Announcing Our Chance In A Million Hits Contest and More …

computer-hits-iconYes, we’re celebrating!  We’re approaching our one millionth (1,000,000) Petticoats and Pistols hit! Not to be confused with our millionth visitor, but we’ll get there too.  As it stands now, it won’t be long. We’re a few weeks away from this monumental moment and we want to raise the roof with a new contest and two (2) ways to win! But before we do, let’s take a look at the most successful blogs of our time.


Did you know that is the #1 blog in America? Imagine my surprise to learn that I’d never heard of the most successful blog of the decade.  Or maybe I did, and blew it off in my head because I’m sooo not techy. This blog is all about the latest technology of gadgets. The gadget blog covers everything from iPhone Apps to 6 Gadgets That Will Help You Score a New Job. The wide variety of topics include, Emerging Tech, Ipod, HDTV, Airplanes, Comedy, Weapons, Culture, and the one that made me smile…  There’s an article about the newest technology – 3D Porn. Haven’t we risen to great heights?
ranks #2 and is linked to the television program with the same name. TMZ stands for Thirty Mile Zone – I’m guessing that means Hollywood and surrounding areas, because this blog is all about celebrities and people in the news. Perusing this site, I found articles about the Travolta’s tragic loss to the uplifting story of Captain Chesley, “Sully” Sullenberger’s story, the heroic pilot who landed his plane on water!  Their sections include a photo gallery, breaking news, celebrity justice and a “memba them” column where they spotlight one child  or forgotten star and tell you what they are doing now.  Billy Mumy was the latest topic from Lost In Space.  I wasn’t entirely surprised to find a side banner ad of Books on a Budget from Harlequin. Being in the Harlequin family of authors I know they have their finger on the pulse of what’s hot and current in today’s market. And TMZ is big.treehugger


Coming in at #9 with over one million visitors monthly is This is the How to Go Green site with articles like How to Green Your Wardrobe and How to Green Your Sex Life. They have a variety of links including Food and Health and Culture and Celebrity.  I found a great blog about Freak Caterpillar Invasion Eating It’s Way Through Liberia.  Really, it was engaging. Who knew? 




Some other blog sites that are among the top 30 are,,,,, Read/ and


We’re in good company with our million hits. During the Olympics, Michael Phelps, our 8 Gold Medal Winner had topped the international charts with computer hits.  And the Disney superstar, Hannah Montana (Mylie Cyrus) is always amongst the ranks of mega website hits.  





Our Chance in a Million Hits Contest starts today!  All you have to do is click on the icon to the left and enter to win a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card.  That’s the first way to win.


Your 2nd chance to win is just as easy.  Just post a comment on our site during the week we hit the 1,000,000 mark and you’ll be included in our It’s Raining Cowboys Book Shower   to win books from all the Fillies at Wildflower raining-cowboyJunction!   We’ll be picking a winner at random.   It may be days from now, or weeks! We don’t know either.   So keep those comments coming!


Hint:  We’re at 850,,000 now. 





 So let’s start the comments coming – what blogs do frequent besides Petticoats and Pistols, of course?

What do you enjoy the most about blogging?





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50 thoughts on “Announcing Our Chance In A Million Hits Contest and More …”

  1. I’ve never heard of gizmodo, but I’m not extremely techy either. I get by. LOL

    The blogs I frequent, besides kicking my boots off here are varied. Blogs by my fellow KYRW members, family and friends when they post and a plethora of other authors.

    I myself blog on my myspace and blogspot. I have a livejournal, but mostly only use it during NaNoWriMo. The other two mirror each other as I crosspost between them. I like reading/writing blogs, especially about writing and life in general. It gives me the chance to express myself, connect with and learn more about others, the writing world and research, new books, etc.

