wait – okay… I pick Clint Eastwood. For everything. To me, he’s the epitome of the Old West. It didn’t matter if he was wearing his long black (frock?) coat or his serape, he was one cool dude.

    Oh – and Matt Dillion… yeah, Matt. Okay, so I do have favorites. 🙂

  38. Hi,
    Happy to have you blogging here today. Thanks for the picture of the handsome Sam Elliot. Thanks also for writing for us, or for you, but we get to share.

  39. Hi Kathleen. My favorite cowboy is Marshall Matt Dillon. Favorite outlaws: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

  40. Hi, Kathleen,

    I’m a long-time reader of your works – I have several of your books on my keeper shelf, especially “The Last True Cowboy.” My favorite “outlaws” are Butch and Sundance, as portrayed
    by Paul Newman & Robert Redford. My favorite western heroes include James Arness (Matt Dillon), Richard Boone (Paladin), Robert Conrad (Jim West)& Ross Martin (Artemus Gordon)in The
    Wild Wild West, Clint Eastwood (Rowdy), Tom Selleck and John Wayne in their many, many characterizations. Thanks for joining us today!

    Pat Cochran

  41. Kathy, it’s been so wonderful having you with us! I truly enjoyed seeing pics of your hubby. I’d been so-o curious about him. And Doug and I have an oldtime saloon pic of us, too! It’s still one of my favorites.

    Looking forward to you coming back to Wildflower Junction again later this month. Yee-Haw!

  42. Hi, Kathleen! I haven’t watched many westerns, but I’m definitely enjoying reading about cowboys! Thanks for sharing your own story and photos–congrats on your wonderful family!

  43. MichelleB, we miss you soooo much! I hope you’re right about readers jumping on board with my SSEs. It’s a homecoming for me, and they’re really doing the books up right. I love this cover, too!

    Liz, thanks for jogging my memory about Little Joe’s horse’s name. Cochise! He was gorgeous, wasn’t he? We have a beautiful Paint stud, but he isn’t black and white.

  44. Anita, the masthead on my website is my own photo of the SD landscape, taken near where Clyde and I met. The land is almost a character in any Western. It’s powerful.

  45. Victoria, I love “Broken Trail.” The Tom Hart character is a real cowboy. And you can’t go wrong with Duvall. “Lonesome Dove” is one of the few movies that’s as good as the book. Clyde didn’t want to watch it for the longest time–he was sure it couldn’t live up to his favorite Western novel. But he takes that dvd set out at least once a year and watches the whole thing.

  46. Love the cover of “In Care of Sam Beaudry”.
    Loved watching Westerns and listening to Country music. Cowboys, campfires, trail rides, rodeos-give me a cowboy to make my heart pitter patter.

  47. Kathleen. . .welcome to P&P. As one of your biggest fans, I’m delighted to see you here. Loved your blog and cover and, of course, photos of Clyde. No wonder you lingered.

  48. I grew up loving to watch the Lone Ranger and Tonto at the movies. I have enjoyed reading books set in the west, especially those with cowboys in them.
    I have enjoyed reading Kathleen’s books too

  49. Hi, Pat! We have a mutual admiration society, m’dear. I love your cowboys.

    This has been so much fun I think I’ll do it again real soon. But I’ll check back in tonight before I hit the hay. I love comparing notes on favorite Westerns.

    Oh, my latest Western heartthrob is Viggo Mortensen. Loved “Hidalgo” and “Appaloosa.” Anyone else. He’s another marvelous horseman. He bought one of the Paints he rode in Hidalgo. Part of it was filmed in SD, and the local Indian people who worked on the film really liked Viggo.

  50. I enjoyed your post and learning more about you and your family. My favorite cowboys are the ones I find in the stories I read and in TV or movies, I’d say Sam Elliott and Robert Redford.

    Oh, and who can resist a sheriff. I love the chapter posted on your site!

  51. Ha. Anyone else? (That was supposed to be a question.)

    Also enjoyed the remake of “3:10 To Yuma” with Russell Crow and Christian Bale. After we saw it we rented the original with Glenn Ford, which was I guess really groundbreaking in its day–back in 1957. Glenn Ford was a wonderful actor who never really got his due. Remember “Cimmeron”? I loved that movie.

  52. Hello Kathleen! Great to see you here at P&P! I have read several of your books and have a couple in my TBR pile too. I do love Sam Elliott. And of course Tom Selleck!! For fav outlaw I’d have to agree with Russell Crow in 3:10… He is just great. My DH would pick his fav cowboy as Alan Ladd in Shane!! Our son even got Shane as a middle name!

  53. Am also a part of your generation that went out to save the world. Joined the Peace Corps and married a high school friend who was in the Air Force. We were stationed in Colorado and had our son there. We loved the west and would have loved to retire there. It really is a special place. Unfortunately, the population is exceeding the water resources in many areas. The population growth is changing the character of a very special region, the people, and way of life. Have always loved westerns. Favorite movie – “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. The mini series “Into The West” a few years ago was very well done. I think it gave a pretty accurate and even view of the way things were. “Dances With Wolves” gave a good different point of view. Have enjoyed a few of your books. I’ll be looking for your new ones. Keep up the good writing.

  54. Kathleen, that cover is so beautiful!!! I just love when there is horses on the cover and the colors are stunning!

    I loved OUTSIDER that’s a western set historical romance movie based on Penelope Williamson’s book! You must see if you haven’t yet! Love LOMESOME DOVE too!! I haven’t seen in a long time so that’s one I want to see again! And who could forget BLAZING SADDLES!! I don’t watch much movies but the few I have were historicals and/or westerns!

  55. Caffey, I loved OUTSIDER the movie almost as much as the book.

    Patricia, I absolutely agree with you about the water situation in the American West. I’m afraid our generation is largely responsible. When I graduated from college everyone was moving to California or Colorado. But before that came the dams, which was another assault on Indian Country. And before that, indiscriminate farming and ranching. A discussion for another time, perhaps.

    It’s been so much fun, folks. Thanks for a wonderful day in Wildflower Junction!

  56. Coming a day late to the party, but thanks for sharing your story! I loved it! The photos were great.

    I grew up in Minnesota, but my (Canadian) father was interested in the old west. So we had gunfighter tales for bedtime stories, and the front porch was stocked with cap guns and cowboy hats. We also sang a lot of cowboy songs after my father discovered some songbooks in a secondhand store. (“Sam Bass” is still my favorite.) In high school I read Louis L’Amour (Ty was my favorite Sackett) and then later on Lonesome Dove. Fabulous book.

    I’m looking forward to Sam Beaudry!

  57. Hi, Greta–

    I love cowboy songs. When I was about 9 or 10 I went to a dentist (Air Force hospital) who sang cowboy songs while he drilled. In those days the drills were loud and slow, and there were no ear buds, no piped-in music. Every time I hear those songs, I see that dentist’s face. He was one of the good guys.

  58. Am a great fan of your books. Stumbled onto them at a small used bookstore here in Flatrock and was hooked.

    I enjoyed the other readers comments (as well as your own of course). I have had the chance to actually live, work and enjoy cowboy and indian country. Grew up in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and now am back in Nebraska (my birth state)

    Got to meet the REAL thing and still enjoy the REEL thing…cowboys. Those riding at the Frontier Days Rodeo, small (what we called) “spud rodeos” around Cheyenne. Our family were neighbors to late singer Chris LeDoux.

    Again, enjoy your books and wish you and your family well.

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