Renee Ryan Comes to Visit

marshaltakesbrideYippee! Wildflower Junction welcomes Renee Ryan this Saturday.

Miss Renee brings her love of cowboys to her stories. She’ll share with us the special things that make a story inspirational romance. We’ll learn the ins and outs of the sub-genres. Definitely a subject ah’m interested in. Ah do love to know what makes a story tick.

Miss Renee will also give us the low-down on her new book The Marshal Takes a Bride. Sure sounds interestin’.

And she comes toting a whole satchel full of prizes. My goodness, the poor woman is plumb loaded down with ’em! Lots of things to give away to the ones who come to chat with her so you don’t want to miss that.

Hitch up your wagon or your buggy or saddle your horse and ride over. We’ll have more fun than a roomful of cats chasing a ball of yarn!

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