    It’s those days when the writing’s just not going the way I hope, that I can go to my favorite blogs and find inspiration from an ironic or well timed post that reminds me why I write, that I’m not alone or provides that chuckle I needed to brighten my day and improve my outlook on what I’m doing and why I can’t just give up on my dream. I guess that’s what I enjoy most about blogging. There’s a sense of community, especially among writers/readers blogs. We’re connected, even when miles apart and we’re all traveling the same road, just at different mile markers with similiar destinations.

  2. I’ve never heard of Gizmodo either. But I only visit blogs about romance novels. And I have to say, I visit a lot of them!
    Most of the time it takes me about 2-3 hours to visit them all. And that’s when I didn’t post any comments!! :p

    The ones I visit most (aka the ones I visit when I don’t have time enought o visit them all) are: this one, jaunty quills, plotmonkeys,…

  3. I’ve never heard of those hot blogs, Charlene. Green sex???? Don’t even wanna go there. But the wet cowboy gave me a nice wakeup. May not even need my morning coffee.
    I’d never really blogged before P & P and I was pretty white-knuckled to start with, but it’s been a great experience, getting to know the readers and the other fillies. Can’t believe we’re almost up to a million hits! Wahoo!

  4. I have a few friends I check in with through their blogs and I also pop in to see what some of my favorite writers post on theirs. I check out BustlesAndSpurs and any others I find that tie in with historical writing since I’m tackling my first WIP set in 1900.

    Congrats on having such a successful blog (and one that means a lot more to me than gizmodo!). I haven’t stopped by for a while but I’ve bookmarked you now so will be back!

  5. Hi Taryn – Yes, it’s great to be a part of a blog community that helps you find inspiration. And friendship. All of us writers go thru some of that too, it’s a lonely profession and the networking of blogging has helped a great deal!
    Thanks for your insight!

  6. Hi Stefanie- Wow, two to three hours a day? There’s so many great romance blogs out there that I can’t keep up. I’ve been to Plotmonkeys and Jaunty Quills. They are both really well done.

  7. Hi Elizabeth- I’m laughing about your comment about our wet cowboy! Yep, a good wake up call right there. And I’ve never been to many of those, although I’ve researched TMZ before, so I knew about that. It’s amazing to me what people find interesting. Thankfully, many people enjoy our site!

  8. Well, good for you, Charlene, to get your husband to pose as a wet cowboy.


    I have a few blogs I hang around, I’ve heard of some of yours but mostly not, which is surprising.

    I’m a big Pioneer Woman fan.
    I have another blog called Seekerville I visit everyday.
    I check in at Edit Cafe, which is the blog run by the acquiring editors of my publisher, Barbour.
    I usually read the Drudge Report and look for a split second at the Ameritrade website to check and see if my meager toe-in-the-water stock investments can…YESSSSSSS…hit a new low.
    I have a friend with a blog called One Square Mile that I like to drop in on.
    Another friend who is an artist with a blog called Cooper. I just love seeing her work. She and I were both stay at home farm wives with plenty of kids and no great abundance of money, back in the day. Now she’s a successful artist traveling around to snazzy art shows and I’m a published author and also new grandmas together. We love to get in touch and be amazed at how things have changed.

    And in all my spare time, I have a full time job and write romance novels. 😀

  9. Hi Charlene, I used to visit other blogs daily but because of time constraints now it’s down to P&P and HuffingtonPost.

    Romance and Politics, what a combo.

    By the way-I love your cowboy!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi Charlene, Yes, it takes a couple of hours to do a blog check just right. And I seem to do it each morning with my coffee. I not only have to get my political fix for the day with HuffingtonPost, but I have to check with P&P to get myself down to earth. Then on to My Space. I don’t need the Gizmodo, my kids keep me informed. But I am so glad I found P&P last year. All of you fillies are just great and I love reading replies from everybody else. Keeps this old gal going.
    And as far as wet cowboys go, I still like to see a good looking cowboy–gets my heart working in the morning.

  11. Hi Mary C –I’ll tell my husband you said so! :). Wow, I didn’t realize you work full time and write and do your blogs. Oh my, my head is spinning. That’s amazing. It’s also really neat that you have a friend who’s realized her dream as well, as an artist. You both are, only you paint with words! And that you have so much else in common.

