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elizname2smallJust wanted to share the excitement!  My new historical, HIS SUBSTITUTE BRIDE, will be on store shelves April 1 and is already available for online ordering.  Thank you for this chance to tell you about it.  Those of you who met the Seavers brothers, Judd and Quint, in THE BORROWED BRIDE will be happy to know that Quint and Annie finally get their chance to fall in love.  Here’s a peek at the blurb from the back cover. 

“Dashing but cynical Quint Seavers lives for danger.  A past betrayal has made him wary of love, and he has no idea that independent, practical Annie Gustavson holds a secret longtime passion for him.  Nor does he realize that the only reason Annie has traveled to San Francisco is to win his love—or walk away forever.  When disaster strikes the city, Annie’s courage and determination match his own—and suddenly Quint knows that she’s exactly what has been missing from his life all along…” 

There’s lots more.  The story takes place in 1906 San Francisco in the days prior to the catastrophic earthquake and fire.  Quint, a crusading reporter, has invited Annie to bring his six-year-old “niece” to San Francisco for a visit.  The three of them become enmeshed in a web of intrigue and danger.  Reviews are still coming in.  Here’s an excerpt from one of the nicest ones—this from Carol at Loves Western Romance. 

“…Author Elizabeth Lane has set a first rate suspense against the background of 1906 San Francisco and the earthquake that defined that city.  She’s also created a sensual romance where secrets won’t stay buried.  With a hero who has to learn boundaries and a heroine who needs to spread her wings, Ms. Lane gives readers characters who tug at your heart strings as they face danger around every corner.  Especially poignant is the little girl Clara, blissfully unaware of the threats swirling about her.  A captivating romance, an intriguing suspense and characters that make you care.”   

Here’s a very short excerpt from the book.  You can read a longer version on my web site. substitute-bride-cover

“Where’s the ocean, Aunt Annie?  I want to see it!”  Clara bounced with excitement.  Her nose smudged the window of the first class railway car. 

“All in good time, Miss Clara Seavers.”  Annie resettled her weary buttocks against the vibrating seat cushion.  She adored her sister Hannah’s child, but three days and nights on a rattling train with an active six-year-old had frayed her nerves.  She looked forward to a quiet lunch, a lovely hot bath…and Quint.  Especially Quint.  Damn his charming, impossible hide! 

Maybe after this week, she would finally be over him. Frank Robinson, who owned the hotel in Dutchman’s Creek, had asked Annie to marry him three times.  He was decent, kind and passably handsome, with enough money to keep her in comfort for the rest of her days.  Her sister Hannah thought she was crazy for turning Frank down.  “You’re twenty-three years old, Annie!” she’d fussed.  “What are you waiting for, a knight on a white horse?” 

The question was wasted breath, and both sisters knew it.  Quint Seavers was no shining knight.  But Annie had worshipped him since her teens.  Annie had jumped at his invitation to bring Clara to San Francisco.  But she had no illusions about why he’d sent her the ticket.  He needed someone to accompany Clara and act as a nanny during the visit.  Well, fine.  She was determined to have a good time anyway.  And she would do her best to see Quint through clear eyes. 

“Will Uncle Quint be there when we get off the train?” Clara asked. 

“He said he would.” 

“Then he will.”  Clara nodded happily.  “How much longer is it?” 

“Not much longer.  We should be there in time for lunch.”  Annie slipped an arm around the little girl.  “Here, look out the window.  We’re coming into Oakland now.  Soon you’ll be able to see San Francisco Bay.  It’s almost like the ocean!” 

Thirty minutes later the train pulled into the station.  Plastered against the window, Clara scanned the platform.  “There he is!  There’s Uncle Quint!  Look, he can see us!  He’s waving!” 

They gathered their things and filed down the aisle to the exit door.  Quint was there to greet them, looking tired but unforgivably handsome in a light woolen topcoat and black derby.  He helped Annie down the steps, then swept Clara off her feet, waltzing her around until she squealed with laughter.  Watching them, Annie felt the familiar ache.  What a breathtaking pair they were, the man and the child.  They had the same brown eyes and thick, dark chestnut curls, the same dimpled cheeks and dazzling smiles. 

No one with eyes in their head could fail to guess the truth.  Clara was Quint’s daughter.

* * * * *

To celebrate the book’s release, I’ll be giving copies to some lucky winners.  For every ten responses to this blog, I’ll draw one name to receive a copy of HIS SUBSTITUTE BRIDE.  Good luck!

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  1. Everything looks (Beautiful cover)and sounds GREAT! I like that Annie is strong enough to go after Quint. I can’t imagine how it must feel to love someone who had a child with your sister!

