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I just finished the final proof edits on my very first novella COURTED BY THE COWBOY– to celebrate I bought a book!  Lately I haven’t gotten to do much reading outside of my own work and massive amounts of research books and while in the drugstore this week I snagged a copy of Elizabeth Lowell’s latest romantic suspense SHADOW AND SILK.  In light of this stupendous occasion, I thought it would be fun to do a “What are you reading?” check in. 

So, what are you reading?  If you have the book handy, crack it open and share a line, the first line that grabs your eye!   Here’s a snippet from SHADOW AND SILK:

Forgetting time, forgetting herself, forgetting everything but the knowledge massed in the room, Dani wandered among the bookcases.

She sounds like a kindred spirit  😉

I’m a huge Lowell fan, she sucked me in with her ONLY series and though she’s no longer writing westerns (serious pout), her RS books don’t disappoint when it comes to hot, rugged heroes and savvy heroines – lots of action and grit—so much so that this one had me peeking through one eye in a few parts *g*, but all in all, a great read.

Where do you keep books-in-progress: desk, coffee table, countertop, nightstand?  I’m an all-at-once kind of reader—I have no patience—so while I just started this book, I also just finished it. It either goes from my hands to the keeper shelf or my hands to my mom.  I might have to occasionally tuck said book under my arm to prepare a meal or run an errand, but generally, I’m clutching the spine until it’s finished. Likely why I don’t often get to read for pure pleasure. My mom is a huge romance reader, as a stroll around her house would prove.  She will have three or four books going at once. One on the coffee table, one on her nightstand, one in the kitchen and one in her purse!  She ALWAYS has a book handy 😉

What book don’t you have that you’d like to be reading? I’m anxiously awaiting our own Linda Broday’s next book (February!) and I have yet to buy Dorothy Garlock’s new western, Leaving Whiskey Bend –she’s one of my original favorite western authors—Sins of Summer  being my all-time favorite of hers. I was thrilled to see she had a new western out.  Another that keeps eluding my cart is CL Wilson’s King of Sword and Sky (Tairen Soul) – I loved the first two books in her fantasy Series.

Wishing you hours of uninterrupted reading and a Happy National Pie Day!  Books and pie, what could be better?!

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22 thoughts on “Book Alert ~ What’s On Your Nightstand?”

  1. I have books all over the house, Stacey. But I have to confess I do my serious reading in the (blush)bathroom. Currently reading entries for the RWA Rita contest. The first one I picked up is a nice romantic suspense. The last one I read was an inspirational young adult, which I wouldn’t have chosen, except that it was authored by one of my best friends. Kicking around my office is a non-fiction book about Anasazi ruins. When I get through the current pile, I need to find something I can totally lose myself in. Happy reading and thanks for a great blog.

  2. I have thought about doing a blog on my nightstand! It’s a story in itself. LOL Sometimes I fear the piles will topple and bury me in my sleep. Even my lamp sits on a pile of books.

    I have my RITA books going right now, too, so I can’t mention those, sorry top secret. 🙂

    But I do read more than one book at the time, and my current read is Duma Key by Stephen King:

    “I stood where I was a moment or two longer, then turned, set my sights on Big Pink, and headed for home. It was a long trip, and before I got there my own absurdly elongated shadow was lost in the sea oats, but in the end I made it. The waves were still building, and under the house the murmur of the shells had again become an argument.”

  3. I just got a box of RITA books, too. Eight of them, plus I got a box of Golden Heart unpublished entries. So I haven’t been doing much reading of my own selection.

    I did just re-read (my late night, insomnia cure) one of the hundred or two hundred books I keep and love and re-read.

    No Greater Love by Katherine Kingsley. It’s really a different and amazing book, REALLY. There are three in this series and all of them are wonderful. They’re sort of Regency England but she has that in the background, avoiding it as part of the story…most of the time.

    The oh-so-proper and long suffering butler Binkley is one of the best characters ever written IMHO.

    The hero tells Binkley they’re going to have to pretend to be poor for a while. He needs to convince his new wife, who is very poor, to love him before his financial circumstances are revealed.

    Then the hero talks about how…oh, what was it…? How the heroine likes to nurse people I think, and Binkley says, so dry, so calm in all situations, “Is our health failing too, sir?”

    At it’s heart is a really ugly crime, but it’s so funny, too, and the love story is so beautiful. Just an amazing book in a dozen ways.

    So, anyway, that’s what I’ve just finished. It’s from 1992, I own a very tattered copy.

