Spend the Weekend With Winnie Griggs

handmedownfamily125This weekend the Fillies are hosting Miz Winnie Griggs and what fun we’ll have! Hee-hee!

Miz Winnie is set to entertain us with the whys and wherefores of towns’ names. Some are just downright too hilarious. Others make us wonder what the founding father had in mind when it came to naming the town. Anyway, Miz Winnie is going to sort it all out for us.

She’s not coming empty handed either. No sirree. She’s bringing prizes for a couple of lucky people. If you want to get your name in the hat for one just show up and post a comment. Easy as falling off a log backward.

Head on over to the Junction and get you a seat. Prop up your feet and sit a spell.

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  1. Look forward to “meeting” you, Miz Winnie. Your topic sounds very interesting. In our travels around the country, there have been many times when we’ve seen signs for towns and really did wonder “What were they thinking?”

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