The Silhouettes Unmasked!

I’m pouting because no one attempted to guess who was America’s most famous silhouette.    But here he is.   George Washington himself.  Not surprising, since the silhouettes were the rage in his lifetime.




Here’s the identities of the silhouettes.  Some were easy, several were much tougher.  Two, no one guessed correctly.

#1 – Benjamin Franklin

#2 – Jane Austen

#3 – Abraham Lincoln (who could miss that bearded chin?)

#4 – Abe and his family.  That chin again.

#5 – Marie Antoinette

#6 – George and Martha Washington

#7 –  Queen Elizabeth

#8 – Beethoven

He DID look like an African-American female with that curly hair, didn’t he?  But it must’ve been the way the light shined behind him, and the details his artist took time to incorporate into the silhouette.  He was young here, too. 


And there you go.  Hope you enjoyed skipping down memory lane with me!

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4 thoughts on “The Silhouettes Unmasked!”

  1. Sorry I missed the chance to guess the silhouettes. They are still doing them in many schools. Still have my children’s packed away for them.

  2. Sorry I got sick Monday and crawled into bed until this am!! I thought the silhouettes were neat though! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Hi Im trying to obtain a silhouette of Ben Franklin for my sons history project. Can any one help me out??? Thanks Linda

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