  12. Hi Za – These days you need a little escapism and romance to get through the political day. So glad we’re on your list of blogs!! The cowboy seems to be getting lots of thumbs up!

  13. Hi Mary J –
    Well, yeah, my son keeps me up on the latest technology and so does my hubby. He’s getting onboard with an Iphone and computer stuff. Thankfully, since I’m lost in it most of the time.
    I don’t visit too many of the blogs on the list. If I do, they are mostly romance blogs!

  14. I have to admit, that I have never gone onto any of the above blogs. I only hit the ones that interest me. Wow a million what a number!!! 😀

  15. My goodness, we need Felicia here! She’d go crazy over that drenched cowboy. He kinda takes my breath away. Sure like the looks of those abs! HOT! 🙂

    And something else that’s pretty hot is that we’re nearing the one million hits mark! Woo-hoo!! What an accomplishment for us Fillies.

  16. Congratulations Fillies, on this most momentous of occasions! I think you should be proud of yourselves for keeping us readers entertained and returning daily!

  17. Congrats on all the hits, Charlene and other fillies. But the Junction is my favorite place on the web, so I can see why.

    The internet can sooooooooo sidetrack me…but I do sometimes visit Helen’s Heroes blogspot where she features a hottie guy each Wednesday, and I do a monthly blog at Cactus Rose so I try to read and respond to the other posts, too.

    I’m not into celebrities at all or politics but Mary’s Pioneer Woman has intrigued me. So I add that to my list and check it out.

    And I sure hope I win the contest!

    Hugs xoxoxoxoxoxo

  18. That’s interesting about the most popular blogs, Charlene. My husband would be interested in the techno one, I’ll have to tell him.

    Boy oh boy, that cowboy sure is steamin’…

    Good luck to all our entrants! The book shower sounds fun, doesn’t it? 🙂

  19. Howdy Tanya, Kate, Karen B and Terry S —

    I’m finding it amazing how much time some of you spend on blogs! It’s really become a new way to network and communicate – all the better for the Fillies! 🙂

  20. This is pretty much the only blogging I do. I do email quiet a few people though.

    I do love to just get lost in the web.

  21. I have about 30 blogs I visit regulary. Some of them are: Plotmonkeys, Access Romance, Romancing the Blog and Michelle Buonfiglio’s Romance Buy the Book.

    What I enjoy most about blogs is that it’s a gret way to learn about new books and new authors.

  22. I have never heard of those blogs.
    The blogs I visit most often are this one, Plotmonkeys, Chickens in the Road(author Suzanne McMinn), Intrigue Authors, Riding With The Top Down, Yankee Romance Reviews, and Alison Kent Blah Blog.
    I enjoy the interaction with the authors and I learn about new realeases.

  23. Congratulations to all you Fillies! You deserve to be reaching such a monumentous high point! You
    are good friends to all of us and Miss Felicia, well, there are just not enough words to describe this sweet lady!!

    I have some 25 or 30 blog sites that I visit, but
    not all in one day! My favorites: P & P, Romance
    Bandits, Author Island, Writers At Play, Plot
    Monkeys, Tote Bags & Blogs, RNTV, Secret Life Of Romance Writers. I enjoy sharing the fun and fellowship offered by the sites I visit. I also enjoyed the invitation from an author to write
    and post two articles on her site, which turned
    out to be a lot of fun!

    Pat Cochran

  24. Hi Pat,
    It’s fun to see what other blogs you visit. I’ve heard of most of them and have actually visited those sites I don’t know Secret Life of Romance Writers though. Sounds like a fun one!