  2. WOW-that’s really a beautiful cover! Sounds like this will be a beautiful story too! I will definately add this to my “April releases” list! I need to find a copy of THE BORROWED BRIDE before I read this one though! 🙂 Can’t wait!

  3. I like the cover and this book sounds really good. I will have to read both “The Borrowed Bride” and “His Substitute Bride”. I too like that Annie is strong enough to go after Quint.

  4. WOW this series looks amazing, love the cover and what I have read so far. Thank you for this opportunity.

  5. Good morning, Laurie, Minna, Melissa, Becky and Gillian. Thanks for your early bird comments (I stayed up late to finish my taxes, still yawning here).
    Hope you all enjoy HIS SUBSTITUTE BRIDE. For those of you who haven’t read THE BORROWED BRIDE, this second book can stand on it’s own, but knowing the full story adds a lot.
    Good luck, all of you, in my contest!

  6. THank you for writing a story set in the turn of the 20th century. It is such a fascinating time. I will be buying this one next week in my eHarlequin.com order if I don’t win the drawing.:)

  7. I am captivated with this story set in a great era. The cover is striking and appealing. Congratulations on this new release.

  8. I’m so excited that we get to hear what happened to Quint. I’ve been worried about him! I”ll have to go online and order it!

  9. Hi Elizabeth. Congratulations on the release of His Substitute Bride. Sounds like a great book. Beautiful cover.

  10. Woo-hoo! Congratulations on His Substitute Bride’s release! I can’t wait. But if Cheryl found it already in Walmart, I’d better head over to mine. Maybe it’s there.

    I loved The Borrowed Bride. The story was well crafted and the characters sprang to life in a huge way. You have the ability for making me feel like I’m right there with the characters.

    Wishing you lots of success!

  11. Thank you Paty, Ellie, Stephanie, Crystal and Lori. It’s fun hearing that some of you have read Borrowed Bride and were waiting for Quint’s story. Good luck in the contest.

    And thanks for the great news, Cheryl! I haven’t seen the book anywhere yet.

  12. What a tease you are, Elizabeth! At least it’s just a few days before I can get my hands and eyes on this one. Bee-yoo-tiful
    cover, and what a setting!


  13. Hello Elizabeth, This book sounds wonderful. Love the cover. Congrats on the new release. Have great a day.

  14. I have really been looking forward to this book because I loved The Borrowed Bride. Great blurb and excerpt!

  15. Oh wow Elizabeth this is great of you. I would love to read this book, it sounds great. Great excerpt and I just love the cover. Its still going to be a few day before I can get my grubby little hands on it but I will have it.

  16. Linda and Charlene, you’re such sweeties. It means a lot to have the support of my sister Fillies.

    And thanks, to you, too Tanya, Roberta, Cheryl, C, Quilt Lady and Minna. Good luck in the drawing.

  17. yay for Quint and Annie; I just found out about these books and love the factors surrounding the stories – loving him forever, her sister having his baby, accompanying the niece to see her love, etc. And San Francisco is a great place for the story.

  18. Elizabeth this one is on my list I hope I can find it at Walmart. I won’t be able to read it until after next weekend, the big wedding is APril 4th and boy I don’t remember my wedding being this much work. I did all for ours too but of course it is our turn to do for our daughter.

    I love the cover and it sounds like you have us all hooked on this one. Great job.

  19. Congrats on His Substitute Bride. It’s brilliant choosing the time of the Earthquake as a time setting; it’s giving the story an interesting suspense side. Sounds like a great read 🙂

  20. Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding Brenda. Hope the mother of the bride survives the stress.

    And thanks for your comments, Robyn, Karen, Mona and Colleen. Hoping you all get a chance to enjoy the book. Good luck in the drawing.

  21. Congrats, Elizabeth. I love the cover! I’m looking forward to reading an account of romance discovered during this horrific period of time. They always say a disaster will bring out the true nature of a person. What an excellent way to show it.

  22. Gorgeous cover!
    I’m really looking forward to catching up with what’s happening in Quint’s life—to see if he has grown up.

  23. Quint’s grown up, Estella. But he’s still Quint. Hope you enjoy the book.

    And I hope you all get to read it, too, Jeanne, Anita and LuAnn. It was a lot of work to research but a lot of fun to write. Good luck in the drawing.

  24. Romance, suspense and characters that will tug at your heart….sounds like my kind of story. I’d love to read it!!

  25. Have read several of your books and enjoyed them all. Do prefer the historicals. Look forward to reading your new one.

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