  4. I’m reading The Blank Book by Magdalena Scott:

    “I’m addicted to writing. That may seem silly, but it’s serious. I finally realized just how serious- when I discovered I was writing the story of my life…

    I have a black 3 shelf bookcase in the living room right next to the end of the couch where I sit most often, where I keep my books-in-progress. Of course the top shelf is double loaded with books I’ve gotten over the past couple of years…most of them all TBR. Just don’t seem to have time in between taking care of the kids, hubby, the house and writing my own stories.

    The book I don’t have that I’d like to be reading? The 3rd book in Maddie James’ The Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice series- The Quest. It’s not out in print yet though.

  5. Hi Stacey,
    Like Cheryl, I’m reading Rita books at the moment, so it’s TOP SECRET. But I enjoyed the first one immensely and I’m on to the second one now. I have a variety of books to read, mostly from dear friends, but I always get Susan Elizabeth Phillips books and Linda Lael Miller’s and I’m a sucker for Stephanie Plum. I recently reorganized my books, taking a bunch down from my pile on the nightstand and trying to get ‘real’ as to how much time I have to read them!! I’m working on a trilogy about winemakers in Napa Valley and doing lots of research too!

  6. Right now I’m TRYING to finish The Rose Labyrinth, a book I asked for for Christmas (kind of a disappointment) “Rose” must have an editor that didn’t care or notice, because every bit of dialogue is about 200 words long, mini-lectures really, and the speakers don’t seem to be doing any movement or being any place while they speak. Whew.

    So, soon as I’m done with it I will treat myself to Charlene’s latest Desire.

    Fun post, Stacey.

  7. Hi Elizabeth! Ya know, the only reason I’ve expanded my reading is becasue of friendship devotion…and then found a new genre I love *lol* I so love it when a book wins over my skepticism 😉 Thanks for sharing!!! And happy Rita reading!!

  8. ROTFL, Cheryl!!! Watch out for that lamp! If I was reading Stephen King I’d be worried about the lamp attacking me in my sleep…Lamp Cemetary or something *ggg* I have tried to read Mr. King,love his pros…but I’m not that brave–I start jumping at my own shadow 😉

    Thanks for sharing the snippet!!!

  9. Wow, double duty–way to go, Mary!! My mom-in-law is a huge Katherine Kingsley fan. She keeps saying I need to start the series. Sounds great, Mary!

    I love those comfort re-reads–my new office has a built in paper-back book shelf for my keeprs (floor to ten foot ceiling!) in a tiny library for my reference books–someday I hope to move home and use it *lol*

  10. Ooh, a Blackbeard sereis–how fun, Taryn!! I know what you mean—so many books and so little time! Before I started writing my hubby would groan on the rare occasion I came home with a book…wasn’t until I started writing that my reading really kicked in and I became a binge reader–and obsessive writer–now he just groans all the time *lol*

  11. Oh wow! Thank you for the compliment, Stacey! You’re my friend for life. 🙂

    And what a wonderful blog topic. I’m currently reading a book I’m judging for the RITA contest. It’s a Love Inspired romantic suspense. I love this story. It captivated me from the first page. It’s really suspenseful with the H/H always just a step away from danger. This one will be on my keeper shelf after I finish judging.

  12. Just finished Celeste Bradley’s Desperately Seeking A Duke. In hand, literally, is Donna Alward’s The Rancher’s Runaway Princess. From page 29, “There was no way for him to know that she’d rather have her old life back than be ensconced at some cold stone palace in Europe.” I keep the book I am reading close to hand at all times and read only one book at a time. Haven’t thought about which book I want to purchase next, the Dorothy Garlock sounds good!!

    Pat Cochran

  13. Bummer about the disappointing read, Tanya. YIPES on those long-winded characters *lol* Proofs always make ms sweat because it’s the last time I get to tweak the book…the thing with writing a novella…it felt really SHORT *G*

  14. Same here, Pat! I have too many voices in my head from writing more than one book at a time—no way could I read more than one 😉

    Thanks for sharing the snippet!

  15. I know I’ve said this before, but it remains probably (with fierce competition) my favorite first line of all time. (I think there’s a little prologue–)

    A Necessary Evil by Alex Kava–

    There’s no easy way to pick up a human head.

  16. OMGosh, Mary. That is a fantastic opening line!

    I’m in the middle of Linda Lael Miller’s One Wish. I’m actually, truly, right at this passage: “Luke held her tenderly, as though she were some fragile thing fallen broken-winged from a dark and raging sky. He murmured words that made no sense, and she was comforted, even in the violence of her joy.”

  17. Hi Stacey,
    What’s on my nightstand? Gee, what a jumble of stuff!! My Bible, 2 Zane Grey; Rangle River and The Great Trek, Tilly by Frank Perretti, Dona by Major Mitchell and Ride a Painted Pony by Kathleen Eagle, Tomboy Bride….
    What is Rita reading? Sounds very interesting.

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