    Hi Maureen and Estella and Marie –Seems like most of you like the romance blogs the best. Me too! 🙂

  25. I couldn’t get the link to work for the contest? I’ll try again another day, maybe it’s me.

    I hadn’t heard of any of the blogs you mentioned above but I do go to a lot of author’s blogs 🙂

  26. I am fanatical about my personal blog. I blog on it everyday. My husband and I are in the “waiting pool” of adoptive couples and are hoping to attract a potential birth mother through our blog. I guess it is my attempt at making our family look exciting and active! If you get bored and want to visit our site it is:

    Anyway, I am surprised at how much I love blogging and I have been dabbling with the idea of starting another blog so I can blog even more. I just don’t know what kind of other blog I would start?

    Other than this blog, I also check on called Gorillas Don’t Blog (which is a Disneyland history blog), Families Supporting Adoption-Mesa Agency blog and LOTS of friends/family blogs.

    Congrats on getting so many hits! Whooo Hooo!

  27. Jeanne,
    I’m sorry the contest link didn’t work for you. Pam said it was working fine today and we had entries. Try again and please let us know if you can’t get in. We’ll take care of it.

  28. Hi Stephanie,
    I visited your blog. What a pro you are at blogging. I enjoyed all the pics. Kayley is adorable. She does look like a princess in the tiara. Wishing you luck in adopting your second child! After nine years of trying, my sister adopted and 4 months later, she got pregnant. It’s a blessing both ways! Thanks for posting here and putting us up on your blog list!

  29. I love blogging with all my friends here at P&P. I have gotten to know all of you better and really enjoy the books even more because of it. I found this blog through the first one I ever checked out: Cheryl StJohn’s. I also go to the Intrigue authors blog and feel the same about them. I also check my daughter’s blog everyday and use her links to check the blogs of other family members. I had not heard of any of the blogs you mentioned but will have to check them out. Loving the idea of the contest and will enter right away. Thank you for the opportunity.

  30. What I love most about blogging is getting to chat a little with the authors and find out whats going on in their world.

  31. Much luck to your family, Stephanie! My eldest
    daughter and her husband were married for eight
    years, no babies, then they finally decided to adopt a Great Dane Puppy. Within months, they
    announced to the family that they were going to
    have a baby! It was a boy, who is now 9 y/o.

    Pat Cochran

  32. I try to visit several of the romance blogs once or twice a week. Seems like the time just gets away from me. Unfortunately, I tend to read the blogs and the readers posts. P&P is on my favorites list *g*

  33. Besides some Fillies blogs, one I really enjoy visiting is That crazy penguin travels all over the world and gets into a few jams. I laugh and laugh at his antics.

    Congratulations as you approach the Million Mark!

  34. I have a pretty big blogroll on my blog, Ink in My Coffee — a wide variety of writers, readers, archaeologists, quilters — you name it. It’s a lot about visiting back and forth for me on blogs.

    To me, it’s very important for blogging to be a two-way street. I write full-time, I juggle a lot all the time. If I make the time to support other blogs, I expect the same in return; when it doesn’t happen, I stop visiting and take them off my list.

    What do I like best about blogging? In addition to looking at it as part of my job as a writer, I love the sense of community, of morning coffee and brainstorming with friends and colleagues.

    Congrats as you approach the million mark!

  35. Oh stupid, stupid me lol. I was clicking on the immediate square on the left. Thanks – it’s working lol.

  36. WOW… that Gizmodo site is so cool. I had to add it to the blogs I follow. Thanks for sharing. The link thing is non-functional. I’m clicking on the box with the symbol in it, and I’ve tried clicking on the highlighted words next to it, but nothing is working.

  37. Ok… I figured it out, you have to click on the image of the lady sitting at the computer that is shown on the left sidebar on the site, not to the left at the top of this particular contest blog entry. DUH… At least I got myself counted!

  38. My wife made me check this out, and I think it’s cool you’re trying to reach a million hits, so I added myself to the hit list too. Hey, we guys count too. 😛

  39. Donna,
    To enter the contest, you need to click on the Icon on the sidebar, left, under Contests! It’s the text under the picture of the girl typing at the computer.. Good luck!!

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